U.S. Catholic bishops call persecution of Christians in Middle East a genocide

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The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) describes itself as “an assembly of the hierarchy of the United States and the U.S. Virgin Islands who jointly exercise certain pastoral functions on behalf of the [Catholic] Christian faithful of the United States.”
Wikipedia describes the USCCB as “the episcopal conference of the Catholic Church in the United States. Founded in 1966 . . . it is composed of all active and retired members of the Catholic hierarchy (i.e., diocesan, coadjutor, and auxiliary bishops and the ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter) in the United States and the Territory of the U.S. Virgin Islands.”
Below is an excerpt from an official statement by the president of USCCB, November 2015.

A Statement by Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz, President, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

“Lord Jesus Christ.”
These three whispered words rose above the sound of the surf to overcome death, as 21 Coptic Christians – brothers as dear to us as our own family – knelt in the sand before the executioner’s sword. The body and blood of Christ were offered on the Mediterranean shore that all too recent February day. Our body and blood were offered, for as St. Paul teaches us, we are one body in Christ and “if one suffers, all the parts suffer with it” (1 Cor 12:26).
The words of our Lord Jesus Christ are alive and with us now. “If they persecuted me, they will persecute you as well” (Jn 15:20). Places of worship that have stood for centuries in the very cradle of Christianity are being destroyed. Families are fleeing from beheadings, sexual slavery and even crucifixion. In places such as Mosul, [Iraq] Christmas bells that have heralded the birth of our Savior uninterrupted for nearly two thousand years have fallen silent as our brothers and sisters in the faith have been scattered. It is nothing short of genocide.

Archbishop Kurtz calls on us to help our persecuted and martyred fellow Christians by (1) praying for them; and (2) witnessing for them: “We cannot be hesitant to speak their name, make their cause our own and ensure they are never forgotten by the powerful in a position to protect them.”

A crucifixion in Yemen, by the jihadist group Ansar al-Shariah

A crucifixion in Yemen, by the jihadist group Ansar al-Shariah

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0 responses to “U.S. Catholic bishops call persecution of Christians in Middle East a genocide

  1. Anyone tried to declare this work-related?

  2. Obama says global warming is the world’s greatest threat, I think the Christians in Iraq should be polled.

  3. This particular picture is etched in my mind as vividly as the black and white pictures we saw of those skeletal-like individuals who lived through being in the German concentration camps! I just for the life of me don’t understand why all European countries, and the United States have turned a blind eye to the plight of these, our brothers and sisters in Christ. Evil does abound. Everyone is so centered in saving Muslims, that the Christians are terminally left on the back burner. My only solace is that those whose lives have been taken for their belief in Jesus Christ will be welcomed into Paradise and find a place on the right hand of Christ.

  4. let us not forget the Christians nuns and priests being abused and spat on and churches burned in our dear friend israhell. people seem to forget about the evils being done in that cancer of a state.

  5. The Coptic Christians may be the oldest extant line from the Biblical era of their creation. This is one of the worst atrocities of many by these world-class evil beings.
    I may be denounced for writing this, but I strongly feel those of the Islamic faith who live where these thugs invaded must show us in the Western world that they are willing to fight against their evil twins.
    Many of them are afraid to because their slimy rulers are in bed w/the Saudi Mafia, which is the largest of the top three donors to these worthless scumbags. There’s a sales receipt somewhere for those shiny Toyota LandCruisers!

  6. Why is this group importing muslims into every western country? This group along with 5 others are under orders from the United Nations to send as many as 100,000 “refugees” into countries designated by the UN. The group doing the designating is a muslim based organization. check it out. Josephc69 can give you the link.

  7. “So Far: Syrian Refugees in U.S. Include 2,098 Muslims, 53 Christians”
    shameful that US isn’t doing more to help persecuted Christians abroad…probably because they are too busy persecuting Christians here. 🙁

    • Thank you for the CNSNews link, MomOfIV.
      It is strange why we are finding it so difficult to determine just how many Syrian “refugees” are in the U.S. It doesn’t help that some in Louisiana have disappeared. Reportedly, the reason is that once a “refugee” has been processed, they can leave the city & state in which they first landed for another place in the U.S., thus making them untraceable — or so we are told.

    • As you have so many times in our past, you pegged it perfectly! No, it’s not a conspiracy, just a 100 year old plan bearing evil fruit.

  8. The tragedy of all the Muslim subhuman behaviour is the direct consequence of the psychopaths in power in the U.S. of A., with their interference in the politics of Iran in the 1950-6, in Afghanistan in 1980-90s and invasion in 2001, their war atrocities and genocide in Iraq in 1991 and invasion in 2003, their invasion and war atrocities in Libya, and, and, and… So is it any surprise that psychopathic fanatical Muslim clerics brainwash their younger followers to perform acts of a subhuman nature? It is no surprise whatsoever. None of these atrocities would have taken place were it not for American crimes against humanity in the Middle East in the first place. America, therefore, is solely responsible.

    • In an email to me, Lew Rockwell once wrote that –in his opinion– much of US history can be written as a series of Presidents put up as the old B&W FBI ‘Most Wanted’ bulletins we once saw in Post Offices [recall those?].
      For some reason, all-too-many Presidents forgot George Washington’s sage advice on leaving office, and we’ve been bogged down in one bizarre foreign entanglement after another, for WAY too long.

  9. here are some sources:catholic world news aug.10,2015. and Jerusalem post. bentzi gopstien praises attack on church of the loaves and fishes.encourages more.

  10. Make no mistake: This IS a genocide. And the mass migration being overseen by Angela Merkel in Germany will lead to another genocide in Europe.
    Christianity is the ONLY phenomenon in all of human history that, the more it is persecuted, the more it grows. God sees the Truth but waits.

    • OMG…Steven….I have thought of this so often….we can only hope that as in the past, this still holds true today as we encounter the years ahead.
      Story: I was not raised Presbyterian….but, I lived & worked on a Ute Indian Reservation for 6 years…where my denomination was not represented. We chose to raise our children in a lay-led “Presbyterian” church in a nearly abandoned 1800’s “boom town” (a throw-back to a century ago…..heated with a cook-stove….old upright piano….century-old pews and hymnals &…some distance from where we had to live—b/c there was really no other choice for us. ( The church had no pastor…we kept ourselves going with a “worship committee”….but growing up with Quakers, Mennonites…I was pretty comfortable with it) We were a part of a “shared ministry” where…once a month, a pastor from one of our “group”—-Presbyterian, Methodist, Congregationalist—-would ride a Greyhound bus the 150 miles out into our wilderness and be present so we could do Communion, marriages, burials…baptismals…..just like Colonial times. I taught myself simple hymns from the hymnal on the piano to play in church with the 12-20 attendees every Sunday b/c I was SO sick of singing along with recordings of the “Airforce Men’s Choir.” I digress.
      The main point of my ramble is that I found in the course of my worship experience with this group of intrepids that once-upon-a-time a huge number of Presbyterian evangelists to Korea were rounded up and beheaded for trying to bring Christianity to the Korean peninsula. The Presbyterian Church responded by putting out a clarion call for missionaries to the Korean Peninsula and were overwhelmed by the volunteer responses. They went by hundreds, & they spread the good word…and to this day, almost ALL Christians from Korea today are Presbyterian.
      I am still in awe of the response of those missionaries after their predacessors had been beheaded for spreading the word…..and too, of the ardor of their message, and the results that are still evident today. Come to CA and survey any big or little burg or city….your Korean Presbyterian churches will be everywhere in abundance……

  11. Doctor, I did not say priests were being killed. But nuns are being spat on.And after the burning of the church of the loaves and fishes,bentzi gopstien praised the attack.

    • Thank you, carly, for the correction. I changed my comment from “killing priests” to “abusing priests”.
      Thank you for bringing this to our attention, but why is it so difficult for you to give us URLs (website addresses) of your sources? Who burnt the church of loaves & fishes?
      I don’t doubt that there are Jews who discriminate against Christians in Israel, as I am only too familiar with the vile things that the Talmud says (I really should do a post on it). But what is the incidence or frequency of anti-Christian acts in Israel? They will have to be huge in number to warrant a comparison & equivalence with the systematic and mass-scale persecution & slaughter of Christians at the hands of Muslims in the Middle East.

  12. Please just type in nuns being spat on in Israel .

  13. And just where is our “Christian” president…
    Oh, never mind.

  14. I see you have that phony pretentious Steve Quayle listed as a source .
    He was on the art bell show for months claiming that the Hal bop comet was approaching earth and when it got over Africa,that it was towing a cArgo container ,doors would open up and a white powder would be poured over Africa and millions killed.
    When I got on this phony biblical quoting bastards site and remembered this on his site and accused this piece of scum of being responsible for the heavens gate cult commuting mass suicide he removed the v
    Comment and blocked me from more comments .
    So that’s the phony Christian bible quoter Steve quail. He claimed money would be difficult to get from banks because computers were not programmed to turn over to the year 2000 and to stockpile guns ammo,food,clothes,water,gold,their favorite topic because he and those like him sell it or have sponsors,generators. Etc etc
    When after 2000,he was again on art bell ,and a caller said he spent $10,000 on survival equipment as quail encouraged everyone to do and nothing happened,what was he to do,the phony religious scam artist told the fellow to save it for another time. He’sstillwaiting for the other time 15 years later.
    Quail also keep telling art bells listeners that the world was going to be taken over by the year 2000 as though that was a mystical number.
    And Steve quail is still around spreading his rot and fear mongering.

  15. No url because ive been teaching myself to use a computer, and Im very Ill,and didn’t know what a url was,my son is now helping me. Please excuse my ineptness.

    • Dear carly,
      My heart goes out to you for your illness. If you are disposed, please send me an email with more information on your illness (send it to FOTM4ever@gmail.com), and I’ll put up a post asking FOTM’s readers to pray for you. We have some very powerful prayer warriors.
      I just said an Our Father for you. <3

    • Hang in there Carly! Prayers sent your way.

  16. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.
    Now why is it our Senate and Congress have no expressed this same sentiment?

  17. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    A nine and one half month old posting still relevant. See Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Resettlement presentation brought to our attention in the comment of josephbc69|November 17, 2015 at 12:03 PM. The problem is much worse and continuing, largely paid by U.S. Treasury. Spending to be controlled by a Congress not interested.

  18. As bad as this is, and it is, it is not only the Copts who are victims of Islamic terror. in addition to this, many Christians are routinely spat upon, beaten and disenfranchised in “Israel” as well.
    Certainly the New World Odor boys care nothing for Christians (being Satanists), and it is apparent that they refuse to use political and economic means to protect them.
    One can see evidence of the attitudes in the actions of Sorros’ butt-boys. Notice that Obongo is completely unconcerned by this when establishing his quotas of “refugees”. They are all Muslim. These persecuted Christians are the very definition of “refugees”.
    Why is this happening and why is no one screaming about it? I believe the short answer is that, when Satanists are in charge Christians can’t catch a break.


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