TUSD School Board Meeting Confronted Over Radical Curriculum

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 During the 5/10/11 TUSD Board meeting “call to the audience,” passages were read from a book used in the Mexican-American Studies (MAS) courses. The title is also listed as “civil rights” material for TUSD’s third graders. The book is Message to Aztlan: Selected writings of Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales (2001) [2]
Warning, there is foul language in this video.  The parent is  reading it directly from the curriculum text used in the classroom. 

Links to curricula and reading lists:
TUSD Gr3Civil_rghts
TUSD 5-10-11speakers4pp
TUSC-MASD HS Reading List
H/T  Kelleigh, as usual!

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0 responses to “TUSD School Board Meeting Confronted Over Radical Curriculum

  1. this is despicable,HOW,could this happen? this school board had better handle this and handle it right. These books have absolutely no place in any school in the United States. This is on its way around the United States-

    • to watch the board sit there,and then one of them says watch your mouth, I want to know what these men and women are going to do to handle this properly. Like throw it completely out.

    • one of the many people I sent this to,was Jan Brewer. It needs action,now. For we all know we have a lawless whitehouse,no one has the spine to take them down,but that does not stop the State of Arizona from doing what they know is right.

      • that is right sage,States Rights-do you realize how many people do not realize that states have a constitution? Better yet,Sheriffs have power they need to exercise,for instance Sheriff Mack or Sheriff Joe Arapio.

  2. HOWWWWWWWWWWWW do these schools get away with this??? I mean seriously, can someone answer this for me? I would love to hear from you. This is some seriously racist crud that they are fomenting in the schools. I know that in recent years, some insidious ideas have been snuck into various text books. I have read of professors with an agenda getting their idea of a text book published and approved for use in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. The efforts of those with radical ideologies to separate and inflame the children egregious and dangerous. This is a nightmare. It is scary that there are school board members so emotionally, intellectually, and ideologically ill that they cannot even sit through a school board meeting when people call to their attention a terrible wrong.

  3. Reason #99,999 to home school…

  4. Government school = child abuse.
    The people on this board should be behind bars and not allowed anywhere near children.


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