Tuesday Funnies!

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. . . and political truth memes

H/t CSM and Maziel


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8 responses to “Tuesday Funnies!

  1. Great! Keep it coming. Mostly only New Yorkers would remember that Larry King got his start in radio as a foul-mouthed smut merchant pushing the envelope, which does morph seamlessly into Ginsberg as abortion warrior, seeking in the long term, as Ezra Pound put is, to impede the formation of white European and American families. These two are representative of parasites that can only digest dead or morally decaying societies that through spiritual decay have insufficient moral resources to identify and compartmentalize the parasite’s saprophagic toxins—namely, cultural Marxism, scientism, abortion, porn, gambling, and usurious debt slavery enabling them to literally, as Spengler put it, trick a profit off every piece of human labor. As the late Rabbi Ovadia Yosef declaimed (a man whom the NYT lauded as the most cherished rabbi in the world and who received the greatest funeral in Israeli history second only to ben Gurion), goys have no place in this world, allowing only so many to live as are needed to wait hand and foot on the Jewish people. Now, just the other day did Sen. Marco Rubio introduce a bill requiring Israel to publicly repudiate the genocidal hatred of R. Yosef as a condition of further US aid or did I read the story wrong?

  2. These are great, but I almost fell out of my chair when Ruth Bader Ginsberg morphed into Larry King! 😀

  3. Yes Dan is spot on with his comment on their plans to “impede the formation of White families” thats been (((their))) goal all along to genocide us. In the Soviet Union they used mass murder/gulag system. Currently their methods are more stealthy.
    A passage in The Two Towers also stuck with me. During a discussion between Faramir & Frodo, Faramir tells Frodo that his people & civilization are a “Springless autumn”. I always felt that CS Lewis & JRR Tolkien were warning us as they were at Oxford while Fabian Socialist members and their New World Order plans were being formulated by members of “Milner’s Kindergarten” who were also attending Oxford.

  4. Now, that’s what I call funnies, specially the rhinos butts! Exactly what they look from “behind”.

  5. Lol!

  6. Hilarious, yet sadly true. Thank you for the laugh.

  7. Holy Cow! Yes, Larry King and Old Pruneface—separated at birth! (But at least Larry King can be endearing, at times!)

    Great memes, banned in China, one and all!

  8. I didn’t even know there was anything funny about Tuesday until today. THANKS!


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