Trump: Close southern border; troops to use lethal force

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Here’s the latest “migrant caravan” invasion news:

(1) The first wave of thousands of “caravan migrants” has arrived at America’s southern border. Among them were some 350 people who arrived in nine buses in the border city of Tijuana, Mexico. As you can see in the pic below, some of them were carrying the Guatemalan and Mexican flags. (USA Today)

(2) Wonder of wonders, LGBT freaks are the first to reach the Tijuana border! (Washington Post)

(3) The Trump administration is hardening the Tijuana border in preparation for the invasion. Customs and Border Protection announced it was closing four lanes at the busy San Ysidro and Otay Mesa ports of entry in San Diego, California so as “to install and pre-position port hardening infrastructure equipment in preparation for the migrant caravan and the potential safety and security risk that it could cause.” However, 23 lanes remain open at San Ysidro and 12 at Otay Mesa. San Ysidro is the border’s busiest crossing, with about 110,000 people entering the U.S. every day. (AP)

(4) Tijuana mayor and residents reject the “caravan migrants”:

Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum correctly calls the invaders — whom the U.S. Hate America Media (HAM) call “migrants” and “caravans” — a “horde,” an “avalanche” and a “tsunami.”

On Sunday, Tijuana residents waved Mexican flags, sang the Mexican national anthem and chanted “Out! Out!” in front of a statue of the Aztec ruler Cuauhtemoc, 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) from the U.S. border. They called the migrants messy, ungrateful, “a danger” to their city, and an “invasion”, and voiced worries that their taxes might be spent to care for the invaders.

There were public clashes between Tijuana residents and the Central American “migrants”. At least three people were injured, all of whom were journalists. (New York Post)

In the past week, Tijuana officials have arrested three dozen “caravan” members for drug possession, public intoxication, disturbing the peace and resisting police, and said they would be deported to their home countries.

(5) On November 8, 2018, invoking the President’s national security powers to protect the United States against threats from abroad, the Trump administration announced new immigration rules giving President Trump new authority to deny asylum to “migrants” who illegally cross the border. No one could apply for asylum except at an official border entry point.

On November 19, however, U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar in San Francisco, an Obama appointee, put the administration’s asylum policy on hold. Tigar ruled that President Trump “may not rewrite the immigration laws to impose a condition that Congress has expressly forbidden.” Tigar’s order will remain in effect until Dec. 19, when the court will consider arguments for a permanent ban. (Politico)

In 2015, in a first-of-its-kind ruling for the state of California, Tigar ruled that the state must pay for an inmate’s gender realignment surgery because denying “her” that surgery violates “her” constitutional rights.

So President Trump threatened to close America’s entire southern border for an undisclosed period of time if his administration determines that Mexico has lost “control” on its side. He said that if U.S. officials “find that it’s uncontrollable, if we find that it gets to a level where we are going to lose control or where people are going to start getting hurt, we will close entry into the country for a period of time until we can get it under control. The whole border. We’re either going to have a border or we’re not.” (Foxnews)

(6) President Trump also said he has given the thousands of active-duty troops sent to the border the “OK” to use lethal force against illegal border-crossers “if they have to.”

Citing DHS Secretary Nielsen who had said there are as many as 500 criminals and gang members in the “caravan” heading northward, Trump said there are “fistfights all over the streets” in Tijuana, Mexico, and that “these are not like normal, innocent people. These are people you talk to them and they start a fistfight. I don’t want that in this country.”

Indeed, the Military Times reports that on Tuesday, November 20, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly signed a “Cabinet order” expanding the authority of troops at the border to include “a show or use of force (including lethal force, where necessary), crowd control, temporary detention, and cursory search” in order to protect border agents.

Before this, the Pentagon had rejected requests for troops to provide crowd and traffic control and protection for agents. Troop activities at the border have been largely restrained due to the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which prohibits the military from acting as law enforcement on U.S. soil, except in cases and under circumstances authorized explicitly by the Constitution or Congress. But defense officials told the Military Times that the language in Kelly’s order “was carefully crafted to avoid running up against the bedrock legal limitations set in Posse Comitatus.”

On Wednesday, November 21, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said that the White House had given him explicit authority to use military troops to protect Customs and Border Protection personnel at the southwest border, with lethal force if necessary. But he was adamant the military would remain within its legal limits.  Generally, U.S. troops are authorized to use force in self-defense.


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66 responses to “Trump: Close southern border; troops to use lethal force

  1. Has anyone been following this? I’m disturbed by a recurring theme. They say that DoD is refusing to comply with Trump’s orders:

    That would be a serious matter. If the President ever loses command of the military its over. I get that we are supposed to understand this as him brokering it to Mattis who in turn goes to DHS. That’s wrong too.

    The very term “Commander In Chief” is intended, and in fact is, meant to convey his absolute authority over the military. The DHS or any other agency cannot override that authority. If I were him, and my commanders balked on any of my orders they would be instantly fired. They might even be charged.

    I’m not sure what’s going on here but I suspect he’s doing a dance trying to avoid resistance from the Soros contingent. If that’s true, its a mistake. He does not need their permission to exercise his rights. He should stop inadvertently strengthening their arguments.

    This is clearly a situation whereby if he doesn’t show who’s the boss, they will. Just like with the recent court decisions related to the CNN flunky and Trump’s ability to refuse asylum, he should simply ignore it and tell them he’s in charge.

    Here’s the deal. No matter what he does or doesn’t do, they are going to impeach him. They won’t be successful at convicting him, but they will do this. So, why worry about it? This is the time to instill a little fear in them. Instead of “tweeting”, he should be announcing that he is in charge of a military matter and he’ll let them know what he did when he’s done.

    I’m crazy enough that I can guarantee that for a while they wouldn’t be attacking me every day. If I had to invoke my “special powers” under the Patriot Act to do so, I would. They would shut up or be locked up.

    • Donald Trump will not be impeached!

      • Oh I think they’ll do that. The Senate will acquit him. It will be a big show.

        • The only thing I can figure is they like the big show. Nothing has stopped them in the past as long as they get it in front of the YSM for the shepple .

          • I agree. It’s not that I WANT them to, but they WILL.

            • The Rinos in the Republican Party lead by the arch-traitor Newt CFR Gingrich, who hijacked the Republican Revolution of 94, made sure Clinton, his administration, & Democrat Campaign Finance Committee were not charged with treason, in regards to their accepting tens of millions of dollars by the Bolshevik/Democrats pals from Communist China. The other angle to the fake Clinton impeachment was to thwart the 2 state solution that Clinton & Rabin were working on. That would be a huge no-no to the Freemasons/Zionists and their plans for WWIII

              • Yes, absolutely. People get all excited over my opinion on impeachment. Just like grand juries and indictments, you can impeach a ham sandwich. Convictions are a little harder.

                People need to think strategically. They can run a big show, inundate the propaganda networks with endless blather and effectively cripple any reforms he might have planned. Who’s going to stop them?

                There are ways of stopping them but I can’t see him using them. He would have to dip into that Patriot Act bag of tricks and use them. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing that. I would be very surprised if he did it though.

                I know that I am very tired of the Trump bashing and endless whining. Some of them are overdue for jail.

        • Sorta like the Clinton “impeachment”,right?

          • You got it. Of course if you’re clever you can turn that around. You get “discovery” too. But, right now, there’s no impediment to them releasing all of it. That should finish the Clinton/Obongo cabal for good. It’s telling that they don’t.

    • “The Judicial Branch was created by Art. III, §1, US Constitution. Accordingly, it is a “creature” of the Constitution.[1]
      The federal government came into existence when the States, acting through special ratifying conventions held in each of the States, ratified the Constitution.[2]

      Since the Judicial Branch is merely a “creature” of the Constitution, it follows that it is subordinate to the Constitution, and is completely subject to its terms. It may not annul the superior authority of the States which created the Judicial Branch when they ratified the Constitution;[3] and as a mere “creature” of the Constitution, it may NOT change the Constitution under which it holds its existence![4]

      2. Supreme Court Opinions are not “the Law of the Land” Article VI, cl.2, US Constit., the “supremacy clause”, defines “supreme Law of the Land” as the Constitution, and acts of Congress and Treaties which are authorized by the Constitution.

      The three remedies our Framers provided or advised for judicial violations of our Constitution are:

      1. In Federalist No. 81 (8th para), Hamilton shows Congress can impeach and remove from office federal judges who violate the Constitution. Congress is competent to decide whether federal judges have violated the Constitution! Impeachment is their “check” on the Judicial Branch.
      2. In Federalist No. 78 (6th para), Hamilton shows the Judicial Branch must rely on the Executive Branch to enforce its judgments. ******If the President, in the exercise of his independent judgment and mindful of his Oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution”, determines that an opinion of a federal court is unconstitutional; ******his Duty is to refuse to enforce it. ******The President is also competent to decide whether federal judges have violated the Constitution! ******Refusing to enforce their unconstitutional judgments is his “check” on the Judicial Branch.
      3. On the Right & Duty of the States – who created the federal government when they ratified the Constitution – to smack down their “creature” when their “creature” violates the Constitutional Compact the States made with each other, see Nullification: The Original Right of Self-Defense.”

      Lophatt, you’re right Trump won’t be impeached. But I was thinking if he did institute proceedings to impeach the corrupt judges who “ruled” against his constitutional authority, of which Justice Roberts was very afraid, would that put a damper on the House’s plan to impeach Trump. The face that Justice violated the Constitution in most of his decisions, doesn’t mean he doesn’t the Constitution; he knows it well, which is why he was afraid and spoke against Trump’s accusation, to cover himself.

      • Yes Marlene. I think he SHOULD request impeachment for the apostate judges. I don’t for a minute think that these judges fail to understand the Constitution and what that means. They simply would rather ignore it in support of their owner’s agenda. They think they will win valuable prizes in the world of what’s to come.

        For those (and so many other) reasons, they should be impeached. Arrest warrants should be issued for Soros and his minions as well. This is how Communists have always acted. They agitate and disrupt and try to take advantage of their damage to government.

  2. I approve POTUS closing the border to the invading caravans. Mexico should have stopped them at the border with Guatemala, now it is Mexico’s problem not ours. I said before there is going to be a stampede of people unable to be controlled, many will die trampled, and the world should BLAME Mexico for the carnage, it will be a monumental disaster. POTUS MUST CLOSE ALL ENTRIES and force must be applied when necessary, they will be violating our sovereignty and we must defend our country from invasion.

    • That’s exactly right, Alma. Right now Tijuana is saying that they’re going into debt trying to support the invaders and the federal government will not help. They should be arresting Soros for this. Some of these people are criminals. Some are just pawns. Mexico is so corrupt that I expect them to try to get them through any day now.

      Trump has said that they will have to stay in Mexico while awaiting any hearings. That’s perfect. They won’t like that. The leftists will be screaming for a judge to tell them to let them in. He should NOT do that at any cost. He should say “I’m the Commander-In-Chief and this is a military emergency”.

      As to DHS and their “not allowing” guns, he should fire that woman immediately and order them to get out of the way. He then needs to call the “media” (ha!), and tell them to shut up. He needs to declare an emergency and tell them that he expects and demand their full cooperation.

      After this is over I would not rescind my order with the “media”. Meanwhile, they should be picking up Soros and his accomplices for his Cuban vacation. Everything will be provided, even the room service.

    • Well, I think he WILL be impeached. He will be acquitted in the Senate. We’ll see. I think they will do this no matter what.

    • Yes indeed. Why wouldn’t other countries send us their criminals, prisoners, mentally ill, drug addicts and pushers? We have been stupid enough to do nothing about it all these years. Of course letting these people in is OK with the Democrat leadership because they don’t have to live in the same community as these people and their children don’t have to get their diseases.

      • In April 20, 1980, communist dictator Castro opened the gates in the first boat lift from Cuba. After approximately 10,000 Cubans tried to gain asylum by taking refuge on the grounds of the Peruvian embassy, Cuban Americans in Miami organized a mass migration in agreement with the regime, he communist dictator Castro opened the gates creating the first boat lift from Cuba, 125,000 REFUGEES left the island scraping the tyranny and arrival of the refugees in the United States created political problems for DEMOCRAT President Jimmy Carter. Cuban jails were opened and the criminally insane, murderes, assasins, thief’s, were put in the refugees boats, if not allowed in the boat, the boat and the families would be replaced and WOULD NOT LEAVE the island. These migrations from Central America is not people running away from tyranny, they are leaving because of poverty, vagrancy, and crime and coming to America they find jobs and in the meantime ALL WILL BE FREE, and WE THE PEOPLE will pay for housing, food, clothing, doctors, and crime will rise, our taxes will soar, the schools will be overcrowded, our children will get lice, illnesses unknown to us. The adults will not learn ENGLISH because they do not know how to read and write in Spanish. If allowed in we will lose our identities and will eventually become THE UNITED STATES OF THE THIRD WORLD

    • I agree, but get solid e vidence regarding who pro vided finances and plans, then make them pay all expenexpences go regurn. Plus all damages. Soros, UN, et all, pay up!

  3. THERE IS ONLY ONE FLAG, THE STAR SPANGLE BANNER, take you and your flag back where you belong, you are not wanted here!

  4. Close the border and use lethal force?

    Works for me!

    • Dam right it works for EVERY AMERICAN that loves the USA. WILL fight tooth and nail to defend our COUNTRY.

    • I agree. The left is counting on forcing him to let them in. As long as they stay in Mexico they’re Mexico’s problem. If I were Mexico I’d file charges against Soros. I’d be happy to extradite him.

      It’s only a matter of time until they try to break through. Should any of them make it they should be immediately redeposited on the other side of the border. It doesn’t hurt us one iota to close the border. Mexico is the one with the problem.

      As to those living in Tijuana and working here, that’s their choice and their problem.

  5. the us military is tasked to protect the borders, period! this is an invasion force!
    the mission is to repel the invasion and that means using weapons if they are fired upon? trump is not a homo fake cia puppet berry soros? trump is a man with intelligents he knows from intelligents some of the aliens are armed and dangerous.

    trump, unlike homoboma is a patriot not a globalists. this is an outside threat, we have a military force to stop it! the media is lying to the public about the details of this massive invasion force and the real military threat it could pose if triggered? the deep state more than likely has shooters in the wave’s of military age invaders coming holding their flags!

    • Just think about that a moment. Here they come, flags waving in the wind, to ask for “asylum”. Have you ever heard of someone from another nation waving that country’s flag and asking another country for “asylum”?

      When someone tries to enter someone else’s country through force while waving a foreign flag that’s called an “invasion”. The proper response to an invasion is not legal brinksmanship. Those who would impair the defenders from doing their jobs defending the country are traitorous. What normally happens to people who assist the enemy in times of war?

      I think these apologists would be much happier South of the border with these tourista.

  6. No more threats, President Trump! Close down the entire border. Nobody sets foot on U.S. soil. And close down the government and stop congressional paychecks if they don’t cough up the full wall funding and abolish the visa lottery, chain migration and anchor baby nonsense.

    • Yes, he gave a talk where he threatened to do just that. That’s fine, but for my money he needs to stop telling them what he intends to do. All that does is give them ammunition to use against him and makes him look weak if he doesn’t follow through.

      It would be MUCH better to just say “I closed the border” than to say “if I have to……..”. I don’t know why they don’t pull some of those “active denial” vehicles up to the wire and send a few through to Mexico. Just put ’em in low gear, fire up the microwave and start droving.

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  8. President/Commander-In-Chief Donald J Trump is the real environmentalist by stopping the invasion of globull warming green house gas emitting, wildlife habitat destroying, polluting invaders! Trump is the real Environmentalist! LOL

  9. Now the Mexicans know how WE feel…..GET THE ILLEGALS OUT OF THE US!

  10. Can anyone give me a reason Mexico didnt stop this caravan before they entered Mexico? Surely our military could have gone down there to assist?

    • Mexico is unbelievably corrupt and incompetent. Everyone official is on the take. It takes bribes to get ANYTHING done. When one parks one’s car one has to pay a local kid to “watch” it lest the windows get broken or the car gets stolen. That’s just the way it is.

      The Federales are extremely corrupt. It is the highest paid government job. That isn’t because of salary, it is because of opportunity for bribes. Further South many of the land owners have their own armies. They lord it over the campesinos. Beatings and executions are common.

      There is no fundamental reason why this is so other than an extremely low average IQ. Like many places in the world expectations are low. It is easier to feel sorry for one’s self and be lazy than it is to fix something.

      What we are seeing is a concerted effort lower our standard rather than to raise theirs. After all, The Masters don’t need happy cattle. They need docile cattle.

  11. Judge Tigar fails to understand the PRIMARY purpose of a government is to protect its people from foreign invasion.

    Otherwise, why have a government?

    Tigar needs to be “disappeared” under the “Indefinite Detention Act” (aka NDAA). And he’s far from the only one that needs disappearing.

    Sadly, America won’t be able to avoid a civil war, no matter what Trump does. As much as I hate to see martial law enacted, I don’t see any other way to save America, which will never be the same no matter what direction it goes.

    • Yep. I suppose my evil twin tells me that once he issued his decision would have been about the time I piped up and reminded him that I was the CIC and this was a military emergency, and that his opinion was a lot like an anus, everybody has one.

      Then I would have instructed my staff to completely ignore him.

  12. Grigori Rasputin

    Is force going to be authorized for real or is this just more Kabuki Theatre? Trump looks very weak and spineless when he says something good like he did about shooting rock throwers, then backtracks and waffles when the libs who hate him start withering criticism. The WH is saying one thing, yet the military on the border is unarmed or doing their classic stunt of having empty guns, from what I read. This is a sick joke.

    • I have read that the troops have not been issued weapons and ammunition. If they are, you can rest assured that the Marxists will put the women and children up front. I have also read that many of the children who are traveling with women are not related to the women. It is believed that the women are involved in a trafficking plot.

      I suppose the way to handle this would be to try to separate the women from the 85 -95% of military aged men. They could briefly be shunted off to one side while the bulk received the full onslaught of military cordiality.

      Once they were driven back I would dump the women and kids right back where I found them. Let THEIR churches and government deal with this. It’s a great incentive to go after Soros.

  13. “While the Leftist establishment media has been trying to brainwash Americans into believing that the “caravan” of aliens who are threatening to cross our southern border illegally are doing so without organization or logistical support from traitors inside America, our friends… [tell us something different].”

    “Peterson reported on a large group of aliens camped in Mexico City, the first and largest of five migrant “caravans” traversing through Mexico and headed north. Altogether, says Peterson, they comprise roughly 12,000 people, mainly from the three Central American countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

    A traitorous group of American immigration lawyers circulated in the encampment in Mexico City, easily identified by orange and white baseball hats that said in Spanish: “I Support Asylum in the U.S.”

    Peterson reports American lawyers were with the “caravan” as part of People Without Borders’ effort to educate migrants about the U.S. asylum process. Some of the lawyers said they learned about the operation from group email lists.

    David Inserra, a policy analyst for homeland security at The Heritage Foundation, traveled to Mexico City to observe the caravan firsthand.”

    • One would have to be in a “special” category of stupid to believe that this horde suddenly, like locusts, decided to march over a thousand miles all at once, spontaneously.

      Also, I suppose all of the water and food appeared like manna in the desert. Transportation just “happened”. Clean clothing and cell phones (always cell phones), just dropped miraculously.

      This is a traitorous plot and should be treated as such.

  14. This is a story which is recently being floated to make the invasion forces sound peaceful “because everyone gets along so well”. Just because the source has “Military” in the title, don’t think it’s not just as controlled as the other (((media))) is .

    Their story is about a little border town where not very much happens on either side, at least during daylight hours, and may be true because of that, but the impression it tries to give should be seen as ridiculously false. There are probably as many Mexicans on the US side in New Mexico as there are on the Mexican side, and often either side has smugglers and riff-raff working both sides of the border anyway. I’ve spent time on the border so I’m very familiar with that “mutual cooperation”.

    “Border town invaded by Pancho Villa rejects talk of American troops”
    This article below from Borderland is about a different part of Mexico and gives a somewhat differing impression:

    [Tijuana, Mexico] “TJ Slaughter Continues:17 Executed in 25 Hours” – November 23, 2018

    “In Tijuana, the number of intentional homicides reached 141 victims so far this November. In the last 25 hours, 17 crimes were recorded. Only three of the deceased have been identified.

    Here the recent incidents:
    Around 07:39 hours on November 20, an unknown man aged around 45 years old died from gunshot wounds in Privada Capulines, in the Ribera del Bosque subdivision, La Presa Delegation.

    Then at 07:55 hours it was located inside a black plastic bag, a human head severed from a male. The discovery took place at Vicente Guerrero Street, Mariano Matamoros Sur neighborhood, La Presa Delegation.” [Continues with list – and then adds 2 more dead at the end].

  15. Does that bridge in the picture cross from Mexico to the US? If so, I will have a lot to say about it.

    • Food for thought – Blow it up!

    • There is a pedestrian bridge from Mexico to San Ysidro. The motor traffic goes under it. The bridge leads to an enclosed area and customs officials. The bridge crosses the Tijuana River.

      • Lophatt, Some people may not know the difference from seeking refuge from a tyrant (fearing execution, persecution) to seeking refuge from a poverty stricken nation (hunger, murders, violations) the “new refugees” the invading caravans, are leaving because their presidents and officials are stashing the millions of dollars the US has been pouring forever to help the impoverished nations when in actuality we are filling their pockets and they leave the presidency as millionaires while the people continue to be poor, uneducated, undernourished, thus the invading caravans, and you know what? United States has never done anything about it as long as there are no dictators, right? Well the payback has been Cuba, Venezuela, guerrillas, Cartel, narcotraffic, Bolivia, communism, and on and on! It’s too late now.

        • Certainly Alma. I too have said this a few times. “Asylum” does not cover economic distress. That doesn’t mean we have no compassion. As you say, we have poured billions of dollars into these states.

          Whatever the solution, we cannot become the catch all for failed states. If we do we will fail as well. Frankly, they are already hard at work trying to totally eliminate “states”. Where will they run then?

          • We will become one and all! Isn’t that “the idea”?

            • That is PRECISELY the “idea”. That is why Clinton even gave speeches about it. He called it “leveling”. We are to be just as poverty stricken as they are.

            • Alma, please watch the attached and let me know what you think:

              • Thanks Lophatt, very good take, there is not enough room to write how things developed. however there are some points that I don’t agree with her. Castro played a game with the US and a game with the USSR. He was a double agent, the USSR took advantage by setting a spy base in Cuba and he in turn subverted each and every country with the Russians money to the point he depleted them, he was not communist, he was an evil man full of hatred, a tyrant and a murderer, he trained the Colombian guerrillas in Cuba, he allowed free passage for the drugs into the US, he trained the Tupamaros, all of Latin America guerrillas were trained in Cuba, he went as far as Angola, caused the conflict in Grenada involving US troops, exported his communist revolution and the US didn’t do a damn thing about instead crossed their arms and let him get away with all, and Chavez, and Maduro, too late now though, oh, but they did go after Manuel Noriega because the US interests in Panama, Noriega was not a communist, its a long drawn thing, and not enough room to write, now we face the left in front of our noses, it is a force that will not be stopped.

                • I think her overall point is that artificial “choices” are continuously presented and mis-labeled. What is advertised as leading to liberation ends in slavery.

                  The people confuse “crony capitalism” for real market capitalism. I think that’s ABSOLUTELY true. She is advocating doe real market economies that allow the free people to develop them instead of having them “sold” to them with “No substitutions” labels affixed.

                  I thought she did a nice job. She is very articulate. Noriega would be a great example of “narco socialism” although he never advertised himself as being socialist. Castro advertised himself as being Socialist but was more an opportunist.

              • WOW! I LIKE her-excuse my ignorance,but who IS she? I hope they were listening close,because she has the subject WIRED!

                • Yes, she DOES! I don’t know her name. She was giving a speech to an EU commission. She is very beautiful, AND smart. I find it inspirational when I find people like her. I’m not sure which country she comes from but she is “Central American”.

    • I believe the picture is either of the bridge between Guatemala and Mexico or between Honduras and Guatemala. They did not put up much of a struggle with them in Chiapas.

      I have been to Chiapas a few times. The people are generally wonderful. They have nothing but will give you all they have. They are primarily “Indios”. Many speak native dialects and only Spanish when talking to officials.

      They could have easily stopped them down South. Obviously (to me) they bribed the officials.

    • Thanks for the link. Tim, it’s particularly sad, and enraging, because the good Swedish people actually welcomed the “diversity” at first, as they were told they should by their “elected” leaders. But they were lied to – big time. For the first time in recent history, nearly every nation is led by a global elitist, It was well planned and stealthy, at first anyway. One by one, the European nations are falling. America seems to be holding on, by a thread, through the gargantuan efforts of an extremely clever nationalist President. We believe we can look forward for at least another 6 years. But after that, we fear that ALL candidates, on both sides, may be our last Manchurian candidate. It will take a miracle from God, again, to keep our sovereignty and push back the one world government for awhile longer. The US has become the last bastion of freedom in the West, but our weaknesses frighten the European populace who are losing all hope. It’s difficult for the European people to “united and fight” because their governments have “united and conquered.” But it’s still not impossible.

    • The good people of Sweden also supported Hitler and supplied the Nazis with steel and war materials during WWII in exchange for NOT being occupied, as were their Danish and Norwegian brothers. They aren’t called “big-a-dumb-a-Swedes” for nothing. And they’re still too blind to see that their society is rapidly being replaced by Muslims who multiply like rabbits.

      • Well, there is obviously a stronger than normal desire to “belong” at work there, or so it seems. It would be hard to find anyone with an IQ above 30 who would see importing hordes of crazy Wahhabis and Somali maniacs as culture enrichment.

        They Swedes actually seem “proud” of having done this. Watching some of their videos on this topic it is abundantly clear that Jews are at the forefront of this effort. The Swedes themselves seem to be watching in a detached way like cows watching trains pass.

    • The same things,almost word for word,can be said of our United States of America. This man put this truth forward perfectly,with excellent clarity,and his opponents did their best to obfuscate and reinterpret everything he said (Just like the Democrats residing in OUR Nation.) It’s both comforting and terrifying to know we aren’t alone,in this world,in our fight against those forces who are working to destroy our Countries.

  16. Thanks much. Now I can relax, a bit. I don’t think I can another issue…

  17. Oh for sure. I’d forgotten the word for it and wrote a longer response to Tim than was necessary – lol. Thanks. Here in the US, many of the left are “suffering” from it, especially our student youth who are confused, depressed, and overwhelmed. The leftist activists who violently embrace their servitude could be called suffering from the Jane Fonda Syndrome…?

  18. I have to hand it to him. This is precisely what they need to do:

    I’ve been screaming that Mexico needs to be a major player in this for years. He gets results.

  19. Just a little more:

    We’ve been saying this here for quite a while. His cabinet is his worst enemy. Looks like he’ll be fixing some of that.

  20. My first fear: the CA lower courts are running US foreign policy and border security/immigratioin policy and the CONGRESS has been ALLOWING IT for years and years. The POTUS seems powerless…tho’ through no fault of his own for trying….to stop them, even tho’ the Contsitution does NOT empower them in these areas, but the POTUS, instead….but, still, these courts take unto themselves powers reserved to the Federal Government…and the Congress….

    My second fear: I live 10 miles above an inland border patrol station in CA, and about 70 miles above the border between Tijuana, Mexico, and me. What is going to happen to us here when the 5,000 caravan….and the 2-3 and more (or UNENDING CARAVANS THEREAFTER) AFTER IT, break through the border? We’ve lived through the Obama-enforced border-jumpers….delivered to us on USA buses and left loose on our rural communties and we are STILL paying for it through our school systems, entitlement system here in CA….crime, homelessness…and so on….and NOW…we are to absorb these thousands and thousands through these caravans???????? Unending? I feel as tho’ I have no refuge. My government will not protect me from the taxes and crime and entitlement culture –the socialism/redistribution of the state and Federal both—-that arises from this……but YET…they will literally BITCH about the retirement that I earned from over 30 years of working here (when I finally retire). I FULLY EXPECT that one day…when the “progressives” (SOCIALIST/MARXIST/COMMUNISTS) take over Congress AND the White House… retirement will be RIPPED from me after the fact by some inane newly-passed law or another… order to fund the socialist/ re-distribution of wealth in the State of Mexifornia. I will have lived and worked my life for NOTHING….except to fund “THE STATE.”


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