Tuesday Funnies!

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. . . and political truth memes.

This gives new meaning to the expression “narrow escape”:

H/t Auntie Lulu


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9 responses to “Tuesday Funnies!

  1. That last one was a gasp not a guffaw

  2. Founded by George

    What happened to the last caption contest. Just disappeared.

  3. Great memes all. And they all illustrate how, in the post-modern world we’re living in, everything turns into its opposite. Yes, we are living in the age of the transvaluation of all values. Not a pretty sight, and the body count is in the millions. But still, some humor is necessary: We have to be able to have access to SATIRE in order to “instruct and correct.”

    And that is what the censors are after: Once satire is abolished, there will never be any going back. NEVER trust anyone without a sense of humor, and NEVER censor a real comedian, regardless of how vulgar or pointless they may (at first) appear!

  4. “Trust the Plan” More attacks against Qanon and the Patriots?
    Why would a Christian website mirror the Fake News?
    When you google “Qanon” how many attacks do you find?
    You want indisputable Q proofs?
    Qanon is 100% coming from the Trump Administration:
    Dark to Light
    Enjoy the Show Frens!

    • It is despicable of you to use Christianity as a cudgel simply because you disagree with a meme. I bet you think Trump signing the atrocious Appropriations Act of 2019 is another instance of him playing magic 4D chess, while he surrounds himself with neoCon and D.C.-swamp appointees.

      • And to top it off, you’re not even American. Your IP address is in Oslo, Norway.

        • Just one word Doc: “jealous”. Most out sider’s have no clue what Americans have and they want it.
          For someone to use religion to belittle a meme would probably belittle God if they thought it would advance their agenda. This is the type you ignore, for a response to them is a waste of time they never will get it.

  5. Some good ones here!


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