U.S. Army Central signals Q

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Q or QAnon is the patriot and Trump White House insider who has been posting cryptic hints and coded messages, which he calls “bread crumbs”, on the 4chan and 8chan AltMedia message boards.

If you don’t know who Q is, see Deplorable Patriot’s “QAnon. The QAnon Movement, Why?” and Neon Revolt‘s long but comprehensive description of the QAnon phenomenon.

The QAnon phenomenon has spawned expressions and slogans such as “The Great Awakening” and “WWG1WGA” (Where We Go One, We Go All) and a large following, some of whom carry Q-signs and wear Q t-shirts to Trump rallies.

Q references in Trump allies eventually compelled the Fake News Hate America MSM to report on the phenomenon, not objectively but with the media’s characteristic negative spin by calling the Q phenomenon a “bizarre” “conspiracy theory taking hold among Trump supporters”.

Calling something a “conspiracy theory” is the Fake News Media’s favorite way of discrediting something, never mind the fact that it was the CIA that coined the expression “conspiracy theory” as a way to discredit any and all questions challenging the government’s narrative.

The irony is that it’s the Fake News Hate America Media who are the real conspiracy. See “There really is a left-wing media conspiracy: Another secret journalist group discovered“.

According to Q, the bulwark on whom President Trump relies against the evildoers and machinations of the Deep State is the U.S. military, including military intelligence.

So it’s no surprise that the military are Q champions.

The U.S. Army Central, formerly the Third U.S. Army, is a military formation of the United States Army, which saw service in World War I and II, the 1991 Gulf War, and in the coalition occupation of Iraq. Best known for its campaigns in World War II under the command of General George S. Patton, it serves as the echelon above corps for the Army component of CENTCOM (US Central Command).

As it describes itself, U.S. Army Central currently functions as America’s land domain experts in the Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia – providing continuous oversight and control of Army operations throughout the region. It is headquartered at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, with approximately 600 assigned Soldiers. Army Central has a forward element at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, with approximately 20,000 assigned and attached soldiers.

@usarmycentral is official twitter handle of U.S. Army Central, Shaw AFB, Sumter, SC.

Below is U.S. Army Central’s tweet yesterday, Oct. 29, with a pic of soldiers making a Q!

If the formation of soldiers were signifying 10:30, it would look like this:


See also “Sen. Lindsey Graham’s curious questions to Judge Kavanaugh on military tribunals for U.S. citizens” .


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19 responses to “U.S. Army Central signals Q

  1. Thank God for Q.
    In the meantime, what has happened to Dr. Jerome Corsi, one of Q’s biggest fans? Alex Jones mentioned that he had some medical catastrophe, possibly a stroke? I will look that up now. In the meantime, if anyone knows, please let us know. Thanks.

  2. “Think mirror. -Q”

  3. Excellent article. It would seem that the days ahead will certainly try our very souls.

  4. The main stream media has not attempted to vilify Q or it’s supporters in any mockingbird media talking points as of yet.The fake news media are catching on that patriots /nationalists and Christians who do not yet know about Q will flock to the hundreds of Q sights. Make no mistake about it Q is real and we are about to take our country back soon………. The storm is near anon

    • “Make no mistake about it Q is real and we are about to take our country back soon……….”

      You’ll forgive me if I don’t completely share the optimism. I am open minded am hoping there is something good going on behind the scenes, but there are too many things about this that seem too good to be true. I will skeptically wait to see what pans out

  5. Find a screen shot of JFK’s Arlington Cemetery location and then tell me what you think.

  6. If you watch the movie, Jerry Fletcher (Mel Gibson) mixes in real conspiracies with outlandish ones to discredit them all. But Jerry Fletcher is actually a MK-Ultra.

    Conspiracy Theory (1997) – Newsletter scene [1080]

  7. Love the more detailed title: “Fake News Hate America MSM” > FNHAM.

    We should start referring to the MSM as “HAM” since “Hate America” would include any/all fakery, & because the talking heads surely do love “hamming it up” among their arrogant selves!

    Cool Q formation, guys! 🙂

  8. Whitey Bulger was set-up and murdered in prison because he was going to rat out the criminal/traitors that have infiltrated and taken over the FBI involved with him. Robert Mueller was in the FBI’s Boston office during this timeframe of Bulger/Flemmi. (Whitey Bulger was also involved with Military Intell’s MK-Ultra program while in prison. Receiving a reduced sentence to be involved)

    “According to the Mail, Bulger, who was confined to a wheelchair at the time of his death, had been talking about outing people in the upper echelons of the FBI’s informant program.”

    Is This The Reason Whitey Bulger Got Whacked In Jail?


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