TSA will require "Real ID" with background checks to board all commercial flights next year

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On May 11, 2005, exploiting Americans’ fear of terrorism after 9/11, Congress and the Bush administration enacted the Real I.D. Act in the name of national security. (See “National ID card for every American“)
Real I.D. is an effective National ID card. All 50 constituent States in America are required to federalize their driver’s licenses by making them conform to national federal standards. Even non-drivers will be issued an ID card, thereby putting the lie to Real ID being just a driver’s license. That ID card contains all sorts of information on you which are entered into a national database and accessible and shared by the 50 state authorities. The information includes:

  • Information that’s on your driver’s license now: birthdate and address;
  • Your Social Security number;
  • Proof of citizenship or immigration status;
  • Reportedly, biometric security features and RFID (radio-frequency identification) chips.

Real ID cardThis is Nevada’s Real ID card — an “enhanced” driver’s license. The star in a gold circle in the top right indicates DMV has “checked out” your background.

After a yearlong period of deferred enforcement, implementation of Phase 1 of the Real ID Act began on January 20, 2014, with at least 21 states now fully compliant. There are four planned phases, three of which apply to areas that affect relatively few U.S. citizens—e.g., DHS headquarters, nuclear power plants, and restricted and semi-restricted federal facilities.
Phase 4 applies to boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft. The TSA recently announced that Phase 4, requiring a Real ID to board domestic flights, will be implemented in a year — by 2016.
Activist Post reports, Feb. 1, 2015, that by then, the Real IDs will have already performed extensive background checks on everyone who receives them and will feature stars and other markings to indicate good behavior. No word on markings for troublemakers.
Since its inception, civil liberties advocates have had concerns that those without these intrusive new IDs will be excluded from basic human rights like working or traveling. The KTVN news report below appears to confirm this agenda.

KTVN reporter Ellen Breen states that by July 2016, Nevadans must present either a passport or a Real ID card to board a commercial airplane.
“It’s a choice,” says Nevada DMV official David Fierro, “you don’t have to get a Real ID card, but if you want to get on an airplane after 2016, you’re going to have to have a Real ID card.”
Nevada’s Real ID card looks like a regular driver’s license but with a white star in a gold circle in the top right corner. The star indicates the DMV has checked out your background.
Welcome to 1984!
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0 responses to “TSA will require "Real ID" with background checks to board all commercial flights next year

  1. Today I don’t care! MY PATRIOTS WON THE SUPERBOWL!!! This country and it’s brain dead minions have been irritating for so long. I wont one day not thinking about the BS! PATRIOTS ROCK!

  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this fascinating post. Incredible! You are so right in welcoming us to 1984.

  3. Achtung! Your papers please!

  4. Part of this does not affect me at all, because I have refused to even consider flying commercially since the inception of the TSA — a free man does not permit himself to be sexually groped by strangers! (And don’t even get me started on the wussies who stand there as their wives and daughters are publicly assaulted.)
    Having said that, I have a BIG problem with a national ID card and background check — “Your paperss pleesse, mein Herr” — and doubly so when it’s only going to be deployed against citizens and not used against illegals.
    But I have another real question here — does anyone think that moslem women will be required to raise their shroud (word choice intentional) so that their identity may be verified, or to see if there is even a woman under there??

  5. “It’s a choice,”…his definition of “choice” is not the same as mine. And his bureaucratric BS doesn’t fly with me!

  6. The airlines will suffer, not we the people. It is impossible to hijack an airliner and has been since 1995. Google: [ MH370 + BUAP + ATI + MH17 + Abel Danger ] The Corporation of the United States is fully exposed and their suffering will be deep and their descent swift. Field McConnell, Plaintiff Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) [ this federal lawsuit exposed BUAP to fed. govt. in 2008 ]

  7. ” And his bureaucratric BS doesn’t fly with me!”
    ….Not without a “REAL ID.”

  8. So-what’s in a “real ID” that isn’t covered by my regular Drivers License and the Background Check I went through to buy my last gun?

    • Wouldn’t you and everyone else like to know! There’s most likely an encoded range, which indicates how much of a ‘threat’ the bearer has been classified to be. And how did you get your ‘rating’? Well, wouldn’t you and everyone else like to know!

  9. Hey-Where’s Northern Girl?

  10. Maybe if you wear a Burka (sp?) you can scate right through.

    • Not a bad idea, wouldn’t have to do hair, makeup or a shower….😳😳 Then if I really wanted to raise some eyebrows I could go have a huge BLT sandwich at a airport restaurant. 🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖

  11. Incrementalism
    if you prefer:
    The ‘Frog’ is being boiled to death slowly as a guest at the ‘Hotel California’ but it believes it is in the spa at the Waldorf-Astoria.
    In context of biblical prophesy this is astounding!

  12. Kevin J Lankford

    fierro: obviously a real one world government stooge. Ain’t fierro another illegal alien infiltrator name? Great choice for giving true U.S. citizens the “Star of Approval”.

  13. HEY-This only applies to COMMERCIAL flights-expect any individual with an airplane to be getting offers to fly people “under the radar” for expenses and a couple of $100’s under the table.

  14. Is the “gold star” supposed to remind folks of the Holocaust? Is this a sick joke by the National Socialist (Nazi) Obama Regime?

  15. The next step might be using this ID to pass through the armed bulletproof checkpoints that they will set up at all state lines. It’s all for ‘national security’ of course.
    Where’s your card?
    These cards might even become national fishing licenses, since they own all the waterways, too. No poaching allowed (I would have added ‘hunting license’ too, but they’ll possess all the firearms by then so that would be a moot subject).
    Where’s your card?
    And then, the shadowy subject of Death Panels….. gee, I’m starting to feel like Edward G Robinson being scheduled for the Biscuit Assembly Line.
    Where’s your card? Step right in there.
    And eventually, they’ll respond to ‘complaints’ about having to carry around a physical card…. and then they start the implants.
    You can run ….. but you can’t hide.
    (‘Paranoid’?….. ‘Conspiracy Theory Nut’ ?…. perhaps. But, I don’t think Oswald acted alone, either……if he even acted at all, except as a ‘patsy’).

  16. Music to drive the point home: Double Plus Good – Eurythmics – 1984

  17. How is it the TSA continues to exist despite it’s open and flagrant violation of people’s security of persons and effects, shouldn’t this constitute arresting the sum of the organization, disbanding it, and seizure of it’s assets? It has no legitimate pretext to exist, much less to molest women, children, and men.
    What is one to do when the laws of man conflict with the Laws of God (and even the original laws of man)?

  18. I’ll hitchhike before my ass ever finds itself on a commercial airliner again.

  19. Moved from CO to ND. Am not able to use my CO dl to get one here. Cannot register my vehicle here either. Both are required in ND but since CO may be a third world state no way. Have in writing from the State of ND that I am not a US citizen no ACA health care either. WTF!?! Can hardly wait to return to America and escape this Fascist area.


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