U of Texas professor José Gutierrez defends his ‘eliminate the gringo’ quote

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There’s a meme circulating in the AltMedia, of a quote attributed to José Angel Gutierrez:

So I looked into this, to ascertain the meme’s authenticity.

Gutierrez indeed is a professor of political science at the University of Texas – Arlington. Below is a screenshot I took of his page on UOT’s website. Note the “Proffessor” typo:

In defense of himself, Gutierrez wrote this essay for The Texas Civil Rights Review, which calls itself the “Lone Star of Conscience”.

Below is the essay in its entirety (I added the bold red emphasis). Read it, and tell me what you think.


By Jose Angel Gutierrez ⋅ July 21, 2010

Originally published en espanol in La Estrella newspaper of Fort Worth, reprinted by permission of author.

I was the head of the Mexican American Youth Organization (MAYO) in Texas in 1969 having just return from military duty during the Vietnam War. I held a press conference in San Antonio, Texas on April 11, 1969 to announce our organizational plans.

This is what I said:

“MAYO had found that both federal and religious programs aimed at social change do not meet the needs of the Mexicanos of this state.

“Further, we find that the vicious cultural genocide being inflicted upon La Raza by gringos and their institutions not only severely damage our human dignity but also make it impossible for La Raza to develop its right of self-determination.

“For these reasons, top priority is given to identifying and exposing the gringo. We also promote the social welfare of Mexicanos through education designed to enlarge the capabilities of indigenous leaders.

“We hope to secure our human and civil rights, to eliminate bigotry and racism, to lessen the tensions in our barrios and combat the deterioration of our communities.

“Our organization, largely comprised of youth, is committed to effecting meaningful social change. Social change that will enable La Raza to become masters of their destiny, owners of their resources, both human and natural, and a culturally and spiritually separate people from the gringo.

“Only through this program, we of MAYO, see the possibility of surviving this century as a free and complete family of Mexicanos. We will not try to assimilate into this gringo society in Texas, nor will we encourage anybody else to do so.

“Rather, MAYO once again asks of friends here and across the nation to assist us in our efforts. We intend to become free as a people in order to enjoy the abundance of our country and share it with those less fortunate.

“MAYO will not engage in controversy with fellow Mexicanos regardless of how unfounded and vindictive their accusations may be. We realize that the effects of cultural genocide takes many forms—some Mexicanos will become psychologically castrated, others will become demagogues and gringos as well and others will come together, resist and eliminate the gringo. We will be the latter.

Questions followed the press statement, particularly from Kemper Diehl, a reporter with the San Antonio Express News. He wrote an article on the press conference and printed his version of an exchange:

Q: What do you mean by ‘eliminate the gringo?’

A: “You can eliminate an individual in various ways. You can certainly kill him but that is not our intent at this moment. You can remove the base of support that he operates from be it economic, political, social. That is what we intend to do.”

Kemper Diehl wrote more: “Gutierrez was again pressed as to intentions of killing gringos ‘if worst comes to worst.’ He replied ‘If worst comes to worst and we have to resort to that means, it would be self-defense.’ ” Gutierrez went on to be quoted as detailing attempts on his life and property just a few years before.

For the record, this was a press conference 38 years ago! It was not a press conference held yesterday much less statements made by me in my class room at the university. Since immigration and anti-Mexican attitudes are now the talk of the day particularly on national radio and television I have been resurrected.

Lastly, about 2 years ago Alan Wall that works and lives in Mexico put together words as if they were mine and posted them on VDARE.com claiming they were mine. Soon these quotes appeared in many extreme right wing websites. Two months ago David Horowitz included me in a list of the 101 Most Dangerous Professors in the United States and cited these Allan Wall quotes as his evidence. Reporters today are now citing them over and over again today.

Because of this the FBI came to see me and warn me that some people want to kill me. I cannot stop crazies from believing these lies. This will pass. In the meantime realize that the white hate aimed against me now is really the same white hate aimed at all of us of Mexican ancestry residing in the US.

-End of Gutierrez’s essay-

I find it noteworthy that no where in his essay does Gutierrez actually denounce or renounce having said:

  1. Mexicanos will not try to assimilate into the U.S. or encourage others to assimilate.
  2. Eliminate the gringo by killing them. He merely said it wasn’t his intention “at the moment,” which implies he reserves killing gringo for some future time. (Note: “gringo” is a term used in Latin America to refer to a foreigner, especially one of U.S. descent.)

All Gutierrez did in his essay is make the excuse that he said “eliminate the gringo” 41 years ago, in 1969. But since he neither denounces nor renounces that statement, what difference is it that he said it many years ago?

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38 responses to “U of Texas professor José Gutierrez defends his ‘eliminate the gringo’ quote

  1. This video, entitled “Attack On America,” was produced by the California Coalition for Immigration Reform. It documents an attack by Chicano, Illegal alien and Communist counter-protestors on a smaller, on average much older group of Prop 187 backers at the Federal Building in Los Angeles on July the 4th, 1996. Chicano-ism is a cult-like, brown racial supremacist and Latino nationalist movement that claims ownership of the southwestern United States, which they call Aztlan.

  2. La Raza..The Race. And he wants to eliminate “racism”. And reserves the option of killing “gringos”. Oblivious, as always, to their own contradictions. And the Raging Woke lap it up. Hate is intoxicating

  3. Go ahead. Kill all the white people. Then let’s see how long it takes before you starve to death. Or suffocate in piles of your own filth.

    • MyBrainHurts . . . . Unfortunately, I think you are correct.

      According to various studies on the IQ of all races . . . Hispanic persons place just above those of the black race. I would ask that you look this up for yourself, to be reassured that I did not come up with this information out of the blue.

      Just judging from the statistics of how high the percentage of immigrants who come here from South of our Southern boarder, find it necessary to
      access various welfare hand-outs, I think they would miss very much us Gringo’s out there bustin’ our backs to bring home the bacon–and pay the taxes that their welfare comes out of. If they decided to kill us all off, I should imagine that there will be a whole lot of hurt in their worlds.

  4. José Gutierrez and his ilk would still be banging rocks together to light their crack pipes if it were not for “the white man”! Eliminate the “Wetback”!

  5. Alvin Truthfinder

    Isn’t it time for us to take action? I’m not advocating violence, but I think we could get pretty dang loud and obnoxious. Our president and traitorous congress just gave these folks a free pass to continue their destruction of us.

    I suggest donning a yellow vest and raising the dickens in Washington. Any ideas on how to get this going?

    • It’s past time we organized ourselves as our ancestors did into the nations of Europe, N America, etc, just as our self-declared enemies calling for our extermination already do with the blessing of the wholly owned establishment. The overriding obstacle, however, is our fatal affiliation with the Republican Party, which is a phantasm or charade granted its existence to neutralize native white leadership from arising in America. The Republican and cuckservative girly men are such mealy mouthed wimps, one can only guess that their leadership is kept in line by gaymail, as former Speaker of the House, Diddlin’ Denny Hastert, apparently was.

      Sandy O’Casio or whatever her real name is had to declare she’s of Sephardic descent so Jews could stop gasping in disbelief and realize she’s one of their own being handled from above. This Gutierrez also has a fairly common Sephardic name, which makes you wonder how he has a special status to publicly call for the mass murder of gringos.

      Mexico and Venezuela, incidentally, are almost perfect models of the coming North America, where crypto Sephardim posing as Hispanics rule like gods over mixed-race slaves.

  6. william chandler

    Move his ass to the PARADISE(s) south of the Rio Grande.

  7. prof. a**hole don’t like white stuff? stop using toilet paper, mofo

  8. Let’s play the “REVERSE GAME”! What would be the outcome for the person if that person was WHITE and said “Let’s eliminate all MEXICANS”?? Would it MATTER that it was said 41 years ago? Hardly! That person would be out of a job and publicly humiliated! No, this “proffessor” (sic) is a PROTECTED CLASS and is FREE to slander, demonize, and advocate outright MURDER of the WHITE race!

  9. A call for genocide is a call for genocide regardless of the methods chosen to accomplish it. I guess UT is OK with genocide after all.

  10. Someone with racist attitudes like this has no business being on the faculty of any university, let alone UT. To start with, most of the funding, including his outsized salary, is coming from white taxpayers. It is amazing how racism in America has shifted to be largely practiced by ” blacks” and “browns” and directed against whites. We need to confront this big lie that only whites are racist. As we see here and in similar examples all over the U.S. and particularly in colleges, there are plenty of racists of color to go around. Fire this one.

  11. Would seem to me that this so-called proffessor(LOL) wants to be a Mexican not an American. I think his right to leave the USA is protected by the Constitution. I’m sure the Mexican government would be happy to welcome him with open arms. Say goodbye, professor.

  12. I really did not used to hate greasers.

  13. “Eliminate the wetbacks. Kill them where necessary.” I wonder how well that would go over with the anti racist crowd. What he said is enough for him to be charged with a hate crime, but it was against White people, so apparently that’s OK. What hypocrisy.

  14. How can someone that teaches in college and is that old can be so stupid? The racism in the USA is coming from the left. Don’t be fooled people.

  15. How is this appropriate for a Texas taxpayer sponsored University “professor”? Rest assured I will be complaining to his superiors. Of course he denies any superior. What country in the entire Latin American world can even stay afloat economically? The are all run by corrupt traitors who kill and enslave their own population. Think cartels and human trafficking. This guy is wanting a leadership in the new Cartel Aztlan. All patriots you know where he is. Isn’t it time we showed EVERYONE what we’re capable of?

    • In his ‘Writer and the World’ V.S. Naipaul points out the serious mistake we make in considering the nominal countries of South or Central America and Africa, controlled in fact by plundering elites, as either countries or governments in any sense of the way we and Europeans were taught to think of those words.

      In contrast, he wrote favorably of the US—it was back in 1970–but I’m sure he never dreamed it would be the US itself that became controlled by a vertically integrated, criminal conspiracy that we mistake for our government, plundering this country on behalf of Wall Street, Israel, and Hollywood, as we’ve seen with the their deep state flunkies’ open and ongoing coup d’etat against our duly elected president. They don’t hate him; they hate us.

      Liberalism is in part a grave moral weakness of losers posturing as strength of character. White suburban, college-educated women who vote Democratic will be in for a big surprise when the “diversity” and “inclusivity” banners are tossed in the trash and old fashioned South American and African machismo turn their lives into a living hell.

      • Amen!

      • Dan . . . Bravo! You are correct, so many of these young people who have been deceived by their leftist professors, really do not understand exactly what they will be in for once the full blown Communists take over.

      • Very well said Dan.

        “White suburban, college-educated women who vote Democratic will be in for a big surprise when the “diversity” and “inclusivity” banners are tossed in the trash and old fashioned South American and African machismo turn their lives into a living hell.”

        Don’t forget the rest of the third world menagerie- those from the ME and India. We all know how much they respect women. Frank Raymond a fully Westernized East Indian living and writing in Canada says the same. He disdains the culture he was born into, and is trying to warn Westerners to stop indiscriminately letting in non Europeans and to stand up for themselves. In Vancouver he says that since the Whites are becoming a minority the place is beginning to look like a slum with laundry hanging everywhere; trash and beat up furniture tossed outside instead of taken to a dump or put in the trash. It has started to resemble the slums these people came from even though they have every opportunity to keep things nice, they choose filth. He also says, “wait until your daughter has to work for one of these third worlders then she will you will see what real sexual harassment is” . That is something astonishing and noteworthy when an Indian who has lived all around the globe says that our countries will lose all order and beauty and will turn into ruin when the White people are the minority.

  16. Where to begin? Well, a society, any society is not something that a neighboring society has a right to overcome. Stating that they want to push their way in and will not assimilate is a formula for trouble.

    We can see everywhere that the Controllers are using this divide and conquer meme to full advantage. This “proffessor”may have the title but he doesn’t exhibit much intellect.

    So, to him, this is a war of “races”. “La Raza” to him means Mexicans are superior, apparently. That’s a hoot. I suppose that accounts for the ratlines South of the Border.

    So they’ll force their way in and make a “Ratland Del Norte”. I’m so sick of listening to these goobers spouting nonsense. Their Jew controllers pull their strings and they mouth rhetoric on command. They all agree on “get YT”.

  17. This “hombre estupido” got to where he is because of the institutions created by the gringo…. in other words he has his position because of the gringo. That’s gratitude for you…

    • Ha, ha, precisely. “Accion Afirmación”. This guy’s a joke. “Yesterday I couldn’t spell professor, today I still can’t”.

  18. If Mexicans wanted to keep Texas so bad, they should have fought harder.

  19. Well there it is right out in the open; our loving innocent Hispanic population that just wants opportunity. What gets me is that the University will not do anything to this racist hate monger while if someone ( White ) post a twitter that doesn’t measure up to PC stands they would be fired in a New York minute. Just more of the Kalergi Plan in action. oppress, denigrate, and instigate violence against Whites while accusing them of all the hate crimes in order to dispossess them of their culture and everything they’ve built.

    • We have a Mexican restaurant near my house and I occasionally go there for take out. They always have the “La Rasa” newspaper there and I read it while I wait. It is VERY interesting.

      If us YT’s published something like that about blacks or Hispanics they’d put us in jail. Why is that? Sometimes the workers get nervous when they see me reading it. Sometimes they tell me they don’t agree with it. I ask “then why do you keep it available?”.

      Anybody can play the “you don’t belong here” game. Really? All of that depends upon how long a group inhabits a place. There is no real logic in it. “Native Americans” were only “native” for as long as they were here. The list is endless.

      No one has a right to denigrate and incite violence. No group certainly has the “right” to just shove their way in and take over. We are here now and others will simply have to get used to the idea. The funny part is that, given their way as described in “La Raza”, soon this place would resemble Tijuana and they’d be invading Canada.

      • Exactly LO!!!! “…given their way desribed by ‘La Raza, ” soon this place would resemble Tijuana and they’d be invading Canada.”

        Isn’t that the problem everywhere? People “escape” the burdens of their places, only to bring along with them the SAME situations that produced their burdens in the first place. We see this demonstrated today in election in Texas that BARELY elected Republicans. These “relocators” be they Democrats or illegals/legals from CA or from historically south of our border, bring with them the same “isms” from which they flee…and, relocated, there is no expectation of change, other than in daily wealth of existance for either situation…. either through increased wealth for the California-to-Texas ex-pat…or for the fleeing Mexican/Central American running toward entitlement programs in the USA…..And then, there is no expectation that immigrants these days “conform” to “JOIN” our American culture…. instead, we Americans “wrap” ourselves around them to accomodate myriad cultures at the threat of being called “racists.” It’s the tail wagging the dog, and with so many languages/cultures entering our country, the end product is chaos and an impossiblity. Far more reasonable for the cultures coming here to join us as ONE, instead of as many….IE…isn’t that what they are coming for in the first place??????? to adopt US in one, unified inclusion, instead of the other way around..which will and is necessarily limited, exclusionary to marginalized groups of immigrants, and really impossible for the native American Citizen to wrap their language skills and heads around efficiently. There are something like 56 different languages represented in my school district, and yet…the ONLY ONE we cow-tow to is Spanish…the rest of the kids (I’ve had Dutch, Egyptian, Farsi/Arabic, Koreans, Chinese, Russian, regional NON-Spanish-speaking Mexicans, etc etc.) who are non-Spanish-speaking (WHICH I want to remind all is a EUROPEAN Romance language and NOT NATIVE to Mexico or South America or Cuba……etc etc….so, it is a SECOND and foreign language to anyone from those geographic areas…the language of their conquerors…the conquistadores from Spain who invaded and who destroyed and re-ordered their own native cultures not so many years ago).

        • Well said. Of course if they were truly “proud” of “their” heritage they would be speaking Toltec and Mayan. There are many dialects. The tribes don’t always get along and usually those who see themselves as “Spanish” dislike the “Indians”.

          It is indeed funny that they appropriate the language of their oppressors and wear it like a badge of honor. Mexican Spanish drive Castilians crazy. If you go to Spain you will immediately notice that nobody sounds like “Poncho and Cisco”.

          They whole thing is contrived and I’m afraid I don’t believe that it just “happened” that way. Look at the current invasion of Europe. They send crazy Somalis there after pumping them full of racist nonsense. The same applies to Moslems. They tell them that the host’s laws have no bearing on them.

          The current fracas is all about knocking Whitey off his perch and getting illegal votes for more of the same. When they’ve finished with us it will be one big destroyed plain full of undefined mutt people snarling at each other.

          Funny how you don’t see this in Israel.

          • Just getting back to you Lo…but…in reply to “if they were truly proud of their heritage…they’d be speaking Toltec or Mayan (per me… Aztecan and any of a number of native village tongues…..). I studied Castillian Spanish in HS and college for a total of 5 or more years….and then another year in CA toward a “CLAD” certifiction and “SDAIE” certifiction (both involved in teaching native Spanish-speakers in our US Public School sys)….and, I have to say that the kids I’ve been teaching for 20 years are illiterate in TWO languages….both their “native” Spanish and in the supposed land of their birth, English. When I speak the Spanish I learned to them, I get the “thousand yard stare….they can barely understant it…..it is still a foreign language, b/c they do not speak or read, or write in proper Castillian…or even Cuban or Arengtinian—the Spanish of my teachers through the years….. (or even Mexican….the Spanish of my exposure) They speak a “mongrel Spanish of slang and “made-up” words of our modern era…like….”Mochilla” which means, in a Mexican-Spanish living in the USA….”little Kangaroo” and it is used for the modern invention of the school “backpack.” Now, WHY did they have to invent a NEW Spanish word for a NEW American school requirement/invention? Why didn’t they just call it a “backpack” when their American school kids had to start using it?????? Sort of like, when anyone in the world started using a Xerox copier…they called the act of copying “xeroxing,” and the resultant copy a “xerox.” But NO……they had to confuse their American-born second-language kids with inventing a NEW WORD for their American-required school backpack, a “mochilla” or “little kangaroo.” A missed opportunity in stepping up their children’s acquisition of the language of the market place, the language of flight, the language of international diplomacy…whether they like to admit any of this or not.

      • The description of your encounter at the Mexican restaurant is pretty interesting. I would have loved to have witnessed that one. Indeed why in hell do they have the La Raza newsletter in there if they don’t support the ideology within it? I think their protested innocence is crap. They Ford foundation has been south of the border for years pushing socialism, hate of the gringo, racial pride, and the BS history for the foundation of Azatlan, while here the same forces dose the socialism with hate yourself, your country, hate your race, and diversity. The Hispanics aren’t fooling anyone who has two brain cells to rub together. Within a ten year period I have seen the checkers and all other workers at the local Whole Foods market go from White and an occasional minority to about 80 percent Hispanic. They speak Spanish to eachother in front of the customers, and clearly are in their own little bonded tribal world without apologies. I see a few who integrate and are very nice people, but the majority love and relate to their own subculture. It hasn’t been made a crime for them.

        • Yeah. There are a couple in the restaurant who I like very much. One of the girls there is really nice and always cheerful. I can visually see her cringe when I pick up the paper. Sometimes she tries to talk to me to distract me. Once I saw her signal a coworker who scooped it off the table while I had my back turned.

          In a way its a perfect illustration of what you said. Those are there for THEIR patrons. They sponsor a lot of Hispanic events, etc.. This is a wink and a nod to their Hispanic friends.

          For those who haven’t read one, they are not “cute”. There is nothing subtle about them. They are full of hatred for Whitey. They push the notion that all this belongs to them and we’re interlopers.

          Another thing I find funny is that, when you go to Mexico, the most impressive architecture and public works are all Spanish. With the exception of Mayan and Aztec culture the bulk of Indian culture would be stick houses with bamboo ramadas.

          So again, these are not survivors of past greatness. These are people of low expectations. Their lack of ambition follows them.

      • People from Europe had the intelligence & ingenuity to boat across the Atlantic at least 1000 years before the Asians who waited for a land bridge as proven through archeological records which the cultural marxists who have taken over anthropology via the Frankfurt School are desperate to keep suppressed so that their “Native American” Orwellian Newspeak can continue to paralyze us.
        “Who controls the past, controls the future.” Who controls the present,controls the past”

        • Have you ever heard of the Solutreans?

          • I’ve heard of them. That is an interesting theory and quite believable. It would answer a lot of mysteries that present day theories do not.

            It may help to see this a little differently. We have pride in our ancestral culture, rightfully. With the Hispanics south of the border it isn’t that simple. On one level they resent the Spaniards (Europeans) for destroying their Indian “cultures”. On the other, they take pride in Spanish colonial culture.

            They are not the authors of their own culture. They have been, as you said Lana, fed on a diet of hatred for the Gringoes. The Gringo is responsible for anything negative in their lives. It is extremely convenient for those who do not want to put effort into improvement.

            Some of the cultural issues come from their original “native” cultures. The same can be said about North America. Early settlers could attest that they could “smell” a village for miles before they came to it. Things were not as idyllic as a lot of people would like us to believe.

            But they have a mythology that largely says that they were a “noble” people before the Conquistadors and later YT. Now their “success” is measured by a Spanish scale that always would have them deficient.

            I need to also say that I’m talking in generalities about the type of Mexicans and Central Americans we most commonly encounter. They are primarily of Indian extraction. There are certainly others in Mexico who are more of Castilian extraction that are very different.

            There is a lot of “scapegoating” that goes along with this. Their problem isn’t location, its attitude. When they go North they bring the South with them. They do not assimilate and have better lives, they drag the surrounding, existing culture down to their level.

            Seen this way it becomes obvious why attacking YT is so popular. They do not want resistance and/or competition. They will use their slaves to make slaves of all of us.

          • Thats who I am talking about Lana. Blows the whole Liberal Cultural Marxist psychological operation against us that the United States is not ours, out the water so to speak. “Who controls the past, controls the future.” “Who controls the present, controls the past”

  20. Richard C Youghn

    Why would a gov’t fight so hard to protect people who are not cituzens? Or corporations spend so much to defend a people who are not their bottom lines? Not out of kindness, for sure. There must be an incentive, a profitable ine at that! 3rd worlders aren’t much concerned with the loftier aspirations of life, just the bare neccessities upon which to eke out an existence. The European, Judeo- Christain can not be contolled, they have lost control of the African-American populace so why not replace them with denziens from the most depressed 3rd world nations? The elites will remain in power regardlessly, they have stacked the deck in their own favor. America will become Northern Honduras, the same socio-economic paradigm minus any resistence unless the food supply fails. Who cares what constitutes a population so long as wealth and power can be substained? The ‘gringo’ philosophy is all that stands between current year America and the future America.

  21. I wore the same uniform to Vietnam, and, as I recall, I served my whole country, the whole constituency of our great nation, I came home to a lot of shit from anti-war protestors. I endured it.

    But I won’t tolerate your unctuous, racist, hate-filled comments of either your youth or your senility.

    Your tenure at UT doesn’t give you license to shit on your fellow veterans, regardless of color, because we all served one nation of freedom loving people.

    Don’t enslave us with your Islamic way of thinking or impose your sick type of Mexican Sharia law on us.

    Grow a pair, recognize the pitfalls in your thinking and Stifle any more of your hate filled comments.


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