Two Doctors Discuss Iodine for Radiation Exposure

This is an interview with Dr. David Brownstein providing important information about iodine supplementation as a vital defense against radiation contamination and damage. Radioactive iodine will plunge in to any and all iodine receptor cites that have no iodine in them due to iodine deficiencies. This is a serious problem because over 90 percent of people in North America, according to Dr. Brownstein, are iodine deficient. This leaves them incredibly vulnerable to radioactive iodine, which is one of the principle forms of radiation given off in nuclear accidents and from nuclear weapons.


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Doc's Wife
Doc's Wife
9 years ago

I thought that I had found a solution to the iodine shortage problem yesterday because both my girls are freaking out about radiation. They live in Mississippi and North Carolina, but that is what my daughters just do–we are used to it. I found an article on a news site that stated that after Chernobyl it was discovered that red wine actually helped more than iodine. I was thrilled with my find and immediately sent it to hubby’s office. I thought this could save us. All I got from our office was a bunch of laughing. They said it wouldn’t… Read more »

Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
9 years ago
Reply to  Doc's Wife

Doc’s Wife,
Bulgarian scholars are claiming this:
Kelp also is rich in iodine.
Don’t know whether this claim about red wine is really true. I’ll try to look into whether there’s any scientific basis to the claim later today.