TV show ‘Simpsons’ predicted Trump & Hillary presidencies

There are some who maintain that our puppeteers, aka The Powers That Be (TPTB), engage in “predictive programming” of the masses. According to one definition:

Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by TPTB.
If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as ‘natural progressions’, as Alan Watt (*) calls it; thus lessening any possible public resistance and commotion.
Predictive programming therefore may be considered as a veiled form of preemptive mass manipulation or mind control, courtesy of our puppet masters.

If you go to this link, you’ll find some examples of predictive programming in movies.
Television especially is a medium for predictive programming, notably two adult animation shows The Simpsons and Family Guy which foreshadowed 9/11, the 2005 London bombing, the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing, actor Robin Williams’ 2014 suicide, the Ebola epidemic, Bruce Jenner going “transgender,” and the recent death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. See:

The latest discovery of “predictive programming” is an episode of “The Simpsons” that was first aired on May 9, 2011, which foreshadowed the current Democratic and Republican presidential front runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The episode showed a blonde woman Lisa Simpson (Hillary is blonde) as the first woman president who succeeds a Donald Trump presidency that had plummeted the United States into debt.

Are these just coincidences or something more sinister? You decide!
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Christian Zionist
4 years ago

You know there was a TV show or movie, can’t remember that predicted planes flying into the towers…very creepy

4 years ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

I enjoyed the TV movie, 10th Kingdom, but opening sequence features the crumbling of buildings in NYC, and still chills me a bit. Also, the movie release date was February 27, 2000, not long before the 9-11-2001 attack.

Melvin Frohike
Melvin Frohike
4 years ago

You may be thinking of the first episode of “The Lone Gunmen”, the X-Files spinoff. There’s an attempt to hijack a plane by remote control and fly it into the WTC. It aired less than a year before 9/11.


[…] Source: TV show ‘Simpsons’ predicted Trump & Hillary presidencies […]

Marcia Walsh
4 years ago

“simpsons did it” is very premonition-ey to me. after all, how long have we been “programmed” now? since the beginning of television? i hope i’m not the only one that has my tv off for most of the day,if not at all.

4 years ago

Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most interesting post. This subtle manner of manipulation is evil, as it is trying to affect our free will decisions towards a certain end.

Steven Broiles
4 years ago

I gave up my television over 20 years ago. If anyone sees any programs calling Pope Francis the False Prophet or any mention of the Anti-Christ, I would be most interested. (I mean, I’m not going to listen to Glenn Beck!)