U.S. deploys 290 paratroopers to Ukraine flashpoint

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For a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Obama sure behaves like a war president.
The war in Iraq is supposed to have ended, but the Army is deploying 1,250 soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division back to Iraq “to train, advise and assist the Iraqi security forces as they battle the Islamic State.” (See DCG’s post: https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2015/03/31/paging-code-pink-troops-from-10th-mountain-division-heading-to-iraq-this-summer/)
Now comes news that, in addition to supplying lethal arms to Ukraine, Obama is deploying 290 paratroopers to train Ukraine’s national guards, which is curious behavior for an administration that insists the U.S. is working with all sides in the Ukraine crisis to reach a peaceful solution and that “ultimately it is up to the Ukrainian people to decide their future.”
That is a lie, as shown by the leaked phone conversation between U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt more than a year ago. The conversation shows the Obama administration favors the Ukraine “opposition” and has very clear ideas about what the outcome should be and is striving to achieve these goals. See https://cofda.wordpress.com/2015/03/19/u-s-arms-latvia-against-russia-with-120-armored-units/.

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0 responses to “U.S. deploys 290 paratroopers to Ukraine flashpoint

  1. Barry is just doing his part to keep the military-industrial complex rolling right along . Deeper and deeper into debt to the European banking families …..

  2. japoa, my thoughts exactly. Obama and his handlers are all falling in line with instructions from Soros, etc. However, I do believe that obama is probably enjoying this a little to much since Putin ticked obama off and no one makes obama mad without paying a price. Putin is also following his orders to, but I would say both are taking it to a personal level vs. an attitude of just doing business.

    • Soros is a piss-ant mid-level schmuck in the grand scheme of things . He answers to people above him in the pyramid . The Rothchilds could by him out 10 times over without even feeling a bit of pain .
      He is just a tool , like the ass in the W.H. , our so-called House of Reps. , the Senate ……You don’t get that far in politics without selling your soul to the demons .
      Example , J.F.K.

  3. What bothers me the most is Obama’s disregard for the safety of people in our armed forces. Let’s be sure to pray for them.

    • Amen. Our troops definintely need our prayers. At least Bush, Jr. expressed concerned for our toops and did do some things that indicated he had some respect for them.

  4. Wonder if the mobilization of troops has anything to do this ?

  5. I was going to suggest he’s trying to deploy everyone because when he throws down the “Martial Law” card he knows the Military wouldn’t have his back. Better to have ’em out of Country,to reduce the number of armed “us”s here to impede the take-over by the corrupt “them”s.

  6. Victoria Nuland publicly declared that $5 billion was spent by the U.S. to drive out a freely-elected president of Ukraine. This is for control of petroleum and natural gas, and Joe Biden’s son Hunter was to be on the board of one of the companies. Nuland’s husband, Robert Kagan, was a co-writer of the charter for PNAC, Project for the New (Nazi) American Century-a century to use our toil and blood for the power of a very few.
    What was wrong with our earlier centuries, halted by the murder of our own elected President, John F. Kennedy? We were an industrial great with low unemployment and good economic standing. Now what are we?

  7. There is LOTS of truth in all of the above, from Eo’s article down to the comments.
    Firstly, isn’t it curious that none of the usual suspects nor any of the West’s MSM have demanded to see the very clear satellite camera images that show the plane was hit by a missile fired from well within Ukraine? If one digs deeply enough, they can be found: https://politicalvelcraft.org/2014/07/22/russia-releases-satellite-photos-of-kiev-occupiers-deploying-buk-m1-missiles-in-eastern-ukraine-radar-proof-of-kiev-warplanes-in-mh17-vicinity/. There are many others; I just took the first one that had multiple photos.
    Secondly, what the USA is doing along its equally guilty NATO participants, violates the terms of the treaty –or at least mutual understanding, that Ronald Reagan had w/Gorbachov– as to each side’s observing a ring of neutral nations around the ‘new’ Russia as a kind of buffer zone to de-escalate nuclear war tensions. There is an excellent analysis of the situation by
    Wally Z. Walters, Major, U.S. Army, at: https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/report/1995/WWZ.htm.
    Finally, although all parties are using whatever propaganda they deem best, one needs to always ask the classic question: cui bono: The good goes to whom? There is

  8. Sorry about the severed final paragraph, but I was tired, My Monster was acting up, and my daughter & 3 grandchildren had just arrived, so I gave up and let it go ‘as is.’
    However, as we are 1/3 of the war through WW3, ‘the global resource war,’ and the fact that Ukraine is loaded w/nat gas, oil, agriculture and other necessities, it’s simply become one more prize of that war.
    WW3 will last about 17 years; as it began in March 2003 in Iraq, we have five more years of it at its present level before ‘understanding and accomodation’ is concluded. We’ll be told to go back to whatever we were doing in 2003, but a few long-term events will have arisen by then.
    They will be:
    1. Fukushima and its virtual eternity of spewing both fast and slow human deaths by the millions, never mind the oceans.
    2. There will be new financial, socio-cultural, and transportation linkages between Russia, China, India, and several smaller SE Asian nations. By financing these amongst themselves, these nations will leave the US dollar as the world’s reserve and create a new basket of currencies, likely linked in part to gold.
    3. The US will have completed its transformation as crony capitalism’s first corporative state. Small businesses [less than 500 employees] will only be a memory; our needs will be served by a few dozen macro-corporations and their 200 selected smaller companies. Choices will be fictive repackagings of the same old, same old.

    • There is no certainty that all will be fulfilled, but, I agree, it is intended, and it includes rail transportation across Russia and China, transportation across to Alaska, then continuing down North America. Then everyone (whoever is left) will live happily ever after.

      • Ya gotta love “Then everyone (whoever is left) will live happily ever after” part!! LOL [kinda, sort of] for the rest of the day, such as it is.
        Thanks for helping to make my day better, as I just lost one of my dearest friends, Dr Richard Jeanes, PhD in languages, etc., during the night. He had a long [92 yrs] life filled w/much brightness, and was a loving, caring teacher to his many students. He became one of my best friends these past fifteen years, and I will continue to look after Marguerite, his wife, as I promised him I would, so that she doesn’t have to struggle w/maintaining a large home & property.
        This site has become a blessing for me, w/all its kind, thoughtful, caring people, starting w/its creator/founder, who knows too much of the darkness in my life, and has quietly worked to drive it out, true warrior style!


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