Tuesday Open Thread

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I’ll be occupied this morning, so here’s an open thread for you.
Go for it, friends!

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20 responses to “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of the roses, Eowyn. Spring is finally here in North Carolina after a long winter. My red dogwood, redbud, and wild violets are blooming. How can atheists look our their window and say that there is no God?

    • DW Atheists are like liberals they have to totally do away with reality to do what they do and if you notice its hard work for them.
      Once more a reminder to Atheists. YOUR BELIEFS IS A RELIGION! Carry on.

      • True Steve but Atheists believe, they will lose some intellectual superiority if they believe for one moment that there is something out there bigger then them.

  2. CommieCare aborts 60 hospitals before they were even born:
    Looks like unborn children and old people aren’t the only thing CommieCare will be killing.

    • Dave–not sure, but these may be “doctor-owned” hospitals. Not allowing them might be a good thing. I have known docs that have gotten disgustingly wealthy owning them, and doing unscrupulous things. Not sure if this is the case here.

  3. Oops. Botched that one.
    Here is the correct second link:

  4. Okay Steve I guess we have to play nice while Eowyn is away. So against my better judgment call off the circus, the F-15 flyover and the Swedish nude mud wrestlers….okay maybe not the Swedish nude mud wrestlers…well maybe we can hold on to the F-15’s I do like those…okay the circus will have to go, yep no doubt about it…well I never been to a circus before so it would be cool to see that.
    How long did Eowyn said she will be gone? 😉

  5. Yes, thank you Eowyn for the beautiful flowers. I love geraniums-the bold oranges, reds and pinks! I have never needed a psychiatrist: my therapists are my flowers and all of my fur and feather children! Thank you most magnificent Triune God for your wonderful creation, and thank you for all of these wonderful people who participate on this blog! God bless them today and may they spread Your Light to all of God’s creation!

  6. Big news Andy Stern has resigned from SEIU any takers as to why?
    Word around the blogs are either SCOTUS, or Scandal you decide!

  7. Will – you just sent a dagger through my heart! Stern for SCOTUS? This cannot be happening. I’m still asleep, right? Don’t wake me up if this is true.
    Vox Populi

    • Sorry Muffin it’s just scuttlebutt working its way across the blogosphere I would not count on it though Obama would be crucified if he tried it.
      But I do believe it is due to a scandal that caught up with him and it must be one hell of a dozy to force him to bail. The question is who busted him Beck or Brietbart from “Big Journalism.”

    • Stern for SCOTUS? If it’s Howard Stern, sure… he’d have healthier legal judgment and just be more fun.

  8. Thanks for calming me down, Will. I can’t even imagine what type of scandal it would be for Stern to quit.
    Vox Populi

    • But the question remain where will he go. We all know for a fact Obama will not just let a man go who practically help him win the WH. So what will he do? If Stern drops off the radar that will make him twice as dangerous because we won’t be able to keep an eye on him.

  9. DW,
    Perhaps, but I would prefer to see the market put them out of business – not the federal government.
    Obama intends to destroy private health care in America wherever it exists, regardless of whether it is owned by docs, or some guy who bought 50 acres on an oil patch nobody knew was there and built a hospital from the proceeds.
    Government hates competition, and will swiftly move to destroy it.

  10. I got it from Hot Air.


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