Two (Recent) Examples of Obama Hypocrisy

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Published: 9:45 PM 06/16/2012
By Jeff Poor – The Daily Caller


According to many, The Daily Caller’s Neil Munro breached protocol by shouting a question during a Rose Garden statement by President Barack Obama on Friday. But an Associated Press article from 1987 reveals that Munro’s behavior was hardly unprecedented.

Over at the conservative media blog Newsbusters, Tom Blumer has unearthed an Oct. 14, 1987 AP story by Christopher Connell that asks, “Why do grown men and women shout at President Reagan?”
In the piece, Connell explains and justifies aggressive behavior by reporters that cover the White House.
“Grown men and women are shouting at President Reagan at the top of their lungs,” Connell wrote. “They do it for a living.”
Connell noted that the shouting even took place at ceremonies, but he ultimately blamed Reagan and his aides.
“Aides … have sharply curtailed opportunities for the press corps to engage the president under more civil circumstances,” the article states.

Blumer noted that this aggressiveness by the White House Press Corps occurred throughout both of Reagan’s terms, likely in an attempt to make the president seem “aloof and stand-offish.”
Blumer added that Reagan was more open with the media than Obama, who pre-selects reporters to ask questions at press conferences.
(h/t Tom Blumer, Newsbusters)

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This bastard knows no shame and would not tell the truth even if he was hanging by a thread above the Grand Canyon. There is only one way to end this scandal riddled, corrupt beyond any stretch of the imagination, economy murdering administration. Come November 6th, Vote Romney!
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Two (Recent) Examples of Obama Hypocrisy

  1. I have much contempt for this “man”, and I use that term loosely for Skippy. He’s no more a man than a five year old boy trying to get his way all the time.

  2. I have to say that I am surprised by the “vote Romney.” FOTMs writers are well versed in today’s corrupt world, including the false two party system we have here in the US. The only people allowed to even run on the “big – two” party ticket are hand picked by the powers that be. Someone who will not further the agenda of the elites will not be allowed in office, period. Repub, dem, doesn’t matter. Two heads on the same beast. Lord come quickly.

    • catscanner150

      I’m sorry if you are taken back by my “vote Romney” expression, I was and still am a big fan of Herman Cain because I feel the country needs to be run like a successful business, and lifelong politicians who could not cut it the corporate world have no business running the country. Romney is not my first choice as president, but compared to Obama he is the better choice.

      • No need to apologize. Your opinion is valid as mine is. I’m wondering if I replied to the wrong thing though, because the post I thought I was replying to is not here? Probably my mistake. I guess I have just come to the conclusion that I personally have no faith or hope in any elected official, be they repub, conserv, or dem. I absolutely agree with the “conspiracy” crowd that unless the delegate will lock step with the agenda (21 anyone?), they will never hold office. Romney to me will be no better than Obama other than on the surface. I believe that the surface is nothing more than a carrot dangled in front of the conservative right, though. This has to be though – the Lord said so. The antichrist beast system will be a one world govn’t, and I see alll that is going on here as steps to that end.

        • Ack! Brain lapse….long, hot day here in Phoenix. I realized that my reply was to the original article, and not a reply. Sorry.

  3. i would think any of my dogs would be a better choice then obama… they are smart enough not to shit in the house or where people walk can the same be said of obama… obama must go one term and done. i think the cat running for office would be a better choice anything or anyone obama is the bottom of the barrell the chronic liar the inept administrator and the failed leader..


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