Trying to make sense of Sandy Hook massacre. This may help explain it.

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well I’d say at least two thousand on this.

Dear God
~Steve~      With A Big H/T To Miss Sage_Brush

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0 responses to “Trying to make sense of Sandy Hook massacre. This may help explain it.

  1. Thank you Madelyn Murray Ohara and all your ilk for your evil

  2. Steve, while we’re losing our minds trying to get to the root problem, you’ve gone right past us and absolutely nailed it.
    THIS: “God was kicked out of public schools.”

  3. “YES, Steve…this IS the reason!”

  4. 3000 abortions take place DAILY in America! We need all those TV cameras parked outside “Planned Parenthood” every day until they are driven out of our country.

  5. amen!
    It amazes me how we’ve removed God from everything…yet we expect the same result as when he was in our lives everyday! When we don’t teach and remind ourselves of morals everyday, we allow ourselves to ‘evolve’ into something we don’t recognize…and then we expect ‘society’ to correct this for us. That is not how natural law works. Teach the moral foundation early for responsible, kind and civilized results…or teach it later in the jail cell…Which makesmore sense?

  6. Liberals are all about love. They love poor people… as long as they stay poor.
    They love choice… as long as it’s not in education, energy, healthcare, or commerce.
    They love rights… as long as we’re not talking about the rights of the unborn.
    They love black people… as long as they stay on the Democrat plantation.
    They love religion— as long as it is not about the one true God.

  7. “God is not allowed in schools”?
    That’s the reason for this tragedy?
    So, God is not allowed in malls, movie theaters . . . churches?
    Sorry, wrong!

    • clancy,
      You must be a product of public govt schools because you clearly have a problem with reading comprehension. By “God is not allowed in schools” is meant schools being secularist, with an allergic aversion to Christianity and the teaching of morality, which means our young are not being taught about God and what’s right vs. wrong.
      But you, being cognitively challenged, took “God is not allowed in schools” literally, and so you make what you think is such a clever retort: “So, God is not allowed in malls, movie theaters?” Alas, you’ve only exposed not just that you’re stupid, but you’re an arrogant self-satisfied narcissist.

  8. Eowyn, Is he really that stupid? sheesh. 🙁

  9. faulty premise steve


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