Try to be a little kinder: The hypocrisy of the left on display on Ivanka’s Instagram

I was looking through Ivanka’s Instagram account the other day and found a little bit of leftist hypocrisy (shocker, I know).

Ivanka posted a picture of her son watching a band play amongst holiday decorations with the following description: “Holiday cheer at the White House.”

A proggie by the name of @juliekimhoffman (whose account is private) replied in the following manner: “@ivankatrump hey hope you’re enjoying this holiday season with your lovely children. I can think of a couple parents who will NOT be…because their children died in the custody of CBP as a result of your dad’s ONGOING mistreatment of migrants. You and your family are a complete disgrace. #specialplaceinhellforyou”

Never mind the fact that the responsibility of the deaths of these two illegal children could be placed on their parents who dragged them through harsh traveling conditions without providing them proper sustenance and medical care.

Let’s take a look at @juliekimhoffman’s Instagram account description, shall we:

“Shall we make a new rule of life – always try to be a little kinder than is necessary.”

I’m guessing when Julie tells Ivanka that there’s a #specialplaceinhellforyou she suspended her “little kinder” rule.

Typical progressive: Do as I say, not as I do.


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Dr. Eowyn

Absolutely NOTHING noteworthy about her. Can’t say her hubby is anything special either. Pretty shallow if hijacking people’s Instagram to spew hate is their best use of time.


Their beloved “Liberalism” which is just repackaged failed totalitarianism aka “Socialism” “Communism” “Jacobinism” has been exposed, and they are losing what little remains of their minds because of it. Watch them further deteriorate as the years ahead progress


Can you imagine spending your evenings reading people you don’t agree with and then posting insults about them? I just can’t see how you could do it any longer than a few days without depression setting in big time. But a lot of people seem to do it.

Have rarely looked at staunch left sites like DemUnderground, but when I did, don’t remember seeing lots of trolls coming on to argue. Yet, on cons/trads sites, they’re always around…and not to make sense and change minds….no, just to demoralize, it seems. Doesnt’ work.


Debbie Schussel fondly remembers 3 generations of her AshkeNazi family watching the excellent McLaughlin Group and all the while cursing, insulting, and wishing that he would die. Talk about Liberal/AshkeNazi insanity, this is a “Sterling” example of their hatred & mental illness

John McLaughlin: Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic Sexual Harassing RINO, Dead at 89