Trump to declare national emergency to build border wall

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Earlier today, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) said President Donald Trump will sign Congress’ border security compromise, which is really a bi-partisan collusion for open borders.

The product of nearly three weeks of talks, the agreement provides almost $1.4 billion for new barriers along the boundary, which is less than the $1.6 billion for border security in a bipartisan Senate bill that Trump had spurned months ago. The $1.4 billion is enough for building just 55 miles of barricades, not the 200-plus miles President Trump seeks.

The agreement also contains other hamstrings on border security, including:

  • The word “wall” does not appear once in the 1,768 pages of the budget agreement. Instead of “wall” are the words “barriers” and “fencing”.
  • Less funding for ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), in order to pressure ICE to detain fewer illegal “immigrants”.
  • “Humanitarian aid” for detained illegals.

Mere minutes ago, the AP reports:

The White House confirms that President Donald Trump will sign a bill averting a potential partial government shutdown at the end of the week.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says Trump will also take “other executive action — including a national emergency” as he seeks to keep his border wall pledge. The bipartisan congressional legislation expected to pass Thursday includes only a fraction of the billions of dollars Trump is seeking to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border….

McConnell also said Trump would quickly declare a national emergency. The president has said that move would give him power to divert money from other budget projects into wall building.

McConnell also said he would support Trump’s emergency declaration. That was a turnabout for the Kentucky Republican, who like Democrats and many Republicans has until now opposed such a declaration.

An emergency declaration to shift funding from other federal priorities to the border is expected to face swift legal challenge.

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21 responses to “Trump to declare national emergency to build border wall

  1. From what I have read, this bill prohibits building of any wall, fence or barrier, except in the Rio Grande Valley Sector, which looks to be the east Texas border facing the Gulf of Mexico. In this bill, barriers are specifically prohibited in other regions, no matter where the money comes from. Can a national emergency overcome these congressional restrictions?

    • My “real” answer is YES. Of course he’ll probably cave and wait for a ruling from the 9th Circuit Court. Think of it this way, a “real” emergency means the nation is at risk. If it is called an “invasion” and is determined to be a military problem, all bets are off. As CIC he orders what he thinks is necessary, existing law be damned.

      A real government would stand behind him and show solidarity. If they didn’t they would be considered treasonous. Remember the bad legislation after the 9-11 Movie? None of them dared to object.

      We are going to have to change the name of this soap opera. Clearly the “star” is not in charge. The writers have decided to play this episode as if the Demonrats “won”. They’ve made a noisy gong out of The Donald and the spend all day and night insulting and ridiculing him.

      I have to think this is all a show. If I thought it was real I’d have to wonder how this could happen. There is such a thing as sedition. He has the absolute authority to tell them its a military emergency and to tell them to shut up. If they don’t he can legally scoop them up. In fact, he has an obligation to do what he thins is necessary to protect the country.

      Any way you slice it, by playing along, or by not exercising power he has effectively put them in charge. That’s what Coulter has been saying and I totally agree with her.

  2. He should NOT sign anything. He should just go do it. He doesn’t need their permission. By signing this bill he is turning his back on all of his ALIPAC supporters by compromising on “amnesty” for illegals and a host of other crap. Let them pass their bills and veto them.

    They are falling all over themselves to challenge him. They are seditious traitors. They need to arrest them. He will not get cooperation by playing fairly with them.

    Today they are saying that the former FBI deputy director admits to a plot to remove him from office. I don’t know how bad it has to get before he uses some of that power to put the brakes on this. More than brakes it needs a full reverse.

    They are going to drag this to one of their Obongo “courts” and try to stop him. There is nothing to gain by talking. They’d better call them on the RBG corpse and get that court packed.

    These globalist communists are pure scum. There has NEVER been anything like this before. They need to round some of these mutts up.

  3. PDJT is just like the rest, a swamp dweller, rat, sellout.

  4. I am mightily grieved that Schumer, who is a Jew, and a citizen of Israel, would vote for the US taxpayers to furnish 35 billion to Israel to build border walls . . . all the while turning his back on us the American people. This treasonous clown needs to leave this country to go live in Israel. We have several other’s in our Congress who hold dual citizenship. That is so bogus . . . it blows my mind.

  5. Whether he declares an emergency or uses one of the MULTITUDE of them that are still in place, he has the absolute right to do so. All he has to do is order the military to do it.

    While there has been incidences of them objecting, he owns that because he didn’t do anything about it. It is NOT a democracy, and when the Commander-In-Chief orders the military to do something, they should do it without comment.

    If he does this correctly he can arrest a lot of seditious bastards while he’s at it. I wouldn’t hesitate a nanosecond. They are after votes. The illegals are their “base”. Nobody with a brain will vote for them.

    Now, as to the rest of the bill. What about that? Why would he agree to sign something that is in opposition to his promises? This is why I keep thinking this is all scripted. This is not “genius” stuff here. And no, it isn’t “3-D Chess” .

    All I can say is that, if I were king, they’d rue the day they publicly insulted and ridiculed me. All they respect is power. One either wields it or they don’t.

  6. Where the hell was that mutt Schumer when I was fighting in Vietnam?
    I guess his lottery # never came up. Besides, his dual citizenship may have precluded his service.
    The fact that I would have had to fight for freedom and he is doing his utmost to make Americans lose it is quite vexing.

  7. I have begun to wonder about President Trump. He hit the ground running with his opening months and all seemed to be going relatively well despite the Obama hangover of judges and entrenched bureaucrats, but this shutdown and this consequential compromise may be the beginning of his Administration’s unraveling.

    I think many if not all of us here at FOTM understand there is a war going on for control of America, and if the Democrats win, IT’S ALL OVER. But look at what Mr. Trump cannot do: He cannot fire Nancy Pelosi or Charles Schumer. He cannot fire Obama bureaucrats. He cannot get his own DOJ to follow his orders. He has accomplished much as Reagan accomplished much, and once he is gone (however long that may take) his successor will undo, like Reagan, everything he got done.

    Regrettably, I remain largely pessimistic about the outcome. I have said before that I don’t believe that President Trump—or anyone else—can save America at this point. But I added I thought President Trump could buy America the time it needs to get back on its feet. He has started to do this, and the war being waged in Washington is aware of that and is acting to thwart and stymie that.

    Things do not look good: Candidate Jeb Bush said he “would govern like LBJ did”; It looks to me that if Mike Pence becomes President, he will, in all likelihood, do the same. We have to prepare ourselves for this outcome, which may happen relatively soon—GOD FORBID.

  8. I believe in DJT. I think he is moves ahead of most everyone.
    I hope he proves me right.
    He is up against more resistance than anyone can imagine, and is doing the best he can.
    At least I hope so!

  9. I put the news on at dinnertime now and then. It’s the same Russiagate & border wall headline scripts from the last time and the time before that. This propaganda hoax should be as obvious as if the NFL replayed the same two games all season long. Laugh-out-loud videos expose the almost perfectly synchronous use of identical words and even facial expressions by dozens of talking heads even on supposedly opposing networks. As Spengler pointed out a full century ago, the press (=msm) serves nothing, not ever, nor at any time, but the interests of the Jews who control it—and still, miseducated dullards believe Fox’s puppets when they say, “We report, you decide.”

    These marches are obviously invasions using women and children as eyewash, and they’re apparently organized and paid for by Sorosian NGOs that are protected instead of being prosecuted by the deep state; therefore, these invasions are the actual policy of the federal gov. The rest, it follows, is an msm propaganda hoax travestying our Constitution and what was once an American government, because of course the President needs no authorization to halt such invasions being directly facilitated by Mexico and American-based NGOs, even by crossing into Mexico itself, nor does he need authorization for rounding up the Sorosian NWO/NGO perps and prosecuting freaking all of these traitors for capital treason. If the President doesn’t get serious, at least we already know our votes are a joke the moment gasbag Mitch McConnell opens his mouth.

  10. From an environmental position, building the wall is the most PRO-ENVIRONMENTAL issue the President can do.

  11. M A G A. POTUS may have made a mistake, time will tell, I will not abandoned him, too much at stake so, he is surrounded by brains at work that won’t lets his policies fail.

  12. Have you seen Shumer utter a word against the new elected muslimes? He always avoids looking up while smiling with a smirk.


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