U.S. Marines to POS: We train with bayonets

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In the last 2012 presidential debate last night, Obama repeatedly expressed contempt for and mischaracterized Governor Romney’s position on issues.

On one occasion, the POS said: “I think Governor Romney maybe haven’t spent enough time looking at how our military works. You mentioned the Navy, for example, that we have fewer ships than we had in 1916. But governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military’s changed.”

Here’s the Marines’ response (h/t FOTM’s Kathy!):

In fact, horses were used by our troops in Afghanistan. And U.S. Marines still train on bayonets in boot camp and many Marines still are issued bayonets as standard equipment.

Marines have also been tweeting about their CIC’s comment. Here’s one example:

Brad Hennenfent ‏@BradMD

@illinimarine7: Mr Obama. Im a US Marine. Im trained with a bayonet. It is a vital tool in close quarter combat. U..have no idea what we do.

10:11 PM – 22 Oct 12

Awr Hawkins of Breitbart points out:

“Moreover, by virtue of the USMC still using bayonets, there actually are more bayonets in use than 1916, when the army had between 100,000 and 140,000 enlisted members. As of 2010, the Corps boasted 203,000 active duty members and 40,000 reserve marines.

As to the size of the Navy, Romney’s remarks about fleet size were centered around a concern that U.S. naval forces would in the near future be unable to operate in multiple regions of the globe simultaneously. While Obama dismissed this out of hand, Vice Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Mark Ferguson reached a similar evaluation months before the debate:

“Our role is really about the flexibility of forces, that they can move to various regions, both in this region in the Gulf and outside the Gulf… Should sequestration be enacted, the Navy would not be able to support the current national defense strategy and it would cause a reduction in the size of the fleet to the point that we would have to relook at the strategy,” Ferguson said. The Navy “would be reduced both in size and in its presence around the globe.”

Even at the beginning of Obama’s term as President, the Navy had a goal of producing a 313-ship fleet by 2013. It wasn’t until 2012, after three years of unfulfilled promises of economic recovery, that the target was abandoned. What happened between 2009 and 2012 that made the Obama administration decide that it could downgrade the size of the U.S. Navy further yet maintain its ability to operate in multiple arenas simultaneously?

Lastly, and most succinctly, submarines are boats, not ships. Obama got this one wrong as well.”

Hawkins observes that it is Obama, not Romney, who “maybe hasn’t spent enough time studying how our military works.”

In other post-debate election news, from Drudge Report:

And . . . the best line in last night’s debate goes to the 75-year-old moderator, CBS’s Bob Shieffer. While prefacing a question for Mitt Romney about Pakistan, Schieffer referred to Osama bin Laden as “Obama bin Laden”:

“We know that Pakistan has arrested the doctor who helped us catch Obama-uh-bin Laden.”


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0 responses to “U.S. Marines to POS: We train with bayonets

  1. Trivialities

  2. Clueless, as usual.

  3. HA Mr smirking, dirisive , know nothing prez. Take that!

  4. Soldiers still use bayonets, too.

  5. obama pathetically incompetent as usual a horse would make a better administrator than obama.

  6. I never wanted to slap someone off a chair so bad as I did last night! Smug, arrogant, stern, evil eyes, ugh! I found myself screaming at the TV and using naughty language! 🙂

  7. Holy cow, talk about missing the point! you’r seriously going ape-$hit over bayonets? I actually agree with many conservative ideals, but then I come across a site like this and, well, let’s just say I’m not impressed. Mean-spirited, pathetic liars are seemingly all I see among the Republicans these days. You can preach all you want to the choir, but anyone who appreciates good journalism and gets their information from multiple sources will not be moved by your B.S. rhetoric.

    • Wait till Dr. E. gets hold of you! 🙂

    • To the aptly-named “Crustacean”:

      Holy cow! Talk about a comment full of insults, but lacking any substance. Do be so good as to point out:

      1. What is “the point” that I’ve missed?
      2. How does a post that’s a straight-forward reporting of how Obama erred in his debate assertion about horses and bayonets devolve into, as you so charmingly put it, “going ape-shit”? Actually, YOU are the one who’s gone ape-shit.
      3. How is this post “mean-spirited”, “pathetic liars”, and “B.S. rhetoric”? Do point to our lies and B.S. But then, like “going ape-shit,” it is YOU who’s being “mean-spirited” with your wild unsubstantiated hysterical accusations.

      To conclude, your mean-spirited ape-shit comment contains not a single fact to counter this post, but only pathetic lies and B.S. rhetoric. God help us if you actually have “many conservative ideals”. Thankfully, that is just another one of your pathetic lies and B.S. rhetoric.

      Gosh, it must really suck to be you!

    • Apparently reading comprehension is not your strong suit.

      Maybe you are impressed with Benghazi, Fast & Furious, and our national debt? Or are those lies too?

      Stick to those journalists HuffPo and Daily Kooks. They’ll appreciate your rants.

    • Beautifully said Grouchy, and oh so funny!

  8. You guys are killing me tonight! 🙂

  9. Thanks, Kathy! “Crustacean” makes it too easy! Even Pew Research Center agrees that Democrats are less knowledgeable and just plain more stupid:

  10. FoxNews reported on this right after the debate. Bret B. talked about tweets from people in the military on this topic.

  11. Reply to Obama: A horse and a bayonet beats a camel and a spear any day!

  12. The gunrunner in chief could perhaps be rather sensitive about references to arms. He has armed the Mexican cartels if what we have read about Fast and Furious is anything to go by, and today in the Washington Times there is a commentary regarding a possible stash of weapons that may have been on their way to arm the Syrian rebels that perhaps have found their way into the hands of some terrorists or jihadists what ever you call these radical Islam warriors, who may not be fighting on his behalf covertly. Benghazi is apparently awash with weaponry that was loosed up during the Libyan revolution amounting to thousands upon thousands of weapons as discovered by Denis Kucinich in one of the many Congressional hearings since that war. So it might explain why he was so touchy and sarcastic.
    Maybe Governor Romney got on his last nerve.

  13. What else do you expect from a “Mulatto”

    • I don’t care about skin color. I care about leadership.

    • You don’t speak for me or for Conservatives, Diane Nixon.
      I judge a man (or woman) by the content of his character, not the color of his skin. Doing the latter makes you a racist.
      I’d be careful if I were you. There’s no telling what DNA mixture is in YOUR bloodline. Unless you have 100% certainty, you might be a mulatto yourself.

    • Diane-

      That was just hateful! What a horrible thing to say!

  14. Dear Crutacean, “Crusty”, I do not beleive that the point has been missed. the point is that the POS was eluding to the fact that there are items in the military that are no longer in use due to more modern weapons and equipment. The other point is that the POS, evidently, does not know what equipment is still being used. As pointed out earlier, horses and mules are still being used today in the mountains due to the terrain. They are however not a standard issue for our military but still used. The bayonet is a different story.
    I can only speak for the Marines, being a former active duty myself, and that we use and train with this weapon more now thea we have in decades. Close order combat, “hand to hand” is now one of many training evolutions that is done and scored on a regular basis. When all other “modern” weapons and systems are not at hand there is one left! As a note, I personally carried not only my issued bayonet but also my K-bar. The K-bar just fit my big ass hand better.

    In closing, Crusty I believe that you may be one that has missed the point and that is HE doesn’t have a clue!

    But he thinks he does.

  15. No problem Grouchy. I dont know why your thanking me though. Im just trying to state some facts that I know first hand and hope to shade a little light for some people that just don’t know.
    I don’t understand why some don’t take the time to learn.

    I mean I really don’t.

    Why would you not what to understand and know about things, issues, ect that can and will effect your life. Again I just don’t understand.

    Anyway, your welcome Grouchy and thank you for taking time to read my little rant.

    Semper Fi

  16. sorry about some of the spelling. brain starts to move faster then the fingers.

  17. what does POS stand for

  18. imposter? did the real one die and a replacment take over ala the movie Dave?

  19. I just keep picturing Dr. Zoiberg (the lobster from Futurama )dictating his post in that Jackie Mason accent.

  20. Am i missing something here? He said we had fewer not that we didn’t use them at all.

  21. First, @Grouchy: I love that you dropped a TEETOTALLY on me. Nicely done, sir!

    A few days ago, I actually posted a really nifty reply to Dr. Eowyn that answered all his numbered questions, but unfortunately it was gobbled up by WordPress’s spam gobbler (what, me spam? No way, I’m not even a troll. I may have liberal faith, but I still have faith, and I come here as a friend. A really argumentative, pain in the ass, stubborn as a mule friend, but a friend, nonetheless).

    To that end, I’d like to apologize for the “B.S. rhetoric” comment I made in my original post. I was trying to make the point that some (OK a lot) of the stuff I see on this site is over the top, for me, at least, but my blood pressure got all crazy; and then I went over the top myself. I already apologized to Dr. Eowyn directly by e-mail, but I want to do it publicly here, too. Me an’ Doc E are buddies now. Ask him yourself!

    Thank you, GySgt1, for the information. But if my previous post had not been sent to Spamalot, you’d have seen that I addressed the bayonet issue (ad nauseum, actually) and the point that was missed. Lucky you, I have the Cliff’s Notes version here: the point that was missed is that President Obama was merely disputing Romney’s claim that today’s Navy is “smaller than it’s been since 1917,” and that comparing the Navy of 1916 to the Navy of today is apples and oranges. That was his point. His point was NOT to say that we don’t use bayonets any more. Everybody relax, take a deep breath, and close your eyes for a moment. OK, still here? Good.

    And yes, I wrote it like this: President Obama. See, it’s not so hard, and it’s the correct way to refer to the President of the United States – whether you like him or not. I hated, H-A-T-E-D President Bush, but I always referred to him as such – “President Bush” – because regardless of how you feel about the man, the position merits respect.

    By the way, today’s Navy is NOT smaller than it’s been since 1917, so that was just another Romney lie (or a case of ignorance, take your pick).

    And Dr. Eowyn, it really doesn’t suck to be me at all. This crustacean’s life is actually pretty good – though I do break out in a cold sweat every time I drive by a Red Lobster Restaurant!

    Your Friend,


    P.S. I can hear you now: “but we don’t recognize this POS as a legitimate CIC.” How do I know you’re going to say this? Because you’re birthers, that’s how. This brings up another of the numbered items from the stern talking-to I got from Dr. Eowyn that I’ll re-reply to here, specifically when he said, “do point out our lies.” OK, here goes: LIE: “Constitutionally ineligible because of his Kenyan birth.” OK, I have to give you some leeway on this and assume you actually have seen proof of this or at least believe it to be true, because if you believe it, then it’s not lying, right? You really make this too easy.


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