Trump Video 4/7/11 – About Today Show Interview

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0 responses to “Trump Video 4/7/11 – About Today Show Interview

  1. Love him or hate him….at least he speaks his truth. I’m on board w/him each and every day …!

  2. What I like most about Trump is that he is NOT a politician. We all know the shape our country is in being run by PC slick talking lawyers… Our country is in dyer need of a great leader once again.
    West comes to mind, but if Trump wants the job (not sure why anyone would) I say let him have it.

  3. lowtechgrannie

    The nature of the presidency as an office is to make and keep deals; with the citizens, with congress and with the international community.
    The Donald is right. He’s made thousands of deals and wrote a best selling book about how to do it.
    How can you be a “Player” if you’re not a “Dealmaker”?

  4. Saw on rightscoop that Trump will run as Independent if he can’t get Republican nomination. Note sure how well that would work.
    Take a look at Trump’s political contributions. He’s given plenty to the democrats.


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