Soldier brutally attacked by 4 blacks in Tampa (Update)

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UPDATE (May 20):

Two 18-year-old black men have been arrested in connection with the attack on Sgt. Aparico. Go to my post on this, here!

UPDATE (May 16):

We now have the name of the soldier victim. He is Sgt. Johnny Aparico. I can’t find his photo but Aparico is a Latin name.
Winters & Yonker, a local law firm in Tampa, is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the four attackers.

He’s a 24-year-old U.S. Army soldier of undetermined race. He is assigned to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, and has been there for less than a month.
WTSP Channel 10 in Tampa, Florida, reports that on Sunday (May 13) morning, at around 3 a.m., the soldier’s car broke down a few miles from home along Westshore Blvd. So he got out of his car and started walking home, using Iowa St. to get from Westshore to Dale Mabry.
A neighbor’s motion-activated security camera caught sight of the solder at the intersection of Iowa and Renellie Dr.
A group of three young men was walking ahead of the soldier. One of the men doubled back and asked the soldier for a dollar.
When the soldier reached for his wallet, the black punk throws a sucker punch so hard that the soldier is knocked onto the ground. The other two men join in, punching and kicking the soldier. A fourth man — whom the soldier had walked past earlier — comes sprinting into view from the left edge of the video and joins in the beating.
The savage attack by the feral gang of four took only 40 seconds.
The savages then leave, with the soldier’s wallet and cell phone. The soldier eventually got to his feet and, since he’s been robbed of his cell phone, had to knock on doors to find someone to help him call 911.
The soldier described three of his attackers as young black men, and the fourth as “perhaps” Hispanic.
Our streets are no longer safe. We walk the streets at our peril.
American society is breeding men who are worse than wild animals.

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0 responses to “Soldier brutally attacked by 4 blacks in Tampa (Update)

  1. Amen! Men will be ruled; some from within, and some from without. We are witnesses to generation of young men and women who will have to be ruled from without, because they have turned away from the Gospel, they do not have the spirit of God, so the spirit cannot rule them from within. This is what society looks like after being taught nothing of the things of God.

  2. You said:
    >>American society is breeding men who are worse than wild animals.
    Don’t you be insulting wild animals. They are more behaved than people like that. You don’t see animals doing stuff like this.

    • I thought of that, Al. I love all non-human creatures. I just couldn’t think of what else to call them, but I’ll go with Terry’s “street monkey thugs”. (But isn’t that an insult to monkeys?)

  3. Remember Bernard Getz of New York, he was actually smart enough to carry a gun, and when he was attacked on the subway late one day, he dropped four gang members. This was an honest shooting. The city of New York was the other gang that went after him legally.

  4. Second Amendment – never leave home without it.

    • Bast*rds that did this to a soldier!

      • These kids probably have no discipline and no moral standards. There are lots of reasons for it, but the main thing is that there probably will be little to no consequence. I think they should have their asses paddled in public. Then let’s see what kind of attitude they have. Forget the civil rights part of it because the man who got beaten didn’t have his rights protected. Paddle their asses until they turn bright red. Do it at a public gathering. That will stop the gang nonsense.

  5. Read that one in two sittings. It was very interesting.

  6. I am not a conservative by any stretch of the definition, but I like the idea of a public spanking.

  7. Wonder what Charles Bronson would have done? Same thing we ALL need to do to get our streets back. Between the Socialist government and these kind of PUNKS the regular citizen hasn’t a chance! ALL former Marines need to get together and put an end to this kind of crap! Semper Fi.

  8. Update:
    We now have the name of the soldier victim. He is Sgt. Johnny Aparico. I can’t find his photo but Aparico is a Latin name.
    A local law firm in Tampa, Winters & Yonker, is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the four attackers.

  9. Public spanking—give me a BREAK ! To even consider that as an appropriate punishment for what this gang of monsters did is naive at best–. Reminds me of “slap their hands”, poor neglected, disadvantaged “victims” thinking. No, prosecute them to the MAX !!

    • I’m not talking about a little slap on the hand. I’m talking about a very significant ass paddling that will stop this kind of behavior. How would you like to have your bare ass wacked in public. The humiliation of it would be enough for me, let alone the pain from the ass whipping. Of course, after that you can do it your way and then prosecute them. But they’ll go to jail and learn more bad habits. It’s better to spank them now then have to deal with hardened criminals later.
      Heck, I used to get spanked at school. Having to walk up in front of the classroom and take a few paddles, was enough for me not to misbehave.
      I know, it lowered my self-esteem….people need to have their self-esteem lowered.
      I see a lot of young people wasting their lives with their stupid death culture.
      One kid I saw had his shirt off going into a store. He had nipple rings on both sides, tattoos all over the place, along with the sagging pants. Spank em before its too late.

      • I suggest that the lawyers at the ACLU get a good ass paddling. Listen, I deserved every one I got in school. It’s called discipline. I know it may sound like a novel idea to you, but it works.

        • Al, you’re comparing yourself when you were a kid in school to these four thugs who attacked Sgt. Johnny Aparico. They are way beyond being shamed or cured by “a good ass paddling.”

        • If the children and young people are not disciplined, then its really going to be bad. All of this liberal nonsense is just too destructive to even tolerate.
          Sometimes I think I’m living on another planet. But then again, there’s that 21 year old girl who refused an abortion. I need to hear more stories like that.

  10. Absolutely horrible! They are cowards, that is what I will call them, and soldiers of Satan!

  11. There is only one thing to do with vermin such as this…. Lock and load!. Gun control is hitting what one is aiming at! Center mass, preferably with a two digit caliber, like 45.

  12. We still have corporal punishment in the schools in MO. It’s allowed and actually done according to the individual school’s policy

  13. The AP reports that two people were arrested on Friday, May 18, 2012, in connection with the attack on Sgt. Aparico. Jail records show 18-year-olds Geroshe Lewis and Lerome Howard were charged with aggravated battery and robbery. Police are still searching for the other two suspects. The reward has now increased to $16,000.

  14. Is this a hate crime

  15. Killing is about all these PUNKS understand, as that is what they should get, Wyatt Earp and Bill Tilghman and Judge Roy Bean would know how to put an end to all this crap! MS13 and all! Why does a town of 50, 000 put up with about 1 to 300 PUNKS? Give them the same thing they give only worse! Semper Fi.

  16. Once again, we see these “Blacks” embarrassing their kind again. When will society free itself of theis BS politically correctness crap? These black-ass punks (call it what it is) need to be publicly embarrassed, some may think its wrong, but you do this once, and all will think differently. Sick of this crap,,,,no better than trayvon/zimmerman case

  17. Hot headed Jar Head

    Being a Marine station away from home (CA) and reading this news from back home makes me sick! Maybe I should’ve joined law enforcement… Still can, but I’d put these bitch ass thugs in the cop killer category. How dare they!!! Cancer’s to society!!! Get a job punk a$$es!


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