U.C. Berkeley student protest against Ferguson police violence turns violent

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Yesterday (Dec. 6) evening, University of California, Berkeley students organized an ostensibly peaceful protest against racism and police violence “in solidarity” with Ferguson protesters against the St. Louis County grand jury’s decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of black teen Michael Brown.
Alas, the Berkeley students did not get the memo about the irony and the hypocrisy of a protest against police violence itself descending into violence and senseless trashing and looting of businesses that have nothing to do with Michael Brown or racism or blacks.

Berkeley riot Dec. 6, 2014Click map to enlarge

As recounted by the Berkeley Police Department:

Berkeley, California (Saturday, December 6, 2014) – This evening, a peaceful protest turned violent when several splinter groups broke off and began hurling bricks, pipe, smoke grenades, and other missiles at officers.
The protest began peacefully, and moved from Telegraph Avenue into the downtown area, and then to in front of the Police and Fire Public Safety Building. There, a small portion of the group splintered from the peaceful demonstrators and started throwing rocks, pipes and bottles at officers.  Numerous officers were struck, and one officer was struck with a large sandbag, and treated at a local hospital for a dislocated shoulder. These splinter groups also ran through several Berkeley neighborhoods vandalizing cars and breaking windows and looting businesses.
The crowd continued marching, arriving on Martin Luther King Jr. Way and University Avenue. Members of the crowd began vandalizing businesses on University Avenue, including Trader Joe’s, Radio Shack, and Wells Fargo Bank.
The crowd moved west, splintered and regrouped several times, as they moved to 6th/University, then back east to San Pablo Avenue and nearby streets, and eventually east up University Avenue, through the downtown area, and up Bancroft Way to Telegraph Ave.
Berkeley Police used smoke and tear gas after crowds refused to disperse and continued to vandalize local businesses and pelt officers with rocks, bottles, and pipes.
Numerous police vehicles were vandalized as the crowd moved through the south campus area….
The Berkeley Police Department is being supported by over a hundred officers from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, Oakland Police Department, Pleasanton Police Department, Hayward Police Department, Alameda Police Department, California Highway Patrol and the BART Police Department.

Daily Mail says the protesters numbered around 400; 6 people were arrested.
Here are a video and photos from the Berkeley Riot of December 6, 2014. As you can see, most of the “protesters” are white college-age. Some were wearing U.C. Berkeley (“Cal”) sweat shirts.


Ransacking the Radio Shack store

Ransacking the Radio Shack store

A lone non-college age man

A lone non-college age man

Reportedly, members of the Revolutionary Communist Party, Workers World Party, Occupy Wall Street, and pro-Palestine statists have joined the Michael Brown protests across America. Read more here.

Update (Monday, Nov. 8):

Last night, there was another “protest” of 500-600 people which also devolved into violence. Stores along Shattuck Ave. in downtown Berkeley were looted.

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0 responses to “U.C. Berkeley student protest against Ferguson police violence turns violent

  1. Have you ever wondered WHY it is we do not allow our own Army to use “tear gas” because it’s against international law, yet we allow our own police departments to use it against our own citizens?

  2. Now I see why my Li’l Sister always called it “Berserkly”.

  3. Having confrontations with police has been a cottage inndustry and an undeclared minor for the bums and pseudo academics in Bezerkeley since at least the late 60’s when I was there for a visit.
    They’d grab their favorite 2X4 and head out to the evening’s demonstration.
    Applied Anarchy 101.
    Listen to the Big Lie all day in class, then go out and put it to use at night.
    It’s a tradition there. Perhaps because it is is the breeding ground for communists, both professors and professional students (the one who never seem to graduate) who then disperse throughout the country spreading the good news of revolution.
    But hell, these days the Big Lie has gone Mainstream, Main Street, and Inner Beltway, so why do it in the street? Because it’s fun, you can pick up a free stuff in the stores you loot, and maybe get hired as a professional trouble maker and get sent all over the country where a street full of scum is needed for a photo-op.
    It was definitely the communists then, infiltrating the ranks of glassy eyed idealists to harness their passions, and it is the communists now ‘championing’ the cause of the permanent victim class of our culture so they’ll do the work for them.

  4. Hey truckjunkie:
    when I started writing my post I hadn’t seen yours with the Bezerkely in it. That is what some left coasters I knew used to call it, and when I first heard it used. Then I posted and see your post with the same word.

  5. they should be protesting this horrendous banking system, loss of morals and values of our country and the stranglehold corporations have on American government…that’s worth protest, Ferguson/Darren Wilson…..not so much

  6. Great article, Dr. Eowyn.
    These trust-fund-hippies have no understanding of how transparent they are. They reek of privilege, while pretending to be “down for the struggle.” The one benefit to all of us is that these pansies will be long gone when ski season gets going, and won’t be back until well after college break. Of course, they won’t be doing any hands on work to rebuild the businesses they’ve destroyed. I suspect that while people are picking up the pieces in the summer, they’ll be in the Hamptons or on Nantucket.

  7. Serendipity Dr. E!
    A liberal arts degree will not necessarily make one “liberal” in the pejorative sense; nor, are liberal arts universities always compassionate in a universal sense. Personally, it has been my experience that too oft the concept suffers from having its application poisoned by an overweening ideology. One need only witness the strange partnerships that the “Occupy” and Ferguson, Missouri protests have cobbled together, to come to the conclusion, that the world of social activism is a far stranger venue than that of a mere professional warrior will ever be. Peaceful pro-justice protesters, have little, if anything in common with violent anarchists, gang members, feminists, communists, common street criminals, et. al. Stranger still, are the myths that surround many of the martyrs that are elevated. “Convenience,” appears to be much more desirable than factual truths. In fact, the chapters of Occupy and Ferguson have more in common with the ending of J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit and the “Battle of the Five Armies” than it does with any modern concept of warfare. The competing ideologies are not always mutual, nor are the alliances formed, always rational. Hubris makes very strange bedfellows indeed! And, because of this, outcomes are seldom, if ever predictable, outside of the inevitability that suffering will always be the result.
    Full Special Guest By Harry Shaw Post: In the Garden of Good and Evil: and Socrates Too! https://wp.me/1amkx

  8. Last night (Sunday, Dec. 7), there was another “protest” of 500-600 people which also devolved into violence. Stores along Shattuck Ave. in downtown Berkeley were looted.

    • Ah looting….gotta love that form of justice…

      • Whatever happened to the old warning many decades ago, “looters will be shot” and they were not talking with rubber bullets. After the lefturds get their way (and they will) police won’t even be able to talk unkindly to the looters and rioters, cope will sound more like Mr Rogers than law enforcement or else lose their jobs for committing racist hate crimes

    • There have been escalating protest here in Boston area. Friday night at rush hour there was a large rowdy demonstration and die in along Mass Ave from Cambridge to Somerville. I talked to a few innocent people just trying to get home from work and they did not have anything kind to say abut this ferguson fiasco….It’s bad enough on a good day it takes you an hour to crawl the 3-5 miles along that route
      Our leftard MSM here sided with the protesters

  9. Nightsticks are a great attitude changer.

  10. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for telling us about the hypocrisy in Berkeley, where the Left believe there that they are the “leaders of the enlightenment” which they well disproved as a result of their violence, criminal behavior and stupidity.

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