Tweeter wants you to make this disgusting "lincoln" pic go viral

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A nobody named Joe Bernstein (@basher) is on Twitter. Joe Bernstein On March 24, 2015, Bernstein flatulated this tweet to his 2,694 followers, of a fat naked man engaged in an obscene act with the head of a statue, with the message:

please, for the love of god, help me make #lincolning go viral

Bernstein tweet By #lincolning, Joe Bernstein is referring to the obscene act that the chubby naked guy was doing to what Bernstein thinks is the statue of President Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.
In other words, Bernstein is applauding and encouraging the desecration of President Lincoln.
Sadly, Bernstein is mistaken. The statue isn’t that of Abraham Lincoln.
It’s the statue of Alexander Graham Bell in the front portico of the Bell Telephone Building of Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Lincoln Memorial & Alexander Graham Bell Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) is the Scottish-born scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator who is credited with inventing the first practical telephone.
And so, both the tubby man and Joe Bernstein (assuming Bernstein isn’t the fat naked guy himself) are actually dissing the statue of the inventor of the telephone. facepalm
Bernstein calls himself a “reporter for BuzzFeed.”
facepalm ~Éowyn

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0 responses to “Tweeter wants you to make this disgusting "lincoln" pic go viral

  1. This is an occasion when other cameras can be be put to good use, that is, public surveillance cameras.

  2. One more crazy in our New World Disorder publically verifying his mental aberrations….

  3. 1st. NO More cameras.
    2nd & most important – Do NOT make this viral.
    It is what our idiot Mr. Bernstein would love.
    3. Why does one want to promote any more of this?
    It continues to devalue America & our youth & gives permission to sheep.
    Delete and make VALUE viral.

  4. svomit_100-121

  5. With all the world’s problems, it is morons like these who would make patriots reluctant to defend them if their rights were threatened. Why risk our existence for such people? They would probably make lousy fertilizer.

  6. This is evil, disgusting and vile. Most importantly, it is impure and therefore offends God and the dignity of humankind.

  7. Mr Tubby’s bare bottom would make an excellent target for buckshot! What a gross human being. The person taking the picture, should have waited, and taken a picture of this jokers face, and posted the two together. Then let society deal with the moron, as they will.

  8. It’s obvious the man is a— a— a “fundamental aperture,” I’ll put it that way.

    • Oh! Steven . . . you do have a way with words. I really like that saying, in fact I am going to copy you and start using it.

  9. Some day,somewhere,that poser’s gonna brag to the WRONG guy,and we’ll get to watch the results on the evening news;they’ll tell,at the end,where to send condolences and flowers,etc.

  10. I can not hardly believe how evil people are now.This is so disgusting and I hope this man will get punished for this deed.somehow or somewhere.

  11. Leeann Springer

    That disgusting pile of flesh needs some rat-shot. Bernstein has crazy psychotic eyes and needs to have a boot planted on him. It is disgusting to think, of those unaware, touching the statue, not knowing that a reprobate doughboy just fornicated with it. Bernstein needs to have his beard plucked out one hair at a time! Leeann


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