Trump Organization staff carrying guns to work because of physical attacks by protestors

From Daily Mail: Staff at Donald Trump’s real estate company are taking guns to work for their own protection because they are being physically attacked during their commute.

Employees of The Trump Organization are so scared for their safety that being armed is the only way they feel safe, a longtime top executive claims in his new book, The Real Deal: My Decade Fighting Battles and Winning Wars with Trump by George A. Sorial who has been an executive with the Trump Organization since 2006.

Sorial writes that after hearing that his colleagues were being spat on by neverTrumpers he began taking his ‘trusted Glock’ with him when he leaves the house.

In his book Sorial reveals that Trump haters have tried to shut down the Trump Organization by making fake bookings at its hotels and then canceling them.

The claims show the extent of the divide between Trump and his critics who recently shoved an elderly supporter of the President to the floor in London during his state visit to the UK.

Sorial has worked for the Trump Organization since 2006 as executive vice president and counsel and his book makes it clear he is in the president’s camp. In The Real Deal the author claims that in person the President is ‘polite and soft spoken’.

Sorial said that 10-year-old son of one Trump Organization staffer came home to tell his parents he had been bullied because of their links to the President. Another boy who was abused online because his mother works for the Trump Organization.

Sorial calls the people making these comments ‘cowards’ and says that carrying a gun is the only way he feels safe. He writes: ‘I will never leave home without my trusted Glock, and I’m not the only one who considers a firearm and absolute necessity. Thank God for the Second Amendment’.

Read the whole story here.


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Dr. Eowyn
1 year ago

This is how the Left behave when they lost. Imagine what they will do when they win back the WH and Senate.

1 year ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

Imagine what they’ll do if they don’t! Let’s say that Trump gets reelected. Then they lose the House. Wow. Zulu Dawn.

1 year ago

Wouldn’t You carry a gun to protect oneself. I would want to go home not in a body bag, and with all the fanatics polluting the surroundings I wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger, remember the bullet is what kills, protecting myself would be an act of self defense..

Kevin J Lankford
Kevin J Lankford
1 year ago

One should not necessarily need to feel threatened to exercise their right. One never knows from where, or when, evil may strike. It is only prudent to be prepared to confront and challenge [A]ny threat.

1 year ago

Absolutely right. I don’t leave home without it. If I worked where they do I guarantee I wouldn’t. Remember, we’re dealing with the insane here.

1 year ago

Nice “tolerant” accepting people are trying to attack people they don’t agree with. Hmm. Makes sense to me…not.


[…] Trump Organization staff carrying guns to work because of physical attacks by protestors […]