Tupac "rises" from the dead and Project Blue Beam

Have you heard of Project Blue Beam?

In 1994, Serge Monast, a Canadian investigative journalist, claimed that he had received information about a secret project of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and the United Nations to manipulate public opinion in order to put in place a one-world government and religion, with the Antichrist at its head.

According to Monast, this Project Blue Beam (PBB) has four steps.

The first step is to engineer artificially-created earthquakes at certain precise locations on Earth, which will lead to supposedly new archaeological discoveries that will discredit all religions, especially Christianity.

The second step is a gigantic “space show” — a laser projection from satellites of three-dimensional optical holograms and sounds, to different parts of the world. Each geographical region of the world will receive a different “god” image according to that area’s predominant religion. This new “god” — the new messiah Maitreya — will speak in all languages. He will be the “god” of a one-world New Age religion.

Monast is dismissed as a conspiracy-theorist crackpot. Whether Project Blue Beam is real or a product of Monast’s fevered imagination, it is sobering to know that the technology for Step Two’s gigantic space show is within reach, judging by what happened at the recent 3-day Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California.

Here’s TMZ’s account:

Tupac came back to life this weekend … as a hologram … and it was frickin’ AMAZING!!!.

Pac was resurrected for the Coachella music festival in California … and “performed” a couple of his greatest hits … including “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” with Snoop Dogg.

We’re told the crowd went INSANE … especially when 2pac first appeared to the crowd … rising up from the ground until he was standing on the stage.

The movements were remarkably lifelike … grabbing his crotch and pointing his mic to the crowd like the good ole days.

At the end of his performance, a light shines on Pac … and he dissipates into thin air.

Pretty insane … especially for the “partiers” in the crowd … who didn’t realize it was a hologram.

Tupac Shakur was a best-selling American rapper who was involved with the Black Panthers and feuded with East-coast rappers and music producers. On September 7, 1996, Shakur was shot four times in Las Vegas, Nevada, and died six days later. His death raised him to near-idol status.
Now see Tupac “rising from the dead” for yourself (WARNING: many F-words):
Here’s another mind-bending holographic light show:
As for Serge Monast, his early and sudden death has added to his credibility. From Wikipedia:

By 1995 and 1996, Monast said he was being hunted by the police and authorities for involvement in “networks of prohibited information.” He had homeschooled his two children, who were then taken away and made wards of the state in September 1996 so that they would receive a public education. He died of a heart attack in his home in December 1996, at age 51, the day after being arrested and spending a night in jail. His followers claim his death was suspicious, suggesting he was assassinated by “psychotronic weapons” to keep from continuing his investigations.


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“Project Blue Beam” is most assuredly REAL. Ppl really are engineering that. However, they are full of the spirit of the devil moving to generate something as they are moved of Satan. If you ever heard of “life imitating art” — well, this is my spin on it. What they are trying to create scientifically by the nature of Satan moving and compelling them — is going to be manifested not so much REALLY scientifically — but the REAL manifestation of Satan that will happen by spiritual power. Their science is just “science imitating devil power” — but the real… Read more »


This is not a little creepy.

James de Juste
James de Juste

Why should anyone be interested in this? (When they should be interested in White Classical Music, and players!)


Red-pill or Blue-pill,pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,
through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole….There are none
so blind as those who refuse to see…..none so lost as those who
are willingly deceived.
Welcome to the Grand Illusion.


the reality of project blue beam is symbolized by the two blue beams which replaced the world trade centres showing absolutely conclusively that the 911 destruction was the beginning of this project, as its official explanation defies logic, physics and all possibility, yet is believed by most of the world.
A mind control “blue beam””sucess” of stupendous proportions, so if you haven’t already, wake up!


Creepy, creepy, creepy…I’m going back into my closet now, they can’t find me there.


I had seen this light show before and had no idea it was associated with Project Blue Beam. Doesn’t surprise me what some might do to try and manipulate us.


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For those who are awake there is much in the Sky that is advanced US technology.


Christopher Bollyn has been saying this for a long time. He has books he has written to expound on his theories that seem the truth. He says there were no planes.


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