TSA Goons Pat Down 6-Year-Old – Twice


Last week Steve reported on a Shorline, WA woman that had her “poofy” hair checked by TSA goons at Sea-Tac Airport.  Now King 5 News reports on a 6-year-old boy from Kirkland, WA that was groped twice by TSA goons at Sea-Tac.

The family was headed to Disneyland when the child set off the detector. “They treated him like he was a terrorist”, said the father. They parents weren’t told by the TSA goons why their child was chosen for the double pat down.  Immediately after the pat down, the mom said her son started crying. “I hugged him and [he] said, I don’t want to go to Disneyland anymore”.

Just unbelievable. This poor little kid – or any for that matter – having to be groped by strangers.  If I were a parent and this ever happened to my child, I’d be in jail.


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As soon as I see some TSA perv touching my child the wrong way I would knock them smooth the hell out! It’s about time EVERYONE start taking to the road. I would drive 10 hours then subject my family (if I had one) to this for even just one hour!


TSA goons are little more than government agent child molesters.

I can’t believe the American people have let it get this far.



Addendum: This is a job for St. Michael and the rest of the heavenly host. Should we consider holding a group prayer at a time to be determined by Eowyn?

Well, the answer is, of course we should.

So, let’s do it. Please.

Eowyn, please also give us enough notice (like 6 to 8 hours, give or take), so that we can all gather together and pray for this to end. With the help of the angels and all the host of heaven. Thanks.

Dr. Eowyn

To the former pink-faced “Anonymous”:

This the THIRD time I’m asking you to please change your alias. We already have a blue-faced “Anonymous” commenter who predates you. You are confusing our readers. Since you either are oblivious or dismiss my requests, your comments will no longer be published !!!!!!


The antics of some TSA agents is ridiculous and even more people need to at least speak out against this asinine behavior! The need for security is understandable, but some of the TSA agents have obviously let the limited power they have go to their heads. Has anyone heard if the Texas legislature has passed, or is planning to pass the law that would make it illegal for TSA agents to grope people? I heard that the Feds had threatened to impose a no-fly zone over Texas if it passed. Hopefully the Texans have or will stand up to the… Read more »