Two Heads Are No Better Than One At Grocery Store Checkout

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Via Yahoo:

DEAR ABBY: There are no words to express how disappointed I am at the education kids receive now and still graduate with “honors.” I was at the grocery store a short time ago. Two young ladies working there just completed their freshman year at the local college. One of them had been on the honor roll all through high school.

I bought four packages of gravy mix that were on sale — four packages for $1. As the cashier rang it up, I noticed that she had entered them at 44 cents apiece. When I brought it to her attention, she asked the other cashier if that was right. She asked, “Forty-four cents, wouldn’t that be four for $1?” The other one picked up a calculator to find the answer.
are you serious

Can you tell me, what did this honor student learn in school? Both girls are in college. My heart is broken for our kids. Maybe we need to go back to teaching like when I was a kid. Just call me … GRANDPARENT IN TEXAS

DEAR GRANDPARENT: Frankly, your letter leaves me at a loss for words. I can only say that the problems with our educational system will not be resolved in an advice column. Readers?

I have plenty of advice…none that the teachers’ unions and democrats will like.

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0 responses to “Two Heads Are No Better Than One At Grocery Store Checkout

  1. That’s hilarious . I guess math is not their major in college . Probably ” History of the Feminist movement 101 ” or ” How to feel good about yourself , not realizing you’re an idiot ” ….

  2. Brilliant. I love this. Applies to the UK as well. (Sadly) 🙁

  3. That story will join this all-time demonstration in the annals of American stupidity.

    • Hey,it’s not THEIR fault. They just can’t wrap their minds around the concept of going any faster than they can WALK.

  4. ???… !!!… but!!!…
    Oh forget it. I can’t address this either.
    Should we just give up and start learning Mandarin?

  5. Actually its right ….. its the new math LOL ….. you can’t fix stupid …. pretty sad they are dumbing the kids down on purpose …. easier to control a druling idiot … their brains self destruct thinking

  6. I can only hope that the story about the grocery store clerks was a fiction created by Abby to prepare her column for that day.
    Dr. E, your presentation is a condition to which the “elitists” want to reduce us. With our own hard-earned money! If people can not see this as from Satan, they are close to being unable to tell us how long it takes a vehicle to go eighty miles at eighty miles an hour.

  7. . . . and yet the schools want more and more money! This is the most pitiful thing in the world. Many of today’s young people are only fit to be recipients of welfare, they have nothing of real value to offer our society! Sadly, it is in part not their fault, just look to the greedy teacher’s unions, and derelict parent(s).

    • Dear Auntie Lulu—as one on the front lines in public ed. today, I can tell you that by SECOND grade, most kids know that there is NOTHING they have to do for the teacher……if it doesn’t matter at home. Period. Christmas will still come for them, all is well…..there are no consequences….or at least consequences that “count” to them or their parents…..

  8. the common core answer would be whichever number made you feel good.

  9. I spent last week with my first grade grand daughter and watching her struggle with homework. I was trying to figure out what in the heck they wanted when she said, “think with your brain.” Yep. CC is being taught there. I looked at her mother and she said she had no idea either.
    They are purposely dividing the parents from the child while confusing kids into making up solutions.
    Can we have new leadership now, please?

  10. I was in an Arby’s recently, and gave them a 100 dollar bill to pay for a $9 order. It took two of them to figure out how to give me change. Really!

  11. If the cash register doesn’t tell ’em what change to give,they’re screwed. And so is the Customer.


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