Two Mass Shooters and Banking Fraud?

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Ben Swann examines an interesting angle that brings to light some facts about the fathers of both the Aurora Colorado shooter and the Newtown Connecticut shooter.

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0 responses to “Two Mass Shooters and Banking Fraud?

  1. I read about the connection on another site and it certainly raises questions about a nefarious evil scheme. I think I am relieved to hear that neither parent was actually scheduled to testify. The horror and the tragedy is bad enough without thinking of a banking or NWO connection.

  2. On another note I heard that there have been copycat threats at at least two other high schools. One is a friend of my niece who isn’t sending her two children to school because the threats were specific. The other is a niece of my niece by marriage and she is worried about going to school because threats were made there. It is disgusting. Please pray to our beloved archangel St. Michael.

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  4. Thank you grannie for this interesting post. I find noteworthy how the two fathers are addressing some common issues. However, one cannot find a fact with regard to same that can be related necessarily to the shootings.


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