Two Americas

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Design by beloved Fellow, the brilliant political artist Bob Keyser.
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0 responses to “Two Americas

  1. This isn’t anything new. During bad times in the past, the white house went own with it’s social life. It always will no matter if it is Democrats or Republicans.
    There is a class difference in this nation. I have to wonder why people haven’t always known that.

  2. During the Depression FDR and Rockefeller and Morgan stood on the balcony of one of the penthouse suites in New York and lit $100 dollar bills and threw them at the crowd below, all the time laughing at the poor idiots who were starving to death.
    These are the people who run our country. They have no shame and they have no compassion. There is an appointed time for everything…..

  3. Nice work, BK.

  4. Another fly, this time landing on Obama’s face, right above his top lip.
    This is getting creepier.

  5. Drudge has it.

  6. He might as well enjoy it while he can,and I think he knows this.


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