U.S. Navy intelligence chief: China training for a quick war against Japan

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There’s a severe disconnect in U.S. policy toward China. At the same time as a Navy intelligence chief warns that China’s military is training for a quick war against Japan to take a group of disputed islets in the East China Sea, the Obama admin is courting China in the delusional quest for closer military-to-military relations. So what else is new? Obama is a disaster not just for Americans but also for U.S. friends & allies like Japan.

~Dr. Eowyn

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0 responses to “U.S. Navy intelligence chief: China training for a quick war against Japan

  1. Firsts Japan, then BHO will open the backdoor for China to roll-in to our West Coast. Now ain’t you coasties glad you voted for it.

    • Agreed, georgeallen2007. You must be reading Dave Hodges’ stuff. Scary times are ahead.

      • Thanks for your reply. No, I haven’t read Dave Hodges’ material; it just seems obvious to me that that is what likely might follow should China invade and conquer Japan. God bless you and your’s. Let’s keep the truth flowing!

  2. So, one more time:
    “Elections have consequences.”

  3. Cannot understand why SO many VOTERS did not pay attention. As planned, we will be in the middle of a deadly cross fire.

    • Rick: It’s December 2, 1941, in Casablanca, what time is it in New York?
      Sam: I dunno, my watch stopped.
      Rick: “I’ll bet they’re asleep in New York, I’ll be they’re asleep all over America.”

  4. Does the USA still have significant troops stationed in Japan and Okinawa? If so, how on Earth can China hope to invade any part of Japan and not suffer immediate retaliation from the civilised world?

    • Well, flyingtiger….. maybe because Obama will say, “Stop! Or else I’ll say STOP again!!!!”….and they know it.

      • If barry soetoro jr. really does such a thing, if it comes to that, surely even a moron would see that as treason.

        Or would they? I just don’t know any more, how much more boiling the frog is going to get.


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