Two hundred classmates (and their parents) protest at decision to let transgender boy use the girls' bathrooms in Missouri

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These kids still understand basic biology.
Daily Mail: Almost 200 high school students in Missouri walked out of their classes to protest one a transgender student in senior year being allowed in the girls’ bathroom.
Members of the Hillsboro High School in Hillsboro, Missouri, ditched two hours of lessons to object to Lila Perry, a 17-year-old senior, being granted access to female bathrooms. Perry, who started identifying as transgender earlier this year, was using the female facilities to change for gym classes, which upset many other girls at the school.
They objected that Perry, who has not had any gender reassignment therapy, is still biologically male, Fox News reported.
Perry, who wears a wig, makeup and skirts to school, used to use a unisex facilities meant for staff – but decided for this academic year she wanted to be allowed in the girls’ bathrooms.
She said: ‘I’m not going to expose myself. I’m not a pervert. I’m a transgender woman. I’m a girl. I’m just in there to change, do my business, and… if they have any questions about being transgender, they are more than welcome to talk to me, and I’ll be happy to explain it.’
One student, Sophie Beel, told local station Fox 2 St Louis: ‘I find it offensive because Lila has not went through any procedure to become female, putting on a dress and putting on a wig is not transgender to me’.
The unrest comes as transgender issues are taking a higher profile on the national stage, partly thanks to the highly public transition of Caitlyn Jenner from her former identity as Bruce.
According to the St Louis Post-Dispatch, the protest lasted for two hours before school officials told students to go back inside.
During the demonstration, Perry was locked in a staff member’s office because there were fears for her safety.
The paper reported that some of the students protesting supported Perry’s right to use the bathroom she wants to, though most were in opposition. Tammy Sorden, a mother of a Hillsboro High student, said: ‘The girls have rights, and they shouldn’t have to share a bathroom with a boy.’ She said she objected to Perry being given what she asks for ‘while the girls just have to suck it up’.
The School Board also organized a meeting to deal with the situation, which attracted a large crowd of parents last Thursday, where school officials pointed out that denying fair access to a transgender student could bring reprisals from the federal government.
Perry has since dropped gym class due to the outcry, but still intends to use female bathrooms.
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0 responses to “Two hundred classmates (and their parents) protest at decision to let transgender boy use the girls' bathrooms in Missouri

  1. Does he even understand to be a true transgender he has to have his tallywacker removed? Does he understand the pain involved?
    Until he goes through with the complete surgery, he is not transgender. It is the word of the month, it seems.
    From looking at his physic, I am guessing he couldn’t handle the surgery.
    The girls have every right to feel secure in their dressing room. He could be nothing but a perv, looking for his next thrill.
    Until then, he is a cross dresser/ transvestite.

    • Until he goes through with the complete surgery, he is not transgender. Until then, he is a cross dresser/ transvestite.
      Excellent succinct diagnosis!

    • If she has her penis removed she wont be transgender. She will be a woman. Theres yrs of counceling one has to go thru. Then one has to dress as the opposit sex for up to 5 yrs before any type of hormone therapy can be started and that has to be ongoing for yrs before any dr in america can legally do a sex reasignment surgery… so yes this is what a transgender has to go thru to become who they feel they are.. its like you with your uneducated oppinion you feel u need to post it when you have no idea what this person has to go thru. And then by posting it you basically say. Well im stupid but i have something to say.. well some ppl are transgender. They cant help being that way just like you and your stupidity. At least they are doing something about it..i read a report shes been on hormone therapy for 5 yrs and has breasts.. do u want ur teen boy thinking about a trans girl with boobs and a penis? I didnt think so. So yes she should use the womans and since shes discreatly changing even if she did see a teen girl u know what they think.. why was i born a boy.. they dont oogle n gawk they are heart broken devistated and wish one day to be like them. To be normal…maybe do ur research before opening ur mouth n blasting it thru a keyboard.. talk to transgender ppl.. they are very willing to explain anything to u.

  2. Kevin J Lankford

    The “boy” has a serious problem, and just wants to be a problem for every body.
    Even being a “true transgender” solves nothing. In their head they are not truly male or female, and separate facilities are the only logical solution; having the least interruption of the norm. That is, should it be tolerated at all.

    • not good enough for him…he wants to be treated as a girl, or woman, or whatever he calls himself….I guess he’ll throw a temper tantrum like the rest of ’em and sue. If all the parents took their kids out of that (and other) public school then he could use whichever restroom or gym suited his fancy. Children today are like ‘lambs to the slaughter’ for public schools.

  3. Bless his heart, he needs a sandwich. Then maybe he could think right and head for the bathroom that matches his parts.

  4. Bruce Gender: The Next Generation

  5. Back when I was a kid this little self absorbed, narcissistic weirdo would have received a few good old fashioned ass whippings for this kind of thing and no one, except maybe his mommy, would care how he or anyone else felt about it. I wonder how that would affect his delicate psyche if it happened today?

  6. It’s amazing that in the “land of the free” a few can trample the rights of the many. Yes, I can see where the school board is leery of the Feds coming down on them. What is the answer–perhaps each and every time “Lila” needs to tinkle, then an adult should escort him into the girls bathroom, just to make sure he’s only “doin’ his business!” . . . . . and he better be doing it sitting down if he really thinks he’s a girl. Our society has gone mad. Would it not be better for him to use the Teacher’s restroom? I would say so, but this goofball is all about attention, and causing turmoil–it’s not necessarily about his rights. Great post, even if it is disappointing to read.

  7. I would not want any girl to have to go into a girls’ bathroom or locker room and see a boy’s penis…nor would I want a boy in the bathroom or locker room seeing girls naked. If it has a penis, it should be with the males.
    I don’t care what his issues are, he has no right to invade girls’ privacy.

  8. I think the big decider here is the surgery-until he has the surgery,he’s a MALE,100%,and shouldn’t EVER be in the Women’s bathrooms. After he is carrying the Surgeon’s approximation of “lady parts”,he can call himself a Transgender,and start using the Women’s bathrooms,NOT the Men’s. Under NO circumstances should he be “having it both ways”-THAT would make him a Pervert. Same with Jenner-if he wants to be considered a Woman,COMMIT-GET THE SURGERY.

    • Undergoing sex-reassignment” surgery surgical castration only renders them castrati with breast implants simulacra and a pretend “vagina” that is really a gouged-out wound, not women.
      Words have meaning. Just as we refuse to fall into their trap of calling homosexuals “gay,” so too must we resist the word-magic of transgenders.

  9. This country has gone insane, & correction will NOT come from the top, but rather the public, at large, must take a stand.
    But I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

  10. This country has gone insane, & correction will NOT come from the top, but rather the public, at large, must take a stand.
    But I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen, although I am encouraged by the fact that some of the girl’s parents are protesting, but it seems to me that just protesting is not enough, & a boycot of the school, by both sexes might get the school administration’s attention,. .

  11. The tail wags the dog …. When the few make the rules that the masses have to allow or follow ….. Girls start using the teachers bathroom or the boys bathroom or heck everyone use everyone elses bathroom and really give facaulty a fukking headache …… I allowed a guy to stay at my place he was living in a tent and it was getting cold …. he showed up wearing womens clothes that threw me for a loop and Not what I expected or signed up for. He came out inbetween the time I last saw him …. shocked all his friends and family and he lost them all. He lasted here 14 months his ego and arrogance helped him out the door and he has worn out his welcome in at least 4 other places since mine and I hear he is looking yet again. Alot of these people don’t work and expect others to take them in feed and house them and their new found Bitchy ego’s and try for mangina sex on top of this. Frankly my experience is not on the side of these ppl I feel sorry for deformed babies, mental issues and yes they may be born one sex but feel different on the inside …… but stop pushing all your shit rights on the rest of us ….. give respect to get it don’t assume it is your right and take it, its not now go use the teachers washroom to tingle and change in should be ok with them as they are all tolerant and what to shove that onto the girls …. and shower your sweaty mangina at home.

  12. What a bunch of uneducated bigots. She doesn’t need GRS to make her Trans. She was transgender before she was even born. When according to you people did the human brain stop being part of the human anatomy? You might as well insist that the Earth is flat. You can yell and shout and get as angry as you want about it and the Earth will still be just as round as always.
    You should educate yourselves before you start making such hateful (and incorrect) statements. The human brain is gender differentiated. Gender determination is complex and involves much more than just X and Y chromosomes. There are sometimes in utero hormonal imbalances, sometimes low or zero levels of various enzymes, sometimes androgen insensitivity, sometimes several X chromosomes.
    The processes by which the gender of the brain is determined is separate from and takes place later than that of the stuff between the legs. Sometimes the brain ends up one gender and the reproductive system ends up the opposite.
    (Do you people also insist that CAIS women are morally obligated to undergo gender reassignment and live as men. If so, how would you even do that since it is impossible to masculanise a CAIS body.)
    You should be supporting her, not abusing her right now.

    • Well, a good way to educate us bigots is to begin with an insult. Works every time!
      If a boy has a penis and is in the girls bathroom, how do you think that makes the girls feel? Teenagers, especially girls, are going through enough at that age without having to worry about a boy in the locker rooms. Why don’t you support their feelings?
      And we’re not talking about a CAIS here.
      Since when is a human brain gender differentiated? So gendered brains determine your central nervous system? Your consciousness? Memory planning?
      There are differences in brains yet they relate to sex not gender. As in male or female. But keep pushing the liberal LGBTQRSZ agenda.

    • “She was transgender before she was even born.”
      Really? You know that, how? Two psychiatrists far more learned and qualified than you, Dr. Paul McHugh and Dr. Joseph Berger, say that transgenderism is a psychological disorder of body dysmorphism.

  13. Oh my gosh! How did I end up back here again?
    Anyhow, don’t you just love it when you accuse somebody of being an uneducated bigot and their immediate response is to display their ignorance and bigotry for all to see? I know I do.

    • Your link is to a Think Progress article by a “SJW?” Old news. Media Matters propaganda has already been there…we’ve posted about the “transgender hate” of Dr. McHugh:
      “…without biological foundation wherever it emerges.” Here’s a scientific tip: biology emerges from your DNA. It doesn’t emerge from your feelings. Mother nature created two sexes. One can tell themselves they are the opposite sex even if one has all the plumbing and hormones of a man or woman. Changing your chemicals or mutilating your body will not change that.
      And why is it that all it takes to make transgenders content is to change their “legal document” to match their gender and transition their bodies to match their identities when the fact is that many transgender people never undergo such surgeries?
      If we ignore the fact that many transgender people never undergo such surgeries, then why does the WPATH standards of care guide medical professionals across the globe as they help transgender people through their transitions?
      The SJW author you cited draws a very blurred line between his facts and his “scientific” views.

  14. Hey DCG!
    I’m trying to understand all of this but, kinda’ confused. What does “blurred line between his facts and scientific views” mean here? Please help. Thanks so much.


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