U.S. Army builds $96m fake city in VA to train for what?

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Under Obama, our military’s budget has been cut. But this administration managed to spend $96 million on building a fake city in Virginia in record time of a mere two years, putting many public construction to shame. As an example, it took 24 years to build a new span of the S.F. Bay Bridge!

So what’s the fake city for? – inquiring minds want to know.


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0 responses to “U.S. Army builds $96m fake city in VA to train for what?

  1. Indeed, for what?

  2. With this president, I think we know the answer.

  3. Well personally, I’d say this is just another training ground to help in psy-ops against those in the military and police etc. to indoctrinate them properly for the next civil war, I imagine it would also be useful for broadcasting “footage” from “terrorist attacks” that they wanted to be untraceable to the place of claimed occurrence… also could be a “stage” for crisis actors to act in, without any potential leaks via the general public seeing something fishy.

  4. For whatever reason it was constructed, it is obviously a model of an AMERICAN city. This is not for training for other parts of the world. I find it disturbing just as traildustfotm does.

  5. Creating more false flags was the first thing that came to mind….

  6. Because you’re not going to be fighting those dang Constitutionalists and gun owners in Iraq or Afghanistan…


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