Twilight of the West: Gucci's Fall 2016 Menswear Collection

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Now I completely “get” how 1,000 Dutch men could don mini-skirts to show their “solidarity” with the hundreds of German women who were sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve by Muslim males in Cologne.
dutchmen in miniskirts protest Muslim sex assaults, Amsterdam, Jan. 16, 2016
Dr. Henry Makow is right: Western males have been emasculated into eunuchs.
Here’s more evidence: High fashion designer Gucci’s Fall 2016 Menswear Collection.
Gucci is an Italian fashion and leather goods brand, part of the Gucci Group, which is owned by the French holding company Kering.
Below is a sample. Make sure you take our poll at the end!
Gucci Fall 2016 Menswear1Gucci Fall 2016 Menswear2Gucci Fall 2016 Menswear3Gucci Fall 2016 Menswear6Gucci Fall 2016 Menswear10Gucci Fall 2016 Menswear13Gucci Fall 2016 Menswear14Gucci Fall 2016 Menswear15
H/t FOTM‘s Eggs Nihilo

Finally, let us not forget the “penis dress” for men by American designer Rick Owens.
Rick Owens1

Rick Owens’ penis dress for men

If you want to see the uncensored version of the “penis dress” with the male model’s sad shriveled-up member and huge nutsack exposed, as well as a pic of another Owen genitalia tunic, click here and here. Just don’t blame me later. LOL

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0 responses to “Twilight of the West: Gucci's Fall 2016 Menswear Collection

  1. Most of the models appear unhappy about this, may that true about this, and the rest of humanity as well. How do you say “bankruptcy” in Italian?

    • Our English term ‘bankrupt’ came from the Italian Renaisance expression, which meant quite literally to ‘break the bench’ of the debtor, so he could no longer work.
      This is a self-defeating action and was condemned by the RC Church, as it left the victim even more unable to repay debt, and was contrary to Church doctrines.
      However, the Jews who settled in Murano [], a suburb of Venice, continued to make loans against Church doctrine, and the stringent terms were often accepted. So here we are, and the 1% elite has no interest in helping us, Kissinger’s ‘useless eaters.’
      Hunker down and be ready for higher food, fuel, home heating, insurance, and other costs of the elite’s doing the “business, as usual.”
      In spite of my failed eyesight, I will respond as soon as I’m able, to help readers with the definitions of ‘Zionists’ and real Jews.
      Meanwhile, go to Henry Makow for more insights:
      All best,
      J & Dakota Bearly

  2. Robert McElhaney

    Raised with out father’s, makes Girlie Boys!

  3. #3 looks like a pimp for cows….they all look ridiculous
    manhood has left the building

  4. what the hell is this fuckery?

  5. A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this. – Deuteronomy 22:5

  6. All of these look awful. I guess this is the blurring of the lines between gender so that all clothes will become gender-neutral. I like the Snoopy and Tweety-bird t-shirts but I can’t say I like anything else about any of these models. Lord have mercy!

    • I think there’s a HIGH probability that Heaven will not show any mercy to the fools who designed this crapola. We can’t blame the unfortunate models, as they’re doing it for income [wage slaves?], although I must say that w/my poor eyesight I have a very hard time telling male from female. Is it just me, or do others have this problem?

    • It all looks hideous, like someone went dumpster diving at the Goodwill and kept everything that the Goodwill did not find acceptable to resell. Most women’s fashion shows look like this, so yeah, I guess they are trying to be gender-neutral by putting this crap on men. Menswear shows are usually pretty clean and sharp looking, and these guys look like they should be in a police lineup. It was the one in the granny-cape and toboggan, I am sure of it.

  7. Is this the 21st Century version of the ” Village People ” ?

  8. If they want to help those women,they should volunteer or donate to a shelter for Domestic Violence Victims. “Solidarity” displays are purely Media events.

  9. What a fun, kicky look for spring! Boys, get ready to embrace your inner “Maude”!
    (What I REALLY think is that this is a mockery of decency.)

  10. sure, wear a dress as did actor Will Smith’s kid did. (didn’t he also say he was the “messiah”?)

  11. So who would be seen with any “man” wearing this garbage. Do people actually purchase this crap? Maybe the same people who bid in the millions for a painting of a blue rectangle with a messy white line down the middle?

    • The question was asked, who would buy these? This reminded me of a conversation I had with a colleague years ago when the bare mid-riff was all the rage. As a woman, I simply could not find tops long enough. One day at work I was complaing about this and my colleague looked at me with all seriousness and said “that is is what people want, that is what people want to buy and therefore that is why they are available.” I could not believe she really thought that. My response was something along the lines of — that is not the case the manufacturers and retailers are just trying to set trends and tell us what we have to wear. I stand my comments today as much as I did then. To me clothing styles, especially women’s, is nothing but a propaganda tool. Thank the good Lord that I no longer have to worry about dressing for the office environment. The sheep, cows and dog do not care what I wear.

  12. Did Charles Shultz’s family give permission to shame Snoopy this way?

  13. Pingback: Twilight of the West: Gucci’s Fall 2016 Menswear Collection it doesn’t get any more Gay! | "SNIFFING OUT THE LIES OF THE PARASITIC ELITE AND DIGGING UP BONES ON THE NEW WORLD ORDER" NEGDOG.COM 18+up Some material may bot be suitable

  14. It doesn’t get any Gayer! Is that a word? Fuck it Im going with it!

  15. Mel Brooks had the right take on the issue a few years back. From “History of the World, Part I:”

  16. This is making a mockery of Europe. If they wanted to help women against the muslim hordes they should have been dressed as defenders – like Rambo, ready to kick some a**. Gucci is a parasite engaging in ridicule of it’s host society, and Merkel should be arrested for treason.

  17. Pajama Boy approved!

  18. I have a hard time thinking but what these young men would rather be modeling for Ralph Lauren. . . you know the ones, that show the low rider jeans, with a glistening six pack. All these poor yokels look like their are each a quart low on testosterone! Can you imagine the girls friends liking this, or perhaps each of them has a boyfriend instead.


  20. I like my men with a tad bit more testosterone than this. They look like they have been sucking on salt peter popcycles.
    I find nothing redeeming about these outfits.
    If this is what Europe is coming to, no wonder the women are being taken advantage of, who would be scared of this?

  21. I doubt I’ll be seeing any freakazoids wearing this stuff down here in the northern burbs of Atlanta.
    LOL – Things could get seriously ugly really fast – and I ain’t referring to the hideous outfits.

  22. 1000 men in Amsterdam dressed in miniskirts “in solidarity with women.” They dressed as women! Do they want migrants to fondle them too?
    A hallmark of heterosexuality is that men protect their women and children. When men fail in this responsibility, they fail as men.

    • Amen! and Amen! It was the eternal design that men would protect their women and children. Our societies have become an upside down mess.

  23. The purpose is ritualistically parading the sexual, emotional, and spiritual degradation of a conquered people’s young through a gantlet of gawking and drooling Jewish conquerors for all the world to see. Anyone who believes this flagrant and straightforward abuse is about fashion needs his head examined.

  24. HA! As long as there are little Middle School boys—these “fashions” will sink like the proverbial stone in all but the artsy-fartsy, “trans,” gallery-opening crowd.
    But…watch out for that penis “dress.” I think they’d wear that to school in a heartbeat if they thought they could get away with it…After all, didn’t they “sag” their pants to show ass-crack for a decade or more? Thank GOD, that little “fashion” appears GONE from my daily experience lately….Too hard to walk and chew gum at the same time in those pants. Meanwhile, this penis dress quite matches up with all the “self portraits” (as I call them) scribbled in my textbooks, and elsewhere in my room….Pretty sure this could start a “theme-based movement” w/these little kids (and pretty sure they could talk their clueless parents into buyng it for them).

    • CalGirl . . . was at the hospital just yesterday with my brother, along comes some fool (Caucasian) probably 45 to 50 years old . . . his pants were just under the bottom of his butt. Perhaps he was a psych patient out for a walk. To see some old fool displaying himself like that was far less than pleasant. But, to see young men in miniskirts is down right revolting–and in no way shows “solidarity” with the young women who have been molested by the Muslim hoards. Here we think that America has been dumbed-down, I guess it is not unique to our country.

  25. We live in a fallen world. Pray for the children.


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