Tuesday Funnies!

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A hodgepodge of funnies and truth memes:

What is Beyoncé doing???

Sadly, this kid will never be an Einstein . . . .


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15 responses to “Tuesday Funnies!

  1. Kelleigh Nelson

    Yikes, Beyonce seems demon possessed

    • Indeed. Beyonce actually said she has an “alternate ego” named Sasha Fierce.

      • What real entertainer would want to portray herself in this manner, much less having these antics saved for all time via being filmed? It would appear that she truly is demon possessed.

  2. Beyoncé is JC ‘s money machine, Kching , Kching.
    Thirteenth Amendment in December 1865 formally ended SLAVERY throughout the United States.

  3. Alma . . . I certainly do agree–JZ benefits immensely by having Beyoncé by his side. We must ask ourselves what does she get . . . . . . . a homely, adulterous husband? Is that really enough?

  4. Plus:

  5. What is Beyonce doing? She’s beouncing.

  6. Charles H Slate

    What Beyoncé is doing wouldn’t look unusual at all if she were dressed in mud, feathers and elephant dung and carried a spear.

  7. Good God—was Beyonce flashing her front there???


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