Two Perfect Roses

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~ From my garden last summer ~

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0 responses to “Two Perfect Roses

  1. Beautiful, is the darker pink one a Wild Blue Wonder?

  2. ….I can almost smell them….ahhhhh 🙂

  3. Gorgeous! How good it is to wake up to a splash of color on these cold, gray mornings.

    • Thank you, grannie and dan! I’ve saved pics of my roses from last summer exactly for this purpose. Your encouraging reaction has led me to this decision: I will now post a rose pic every day! 😀

  4. Very beautiful! Thank you for showing us your roses!

  5. It’s a good thing I’m viewing these from way over here in Georgia, cause if my black thumb was to so much as fly over California, Eowyn’s roses would shrivel up and die.
    LOL – I could kill an artificial plant just by looking at it.


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