U.S. official says Army's industrial base in "death spiral"

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The U.S. Army’s assistant secretary for acquisition, logistics and technology is sounding the alarm that our military readiness is severely compromised by sharp reductions in research, development and acquisition spending.
But Obama instead is throwing open America’s doors to illegals from Central America and, reportedly, plans to import foreign Ebola patients.
Does anyone still doubt this president’s agenda is the destruction of America?

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5 responses to “U.S. official says Army's industrial base in "death spiral"

  1. No one should be shocked by any of this. Some bases of all military branches are operating on 25% of their normal budget with 5 billion more cut next year.
    He has decimated our military down to the stub, cut top commanders, sent pink slips to those still in the war theater while promising to give their jobs to illegals. Might be the perfect time for a coup, since he seems to be choosing the military to destroy.
    I want a front row seat when karma comes a knocking.

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  3. this all is true, but what has our senate and congress done to remove this man of sin from the job. this is an evil, evil man who has destroyed our nation and he continues to destroy it. he is the man of sin. the congress has done nothing because their are so many skeleton’s in their closets its to numerous to mention.

  4. If Congress is protecting the alleged president for fear of an investigation into Congress’ own “improprieties”,I’d suggest an investigation can’t do any worse for their political careers than their inaction while the alleged president has destroyed so much of America.

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