U.S. economy is not recovering. It’s SHRINKING

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lemmingsNot only is the economy not recovering, it is worsening, as measured by Amerika’s gross domestic product (GDP).

In the last quarter, the United States’ GDP growth rate actually went negative, at -1.0%, which means the economy shrank by one percent.

The POS blamed the record cold for the negative economic growth rate while, at the same time, pushing the climate change global warming myth, never mind the cognitive dissonance.

first quarter gdp

The Wall Street Journal reports:

The U.S. economy contracted in the first quarter of 2014, the latest stumble for a recovery that has struggled to find its footing since the recession ended almost five years ago.

Gross domestic product, the broadest measure of goods and services produced across the economy, contracted at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.0% in the first three months of the year, the Commerce Department said Thursday. It was the first time economic output contracted since the first quarter of 2011, when it declined at a 1.3% pace.

Government economists had previously estimated GDP slowed to a 0.1% growth rate in the first quarter as harsh winter weather disrupted work sites, curtailed foot traffic at retail stores and snarled transportation networks across much of the U.S. The newly revised estimate incorporates additional economic data released in recent weeks. Higher-than-expected imports and slower-than-expected inventory growth dragged the economy into negative territory.

H/t Gateway Pundit

Meanwhile, there’s really no end in sight for an economic recovery because:



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0 responses to “U.S. economy is not recovering. It’s SHRINKING

  1. Forward!

  2. I’m almost 61 and on SSD,but I refuse to stop trying to get things done. I’m considered “Chronically Unemployable” by S.S. I still do what I can,though I face the knowledge that my medical history indicates working a regular job would end up killing me (Brittle Diabetes,Asthma,Emphysema,the close calls I’ve had in my past show the odds being against me surviving re-joining the work force.) The primary concern is that my Glucose level may stay fairly consistent for a day,a week or a month,but would drop suddenly with little notice,and most employers would go into “panic mode” and call the EMT’s out;then I was out of work withing a week. That said,many would probably consider me among those who COULD work but chose not to. It’s hard,however,to be so cavalier about the subject when it’s your OWN life at stake.
    What’s needed to make this Country prosper and flourish again is:
    A-The return of God to all aspects of our lives,private AND professional,as Citizens AND the Government we choose to represent us.
    B-A return to the guidance and direction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights,which worked to extend the life and grow the value of this Country’s system long past the average lives of all other Countries’ political systems.
    C-Control,at least for the next 20 years,of America’s intake of migrants from other Countries. At this point,we can no longer AFFORD to be the saviors of all Countries in the world,we can no longer accept people from Countries who disrespect our own Country by violating OUR laws with impunity. It’s IMPERATIVE that we close our Borders to new immigration,legal AND illegal. Giving Amnesty to illegals is simply rewarding people who,regardless of how “upstanding” they may be NOW,STILL violated FEDERAL LAW to move here,which makes them FELONS. No Country can survive for long when they refuse to enforce their own laws ans actually reward those who break those laws.
    Regarding other Countries’ pleas for help to rebuild from natural disasters,America has the most giving,caring people on the face of this planet;their Charitable nature will take care of many who are left to suffer by the rest of the world. (I’d HOPE they’d turn some of that care for their fellow man towards their fellow Americans,who are suffering now too.)
    D-regardless what the supporters of our current regime may say,our Government must be put on a “near-starvation” diet,and the size of the Government needs to be reduced to an extreme degree,along with Government spending. That brings us to
    E-There must be an END to “CAREER POLITICIANS”. They say we already HAVE term limits-it’s called voting. Well,we can SEE how THAT’S working. We need a TWO-2 year Term Limit-a total of 4 years in National Politics. If what a politician brings to bear in his or her terms is a GOOD thing for the Country,it won’t be hard to garner support for it after the politician is out of office. We should ALSO cut back the “perks” a bit-there would be 2 years of pension upon leaving office except for casses of being fired,which would get a “severance check and a bus ticket home”.
    F-The Voting System needs to be made tamper-proof. My suggestion has been called “possibly Socialist”,but as long as there’s GREED,and those of weak spine who would give in to it,this seems to be the only possible way to end the “purchased vote”. BTW-any Candidate caught in ANY attempt to cheat is OUT of politics forever,even LOCAL. Might as well get that realtors license or take that job selling cars-politics is off the option list. This is an incentive for candidates to “walk the walk.”
    Candidates cannot:slander other Candidates,LIE about other Candidates or otherwise demean other Candidates. The Election is NOT about who the other guy slept with or what he/she did 20 years ago-this is about what the Candidate can and will do for the People,what he or she can bring to the table,and how they plan to do the best job they can for the People and the Country. Period.
    Candidates cannot sell favors or offer to do things to favor one person,group or Corp. over another. That kind of behavior is not in their job profile. Likewise,being caught at that sort of thing once elected will result in being fired and escorted off Government grounds most unceremoniously.
    Candidates will get equal funding from a central campaign fund. Anyone can donate,Corporations can give ALL THEY WANT to the fund,but it ALL gets spread out evenly to ALL candidates;THUS-no way to “buy a politician”.We’d go back to the paper ballot,ALL voters must have a valid “Picture ID” to vote,ballots would be counted by four groups of 200 people each,who would be bonded and overseen by US Marshalls. Each group’s results are recorded,those ballots are moved to the next group and re-counted,until each ballot is counted/recorded 4 times. I know this sounds labor-intensive,but the idea is to make sure the vote is without a reasonable possibility of fraud or tampering. I think you see where I’m heading with this. The point is that it’s going to take a pretty hard “out-of-the-box” plan to set things right,and I’m sure a lot of sacrifice by all of us. If the cure involves cutting my SSD,let’s do it-I’ll find a way to manage,and it HAS to be easier knowing it’s healing the US rather than killing her.

    • Forgot to say-If anyone has an idea that improves the workability of this plan,please share. Liberals-save your keyboards for better things;I already know what you “think”.

    • Excellent points, truckjunkie. God’s peace, protection, and blessings to you.

  3. May I add to the excellent points made? We must print our own money, audit the Fed, then close it; bring back Glass-Steagall; end NAFTA/GATT, etc., thus returning to nationhood; stop being mercenaries for the NWO (why should we give the lovers of Lucifer our own blood, then get into even greater debt to give them money we have to borrow?)..,. In all the campaigning, promises are made to revive our economy. Anyone doing that without intending to do away with NAFT/GATT is lying or unbelievably ignorant. I might as well add this, but it will call for greater explanation than I can give it now-we need public financing of campaigns! Congressmen are passing bills written by lobbyists without reading them. There is more to add. I am sure others have good ideas, too.

  4. Thanks, Democrats!!

  5. THANKS truckjunkie & marble! I’d vote for either for Congress or POTUS! Might I add: Is it naive of me to demand/expect/legislate full disclosure fr my candidates for ANYTHING /Everything? We’ve fostered such a multi-cultural society —that proudly USED to be a melting pot (all thrown in together…all for one, one for all) …but I’m told as much as a decade ago..(in grad program that pushed “bilingual culture” ) that it MUST be (& remain) a “tossed salad” (individual pieces thrown together…but eternally apart/separate fr ea other).Because of this, fr now on, I want to know where my candidates were born, who raised them & where-I want school records K-to whatever. I want to know where they grew up & if they share an “American” vision. I want to know what what ailed them from birth until the day of election…I want to know what they’ve written or published & how that might “jive” OR NOT, w/my own values…I want to know where they went to church & what God they worship, what political causes they/their church espouse or support. I want to know sexual preferences, income, aliases, taxes paid, charities to which they donated…arrest records, parking tickets, voting records, social security monies deposted into an acct in their name, investments made/corporations with whom they affiliate, campaign contributors, campaign amounts donated & audited, disposal of excess funds, immunization records, marital status past and present, substance use and abuse, foreign connections (who why what when where), financial uunderwriters for any and all advanced degrees, including scholarship status (why was it awarded, by whom, under what auspices—foreign or domestic?) I want to know about their relatives…are they citizens…are they fr another country…are they illegal aliens???? Well….there’s more…but, you all get my drift…Times have changed. We can no longer expect a “typical American” to lead us anymore. Because of decades of social activism , the press to allow our nation to “drop borders,” affirmative action, entitlement programs, social welfare, lax policies on everything from soup to nuts (dumbiing down of education, drug laws, qualifications for everything from college entrance exams to burger flipping….)…we can NO LONGER take for granted that ANY of those things I mentioned in this copious list are “typically American” or that our candidates for office are educated, & emotionally, educationally, physically, intellectually, governmentally, religiously, societally, lawfully, etc., FIT to serve as a representative of ALL the people?

  6. traildustfotm

    Up against the obvious ruin of our country by this idiot, and his small band of leftist radicals, the people around me in Massachusetts still don’t get it!

  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post A negative percentage! Indeed, it is shrinking. We are in dire straits indeed for the reason set forth in the last sign.

  8. “The POS blamed the record cold for the negative economic growth rate while, at the same time, pushing the global warming myth, never mind the cognitive dissonance.”

    This from a buffoon who thinks global warming means winter stops happening. What a joke.


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