Try This! :-)

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How was your day?
Sunday afternoon is beginning to fade here on the west coast….
Here’s an interesting optical illusion for you.
It’s called the Disappearing Blue Line Illusion, also known as Troxler’s Fading Test.

Instructions: Please stare at the red dot, while noticing the blue circle. Keep staring at the red dot, and eventually the blue circle will disappear. 🙂

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0 responses to “Try This! :-)

  1. It didn’t work for me. But me being from California, I’m a little strange.

  2. Do you think that Red Dot Trick would work if we put a Red Dot on Obama?

  3. Time to start the Red Dot program for democrats.
    LOL – The line forms here.

  4. I can never stay focused on the red dot long enough. As soon as part or most of the circle starts to disappear, my eyes instantly want to bring it back.

  5. Dennis H. Bennett

    I tried this and it worked. I was curious if my one good eye (the other has been irreparably damaged by radiation for a retinal tumor) could experience the blue circle disappearing. Feeling some what normal now, I can respond to Dennis K: Barack Hussein Mohammad Obama DOES HAVE a red dot on him!

  6. darn didnt work for me.. but none of those 3d hidden image post cards or in the newspapers has ever worked blue circle remained as did the red dot.
    but a red dot on obama more than likely would be from someones laser scope


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