Try to find anything on military cutbacks

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The A-10 program would be cut. This is the most effective ground support aircraft in history.

The A-10 program would be cut.
This is the most effective ground support aircraft in history.

This important subject is being trampled by the government controlled media

I just wasted time searching for anyone credible to weigh in on Chuck Hagel’s military cutbacks. I got links to articles on ABC, BBC, Mother Jones, in short, everyone I would not trust.

There is a little on CBN News and, but nobody’s cutting to the chase on this subject. So lacking anything satisfying, I will share a couple of random thoughts. Now I write this as Rush Limbaugh is beginning on the subject.

  1. For some reason, the President seems determined to disarm our military.
  2. Obama is also weaponing-up internal agencies, like IRS, USPS and NOAA, that have no business carrying arms.
  3. He’s giving insane money into entitlements, while flinging the doors wide open to any kind of rabble to invade our country to snap up the freebies.
  4. While cutting down our conventional forces, Obama is increasingly antagonizing powerful nations by sponsoring muslim terrorists, conducting drone strikes across national boundaries, and trying to provoke revolutions.
  5. Like all the Democrats, Obama is hoping to do away with a volunteer military, and bring back the draft. If you are from the Vietnam era, you know the morale problems that happen in a conscript army. You no longer have a willing fighting force, and such practices as “fragging” become common.
  6. Members of the government seem to continue to feel safe from the results of their actions, as if the days of suffering foreign invasion are in the past, and as if the French revolution could never be repeated.
Your weather man will be weaponed up like Rambo.

Your weather man will be weaponed up like Rambo.

Now I believe that after Rush Limbaugh has addressed this story, everyone will start coming around with better responses. And I know that my list above does nothing to help, but simply lays out some thoughts.

Right  at this moment I feel like a man who was assaulted ten minutes earlier, lying in the street bleeding, who still can’t bring his perspective into clarity. I think this condition is due to how extremely serious an abuse Hagel’s/Obama’s plans really are.

And so, still stunned, I respectfully ask our readers to share all insights on this subject. ~ TD

China wants to know

China wants to know

Russia is interested

Russia is interested

Iran's getting excited

Iran’s getting excited

A fat little dictator in North Korea just got over his erectile disfunction

A fat little dictator in North Korea is watching closely

Future Social Security recipients are coming in by the trainload

Future Social Security recipients are coming in by the trainload

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0 responses to “Try to find anything on military cutbacks

  1. Disarming and downsizing our military while building up his own military. Dictatorship is on his mind as he builds a private army that gets paid better than the standard military personnel.

  2. Thank you Trail Dust for this incredible post. This clearly substantiates the fact that the king desires to destroy our nation in every way, including his subterfuge of our military and related foreign relationships.

  3. Along with the obvious reason of rendering us neutered, I believe he wants to direct money to the leeches (welfare programs). And give money to amnesty programs. Anything to get the votes and weaken our nation.

  4. Burying the lede for social justice and our enemy’s sake… thanks, media Democrats!

  5. I just wonder….if the US and rest of West turned from debauchery, sleeze, greed and sin and collectively turnedod in ernest rounded up all the marxists in our midst, overturned Roe vs Wade and all the homosexuat\l sacred bird laws plus send all the ungrateful 4th world riff raff packing back to their native sandlots….would, just would the Lord Jesus reach down and pull us out of this hell on earth. The Bible claims he will some day but not now, the demons in power are having too much fun right now, and the masses are going along for the ride masses

    • Art, those are good questions. Historically, every time a nation has really repented from the heart, disaster has been turned away from them. Nineveh was a HORRIBLE place, filled with cruelty and violence, but when they repented at Jonah’s preaching, much to the displeasure of the vindictive prophet, God spared them. England narrowly missed a civil war because of the effectiveness of John Wesley’s preaching.

      I really think that if America has a change of heart towards God, things will get better, no matter how much damage the Democrats have been able to do. Our most revolutionary act might be for us few to each make our hearts right towards God. That seemingly small thing by a small group of people could impact the entire world. Gidion had 300 soldiers and defeated over 100,000. Jesus had 12 captains and about 500 adherents, and turned the world upside down.

  6. They hate America and what helped this Republic build, define and have American Exceptionalism.

    The alphabet media got their talking points from the DNC, CPUSA, Soros, Podesta and might have well sent their filthy commie stuff out in the Cyrillic alphabet or whatever it might be called.

  7. As a combat paratrooper there is no more beautiful sight when jumping to have the A 10 securing our drop zone. Big mistake for the most effective tank killer.

    • I’ve never seen them in a battle. But in October 2008, on a leaf peeping trip thru New Hampshire, we were walking around the grounds of the Indian Head Resort at Franconia Notch. I heard a whisper quiet jet engine working and doing frequent adjustments overhead. When I looked up thru the notch, there was an A-10 pilot putting his plane thru all kinds of close terrain moves, appearing and disappearing among the clouds and mist. It was amazing. There’s no roar like an F-18, but that jet can loiter, and stay around long enough to get the job done. If your service dog is your best friend, then that A-10 pilot is your favorite uncle.

  8. He is fundamentally destroying our military because he fears them. They do stand in the way of his agendas. Something that has been really bothering me lately is the maps of these mussie training camps and the stratigic locations of them. Study them. Now to boot this pos wants to bring more of them into the country even if they are low level terriost. He is building his civilian army all right.

  9. And, Obummer has relieved/forced into retirement most of our seasoned, top ranked, and hopefully, moral and patriotic military leaders.

    • Greenworxx, that is another part of it that chills me to the core. The people Obama has replaced them with are stooges who care more about their careers than about the country, and are willing to do his bidding.

  10. Look no further than events in Russia in 1910-1917, Traildust. That and of course, the whole civil war thing, the military downsizing is to make it seem as though the citizenry has a “fighting chance”, in short, its bait/a honey-pot for would-be “revolutionaries” that are ill-informed of events and have lots of passion, but little or no education in tactics (and likely “managed” through the corrupted occupy and tea party movements, to ensure they don’t get any “bright ideas”). Notice the timing, most people alive today have forgotten the history of what happened in Russia during that time period, I suspect that it is the same thing happening now, same play, with a slightly varied context. Depending on how this goes, obomber may or may not be played out as a “tragic leader” as Tzar Nicholas was, the puppets of evil are sick like that, trying to add stage drama to their insane “games” (I suppose it ensures later profit from movies?). Although in this case I highly doubt there is a “rasputin” in the mix, obomber seems to already fill that role as well.

    Of course, all this is just guessing on my part, and I could be wrong.

  11. And after the announced cuts, Obama proposes spending more for “shovel-ready projects”. Ugh…


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