Obama strips State National Guards of their combat attack helicopters

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The National Guards are state militias and a bulwark against federal government tyranny.

But Obama is neutering the National Guards by turning them into “disaster relief” units instead of the reserve MILITARY force that they are, via:

  • Taking away their Apache attack helicopters
  • Cutting the number of guards down to 315,000.

Call/write your Congress critters that you oppose this and that you support Rep. Joe Wilson’s (R-SC) bill, “National Commission on the Structure of the Army Act of 2014″!

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0 responses to “Obama strips State National Guards of their combat attack helicopters

  1. Round and round we go, where it stops nobody knows

  2. States Governors need to tell him to go take a hike.

  3. So, is there anything stopping each state from forming their own state military?

  4. Gov’t hate’s competition , doesn’t it ?

  5. Some BS politician leaders see the National Guard as a threat to U.S. government Security. Not as the peoples defence against internal and external enemies.

    The U.S. Military (with elements of government and Police Departments) are the real enemies, and will do all they can get away with to neutralise the peoples National Guard.

  6. More Obamunism!


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