TSA Checks Poofy Hair

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TSA to woman: ‘We’re going to have to examine your hair’
Posted on July 6, 2011 at 5:36 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jul 6 at 5:36 PM
SHORELINE, Wash. — Laura Adiele wasn’t expecting any trouble when she put her hair up, packed her bags, and headed for SeaTac to catch a flight to Texas.  So, she was quite surprised when she was pulled out of the security line after having gone through the Advance Imaging system (that see-through technology) and told she needed a pat-down.

“When I first heard her say, ‘We’re going to have to pat you down,’ I thought she was talking about my body. I was turning around and putting my arms out and she said, ‘no, we’re going to have to examine your hair,’ and I said, ‘no, we’re not going to do that today and you’re going to have to get security or your supervisor,'” said Adiele.

Adiele claims she looked around, saw plenty of other women with “big hair, ponytails” who weren’t being searched, and it made her mad.  She felt it was discrimination, that she as a black woman with an afro tucked up into a curly bun, was being selected for hand-screening when women of other races weren’t.  She had nothing to hide but just didn’t want strangers feeling her hair.
“It’s just totally a violation of my personal space and my biggest question is if I’m going through a full body X-ray what more do you need to find, after that?” Adiele said.
For Rest Of The Grope Story, PLS Go HERE!
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If the baby is poofy, I guess they will check. After all, they are now worried about implanted bombs, which anyone with a brain would know is major surgery, and the equipment in an OR is incompatible with explosives due to the risk of sparks (bovies, cardiac pacemakers and defib machines) causing the implanted Bang-Bang to blow up the whole wing of the hospital during the surgery. It’s like the “making liquid explosives” trick that caused the liquids ban. such reactions take a ton of ice, controlled environments and six very stinky hours to work. In other words, before the… Read more »


“Anonymous” is way too logical here, will likely rate “high” on Their List. But then again, so does everyone who signs in here, because “it’s for their own good”!


I think it’s time the House repubs made the TSA go poof.

All they have to do is cut off the money, and those $7/hr government agent child molesters will be back flipping burgers in no time.