Twitter Twit Shows an Over-Exaggerated Sense of Self Worth

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Cher Uses McCarthyism to Attack Romney

by Christian Toto 30 Jul 2012

Cher couldn’t hold back time, and she certainly refuses to hold her tongue on Twitter.

The Oscar-winner continues to pound away at her ideological opponents on the social media platform, and here’s guessing Mitt Romney isn’t losing any sleep over her slams.
Cher isn’t simply attacking Romney’s record, though. She’s calling him a racist, putting her in league with fellow liberals scrambling to talk about anything but President Barack Obama’s record.
Calling someone a racist is one of the worst things you can say about someone in 2012. It can end careers (see Michael Richards), prevent someone from purchasing a major sports franchise (Rush Limbaugh) or simply define a person in the public eye – perhaps permanently.
So Cher must have some rock-solid evidence that Romney is a racist, right?
Well, if she does, she’s keeping it to herself.
Many media members are using “dogwhistle” parlor games to define virtually anything Romney says or does as racist. It’s McCarthyism 2012, making horrific accusations without the evidence to back it up.
Cher has survived decades in the grueling world of show business, and good for her. She of all people should know how grossly unfair it is to label someone without proof, particularly when the label sometimes won’t wash off.
The former Mrs Sonny Bono actually believes that anyone outside of the brain-dead hollywood elitist fantasyland reads and/or cares what she tweets.
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Twitter Twit Shows an Over-Exaggerated Sense of Self Worth

  1. Raaaaaacist! Yawn…

  2. Lol, cher actually KNOWS something about politics much less romney!

  3. She looks like Medusa in that photo!

  4. Maybe she’d better find out if that Botox has affected her mind. There has to be some reason she’s a whack job.

  5. These aging female dinosaurs trying to Twitter their way back into the spotlight are starting to get on my nerves. Ellen Barkin is another one. The only reason people still pay any attention is to see the train wreck they have become. Everybody stares at a train wreck.

  6. Cher is so over it’s ridiculous.
    Little wonder her once fairly cute daughter has grown up to be a walking circus freak show.
    -Its mom is nuts.

  7. Uh, Cher…
    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” –Lincoln
    Just FYI.

  8. Exactly. “Her and Streisand.” Birds of a feather, or rather, turds of a feather.

  9. At the risk of sounding redundant, she’s a complete twit.

  10. Yeah, I’m puzzled too! LOL
    So I did a search for “Cher nipples removed” and found that as of the Madrid premiere of the movie, “Burlesque,” on December 9, 2010, she still had them. LOL

  11. Thank you catscanner for this interesting post. More intolerance and stupidity from the Left in Hollywood. There is much wisdom and class in the admonition to “grow old gracefully.” I pray that I am growing old gracefully and with class, not fourth-class!

  12. Maybe when “Chastity” (probably everything but…) turned to Chaz, one of the oogliest person I’ve seem in many a long year. Not trying to call names, but “real” is “real”. And s/he is an OOOOOOGLY person! Maybe not inside – I don’t know him/her – but outside. Who has the eye bleach, I need a healthy dose of it!
    Other than that, maybe it was when show biz went to her head and she didn’t hear “halfbreed” anymore – you know? That name she hated so bad she wrote a song about it? Then again, maybe she found calling folks racist worked then and why change a “winning” way”? *SNERK!!!*


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