Trump caves: Government reopens; no wall

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The Trump Presidency is done. Fini.

Last December, I finally stopped believing in Q’s “trust the plan” mirage.

See “Deplorables losing patience with Q”.

17 days ago, when Trump, in his national address to the nation on border security, did not invoke a national emergency as we had expected him to, I said to FOTM‘s Joan, “He’s finished”.

See “Army stands ready to build wall when Trump declares national emergency“.

Joan talked me out of it, insisting that she had faith in Trump, and that he wouldn’t give in.

This afternoon, he gave in.

In a speech in the White House Rose Garden, Trump announced that he’s agreed to a “temporary” funding measure that would allow federal employees to return to work, but which does not include the billions of dollars in border wall funding for which he’d closed down the federal government for 35 days.

Then he has the nerve to make yet another empty threat:

“As everyone knows I have a very powerful alternative but I’m not going to use it at this time. If we don’t get a fair deal from Congress, the government will either shut down on February 15 again, or I will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the Constitution of the United States to address this emergency. We will have great security.”

Does this man really think us to be stupid?

Yeah, after caving in to the Democrats by “temporarily” re-opening government, the Demonrats will now really negotiate and give Trump the funds to build the wall.

The Deplorables are furious. Here’s an early sample:

  • Ann Coulter: “Good news for George Herbert Walker Bush: As of today, he is no longer the biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States.”
  • Mike Cernovich: “Nancy Pelosi is alpha.”
  • Michael Malice: “Apparently a wall isn’t as good as a cave. Jeb Bush is laughing so hard that he’s about to choke on his own puke.”

I’m seriously wondering what “they” have on Trump which could account for his spinelessness.

Update (Jan. 27, 2019):

And the Democrats certainly behave like Trump caved.

In a press conference following Trump’s announcement that he would sign a short-term continuing resolution to fund the federal government through mid-February, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer scolded and mocked the President of the United States as if he’s a child (Daily Wire):

“The American people do not like it when you throw a wrench into the lives of government workers over an unrelated political dispute. Working people throughout America empathized with the federal workers and were aghast at what the president was doing to them. Hopefully, now the president has learned his lesson.”


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66 responses to “Trump caves: Government reopens; no wall

  1. Third Rate Kabuki Theater

    Come on you knew the same deep state that took out JFK was going to wipe it all out and blame it on the bad orange man.
    He is probably in on the D grade kabuki theater freak show.

  2. Leeann Springer

    What he offered is a temporary measure, until February 15th. I think he will call for a National Emergency or possibly have our military start building the wall. Something will happen to change the situation. I wouldn’t put it past the Venezuelan Government to unleash thousands of their starving at our border and then it will be Hell. If that happens, and our country is flooded with them, it could end up in Martial Law. Just my two cents worth. : ) Leeann

  3. Ah yes, just what I thought. More waffle than IHOP. Coulter’s right.

  4. This is truly shameful. No matter what he does, or doesn’t do, he’ll never live this down. They’re all over his “submission” to Nasty Nancy. Coulter’s calling him a wimp. She’s right.

  5. And now neocon Eliot Abrams, of all people, is named special envoy to Venezuela. That’s it, I’m done with Trump. Finally. Liberating actually, now I can get back to just hiking in the woods, hoping for the best and preparing for the worst

  6. I still think he has something up his sleeve. Just wait. Trump will NOT let his base down. He knew he would get defeated in this battle. He will win the war for us.

    • A caller into the excellent Rush Limbaugh Show, said the temporary measure to open the “Federal” government, was for the Super Bowl. I will give him one last chance in 3 weeks time.
      Now for the Liberal Trotskyite DemocRat known as “RINO’s” or “NeoKons” who have been sabotaging the Republican party for years………….
      “As is well-known, many of the first-generation neocons originally were liberal Democrats, or even socialists and Marxists — often of the Trotskyite variety.”
      Almost everything
      about neocons

    • Agreed. First off, the optics are now in his favor, because when Palsied Nancy & Co. refuse to budge, Trump can say “I did the right thing, and they did not; your wives and children will pay for their treason,” –or words to that effect.

      Another blogger makes the very good point that one should ALWAYS wait a couple of days after a Trump announcement to see what he really intends to do. Remember a few weeks ago there was “White House” talk that he was going to cave then—and he did not.

      It ain’t over; no fat lady singing here.

  7. You cannot cave to Demorats. They will take advantage and abuse you each & every time. Every. Time.

    So disappointed…

  8. Trump was my last hope that America might actually be fixed via the ballot box.

    The Deep State communist – globalists are much too entrenched – even for Trump.

    And the truly distressing thing to me is many of the members of his own party are either not supporting his efforts, or worse, actively siding with the traitors.

    It appears the only way to undo the damage the left has been carrying out against this country for well over a century will have to be corrected by We the Real People of America.

    Either that, or cave.

    America is going to die due to the ignorance and stoopidity of the electorate.

    There is a reason goobermint took over education 100+ years ago.

    What we are seeing today is not an accident.

  9. Excellent article and excellent post. Trump is a big mouth New Yorker without a matching set of balls. Kushner and Ivanka, the Christ traitor, race traitor are really running things. I’m done with Trump and will begin scolding the ever Trumpers.

  10. Warren Scott Fentress

    No surprise, really. My initial instincts were right sadly. I thought Trumpenstein was the monster the Dems made him out to be. Then Q made me take a harder look at the man, and at least I stopped hating him. Then, I began to get caught up in the hope porn. Defango calling out Q as a LARP made me suspect him right, but I still held out hope. Sadly, today’s gutlessness shows Trump to just be another power-hungry whore, who will do anything to keep it – even selling out his constituency, just as Oboomba did.

    Perhaps he was threatened, but better to die a hero than to live as a eunuch.
    Shame on the Donald. You’re fired!

    • Thanos_of_titan

      I don’t believe Trump was threatened personally, but I believe they threatened to destroy his son if he tries to flex any real presidential power.

  11. I guess we can add a 7th name.

    “Remember These Republican (Traitors) Names…”

  12. (((Wall Street))) owned. Just like the rest.

  13. It’s not so much “what they have on him” as much as it is a question of “who it is who controls Trump [and the others]” in whichever way.

    It is the (((same ones))) who oppose unity within all White countries by creating the conditions which destroy them, while advancing the power of their own international state.

    “Top Jewess attacks anti-immigration AfD, prompting parliament walk-out”

    “Jews continue facilitating the islamisation of Europe by every means within their power. Here Charlotte Knobloch (president of the Israelite Faith Community of Munich, vice president of the European Jewish Congress and of the World Jewish Congressm former chair of the Central Council of Jews in Germany) hijacks a commemoration event to attack the AfD, the anti-Islam, anti-immigration party that is now the largest opposition ….”.

    • Of course. Does anybody think for a minute that if he were willing to resist the Zionists that he’d be there? That’s how it works. Every couple of years they let you play at having an election. Of course in this one they actually tried to raise hopes so that they could further demoralize those who actually believe these things are real.

      What they want is to destroy us. They want Joe Sixpack to be so disgusted with “government” that he begs them to “fix it”. They know that this insane leftist meme won’t fly. It will confuse (which is the idea) and further degenerate us, but they will be there ready to introduce their new “improved” government.

      What many don’t realize is that the transformation is complete. We’re already their cattle. They just haven’t announced it yet. Just try to introduce someone who is less than chummy with Israel. In fact, in many places the BDS movement has been outlawed. How does that happen when they constitute less than three percent?

      In case some don’t know, real estate moguls don’t exist in NYC who aren’t Jew-compliant. I can’t remember anything that our government ever denied Israel. It’s hard to say “no” to the boss.

  14. The Ryan and McConnell Republicans scuttled the Wall, over two full years, and not President Trump, whom they’ve been setting up for this take down all along. Why is it all of a sudden different when the Dems control the House? Was it the out-of-power Dems who blocked the President from dismissing Rosenstein, Mueller, et al., or was it his own party who, it turns out, knew all along it was a coup d’etat based on fake intel, and worse, a diversion to protect Hillary, Obama, et al? I’ve read Chuck Baldwin’s latest, but I’m standing with the President, not because I’m some Pollyanna, but because both parties and the msm are clearly my country’s enemy, and from what I can see not Donald Trump.

    • Agreed! Can’t believe folks here of all places are suddenly turning on him. Talk about RINOS.

    • Look, forget “parties” (there is one Zionist bird). If a President, any President, says “I have a military emergency”, that implies that they don’t have three weeks (or months) to play footsie with the Communists.

      Immediately after such a declaration he should have declared said emergency and started construction. When they start howling accuse them of hating America (they do) and abetting the enemy.

      Arrest some if you want to. Tell the press we’re at war and to shut up. This was handled terribly. I don’t expect genius. Believe it or not there are “experts” who’s job it is to keep stuff like this from happening to their boss.

      Most of us here wouldn’t need an expert to avoid this. This called for an expedient response. He should have taken the tack that “I’m in a battle here and I don’t have time to be distracted by you traitors”. I mean really paint them RED. The trick is to put them in a position where the more they say the worse they look.

      So we are left with either his staff are treasonous idiots, or its all a game. I don’t know which it is. I have my thoughts but I’ll suspend them for a while. I will say that I don’t take comfort from any of this. What sort of country is this if we can’t come together for common defense?

      • Right. Too much talk, as if talking and compromising with the Left was ever taken by them as anything but a weakness to be exploited. As Lincoln put it, Let us not be diverted by their sophistical contrivances, groping for some middle ground between the right and the wrong—as succinct an explanation of RINO behavior as there ever was, meeting evil halfway and calling it success. As the record shows on every last moral stand we should have taken to the streets, this meeting evil halfway is a grotesque perversion of the democratic process and yet this moral capitulation called “compromise” has been taught to every school child in America as our greatest strength. The result is we’ve been sleep walking like zombies in a Zeno’s Paradox to a point of no return in inexorably shorter increments that go only one way, and that’s straight to hell.

        The Dems, we all agree, are one of the patently evil principalities and powers that’s come in under our roof. The Republicans I see as their empty suit flunkies, except for some diversionary crumbs thrown our way now and then. Anyway, thinking about another thing Lincoln said, I do realize the need to continually evaluate if the point is reached in this political theater when belief is irreversibly undermined by contradiction. Ann Coulter and some here believe we’ve past that point. Libertarian Chuck Baldwin surely does, making that case in his latest essay, enumerating what he sees as the President’s broken campaign promises. My belief is that worse will happen if the base walks out the door leaving one man alone at the mercy of the lifesize cockroaches in DC and on TV.

        • “The Dems, we all agree, are one of the patently evil principalities and powers that’s come in under our roof.”

          That’s why I’m so disheartened. This is more than the wall. This is about “compromising”, i.e., caving in, with the demonic. A reader of FOTM, who’s too cowardly to post comments, in an email castigated me for referring to Democrats as “Demonrats,” claiming that doing so undermines my “credibility”. I don’t use words lightly: Democrats, by their stance on abortion and so many other issues, esp. Andrew Cuomo and the New York state legislature’s latest bill legalizing the killing of unborn humans up to the moment of delivery, in fact are Demonrats.

          • Undermined your credibility with whom, SJWs or RINOs? It’d be funny if he weren’t serious. It is so disheartening that our ranks are filled with, as Samuel Johnson put it, men of that caution cowards borrow from fear and attribute to policy—another fitting explanation of Republican behavior.

            According to shadowstats the real rate of unemployment is 21+% or so, but the Republicans with the money and education to make things happen are languorously tooling around Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien etc in their Porsche convertibles and $75k SUVs, wearing dusty pink baseball caps like a puerile B-school beenie, acting like the party will never end, and mistaking the digital money created out of thin air on Wall Street to buy them off for their hard-earned reward. Other big cities have their lumpen versions of these sellouts, proudly aping this lifestyle as awkwardly as if chimps in the zoo started wearing tassel loafers and pastel socks.

            As Jacques Ellul nailed it 60 years ago in Propaganda, The Formation of Men’s Minds, these high-living types, because they are so well read on topical diversions, are the really brainwashed tools of this country’s enemy within. The Dow and S&P500 are almost entirely smoke and mirrors, counterfeit digital money pumping, not least in purpose to keep these best and brightest playing with themselves instead of taking the lead in taking our country back from the brink. It is disheartening.

            • A most excellent statement, Dan, and I’m elated to see your reference to Jacques Ellul, whom no one else here has ever mentioned except for myself, so I’d begun to feel I was a lone voice in the wilderness!

              From everything I read of his I now feel he’s the most important Christian philosopher in the last 100 years, at least since Soren Kierkegaard.

        • Speaking for myself, the only thing attractive about Trump (at least what he said) was that it was a nationalist, non-globalist message of hope. This has gone WAY too far for “cooperation”. How does one cooperate with infanticide for example. That is now known as “Pre-Birth Abortion”.

          How does one support someone who allows themselves to be made a laughing stock of twenty-four hours of every day? Believe it or not, there is tremendous power in that office if one chooses to use it.

          There is nothing holy about cooperating with evil. As Dr. “E” says. Step one is speaking simply and clearly. Step Two is actually doing what one says. In fact, in many cases, it would be MUCH better to not say what one is going to do at all, only advise them of that once one has accomplished it.

          So, for me, I’m more than disappointed, but not surprised. It’s gone. The rest is illusion. He can’t have a cabinet full of Neo-Cons and do anything he promised. I remind myself that I’M not the one who made all the claims. A twelve-year-old would know better than to cave to Nasty Nancy. I’d die first.

      • ” The trick is to put them in a position where the more they say the worse they look.”
        Oh-the IRONY! They’ve BEEN in that position since Donald Trump WON the Election. They’re doing it to THEMSELVES.

    • Dan, I’m in agreement too. Though I was disappointed with what happened yesterday, I’ll hold my fire till Feb 15th; if he caves then, then I’m done.

  15. Wow, I can’t believe all of you, it’s 3 weeks. None of us a are smarter than Trump, nor do we have all the behind the scenes information. Let it play out. Coulter & Cernovich – really??? Who cares what they think, they are hacks IMO. You win some, you lose some. The negotiations are now on the Democrats and everyone will be watching to see if they put their money where their mouth is.
    Trump is a master at negotiation, but go ahead and jump ship if it makes ya feel better.

  16. Why wasn’t a wall funded when republicans controled both the House and the Senate? It had to come to this? Once more relying upon democrat compliance? Truth may be hard to face but neither party wants a wall or will agree to even fund it. Trump is probably the only advocate and even he can’t hold out forever.

    • “Why wasn’t a wall funded when republicans controled both the House and the Senate? It had to come to this?”


  17. I would be very happy to have trust in Trump, and I have tried to have that faith, but I’m also familiar with the fact that we have had no recent President who has not been a part of it, and also the fact that no one gets in unless they are intended to get in. As you will see in the video linked below, this is not Trump’s doing being shown, but where the power lies which would bypass anyone, dating from at least the 1940’s, and including him, if they were not controlled. Check out the whole site while you are there.

    “Who’s Running America?”

    • Well,okay. Just forget everything GOOD he’s done since BEFORE he took office;just assume he’s “one of THEM” because he did something that doesn’t make sense to you. Trump doesn’t have a history of caving to others,and it goes against his grain even now. Let’s see where this leads,and I’ll bet there’s something being planned that we don’t yet see,that’ll make his “bad move” just a necessary part of winning a bigger battle.

  18. [The Wheeling Intelligencer – February 10, 1950]

    “M’Carthy Charges Reds Hold U. S. Jobs
    Truman Blasted For Reluctance To Press Probe”

    “As you hear of this (Hiss) story of high treason,” he said, “I know that you are saying to yourself well, why doesn’t Congress do something about it?

    Actually, ladies and gentlemen, the reason for the graft, the corruption, the disloyalty, the treason in high government positions the reason this continues is because of a lack of moral uprising on the part of the 140 million American people. In the light of history, however, this is not hard to explain.”

  19. Personally, I’m not ready to discard Trump.
    He has usually had another card up his sleeve.
    If I am wrong….it won’t much matter as this country will slid into the abyss.
    Yet, I still have faith in Trump as I believe he is a great negotiator.

    • I agree with you. While I am disappointed with this decision, I realize that Trump faces an uphill battle with EVERYTHING he does/doesn’t do because of our DNC-loving media and the DC swamp.

      Sarah Sanders offers a glimpse into his thought process: “In 21 days President @realDonaldTrump is moving forward building the wall with or without the Democrats. The only outstanding question is whether the Democrats want something or nothing”

      • Nonsense. Trump said he would drain the swamp but has picked every sewer rat there is from Bolton, Haley, Abrams and now Barr of Ruby Ridge infamy. Trump is the swamp and a con man.

  20. Well if you feel that way, you only got a couple years to vote and hopefully have an outcome that you prefer.

    It’s all Kabuki theater, no matter which side you prefer…

    • You are behind the curve, DCG. It isn’t a feeling, it’s the facts. The ballot box didn’t get the job done. Trump has his time in the sun and dropped the ball. Research what he said to Feinstein about taking the guns and worrying about due process later. He’s not on our side; the side of righteousness. You might want to look at addressing your Stockholm syndrome. It’s time to wake up.

    • Yes, it is! I have said I don’t watch sports. I don’t have “heroes” either. I’m interested in outcomes and I liked the message. If the message is meaningless then the messenger goes in the trash right along with the lie.

      For someone honest, this is easy. You say what you mean and you do what you say. Pelosi made him look sick. As evil as she is, she did exactly what she said she’d do, and she won.

      He should have declared his emergency, started building his wall then rejected any proposed legislation they came up with that he didn’t support. Let them pass it over his veto.

      It would have been better to be at impasse than to have Pelosi win. They would have had to scale back their abortion stuff and queer politics, etc., just to get funding to keep their scam alive. That’s fine by me. I don’t need anymore laws.

  21. I am very disturbed by what has transpired. Was Nancy Pelosi’s daughter (with or without quote marks?) right when she said, “My mother will cut your head off and you won’t even know what happened?” It sure seems like it right now.

    A You Tube channel I recently subscribed to is Dave Zolna’s channel. Last night, he recommended a 15-min. video called “Trump’s Benghazi.” Go to roypotterqa’s channel. He speaks very well, seemingly off the cuff and doesn’t screech or scream. I won’t spoil the video for you, but, suffice it to say, he uses Benghazi as a metaphor for our current situation: WE are trapped at Benghazi and our pleas for help are being ignored. You can fill in the rest.

    I have said before that, given America’s abysmal moral decline, no single man can save it. I gave Trump the benefit of the doubt in saying he could buy us time. I am hoping against hope that he still can. But this does not look good at all. If he does not have an ace up his sleeve, Trump’s administration will become Carter 2.0. GOD HELP US.

    Is Dr. Henry Makow right? Is he just another player? Controlled opposition? A Judas goat?

    But as Dave Zolna is wont to say, “Who you gonna go to?”
    This DOES NOT look good.

    • P.S.:

      I normally regard Ann Coulter to be little more than a good verbal bomb-thrower. But she was the only one who predicted, early on, that Donald Trump would be elected against all the other GOP candidates. Everyone tried to laugh her off the stage and out of the room, but she stood firm. Since then I have come to learn that Annie Oakley is usually right.
      Which leads me to the next question: Did Bush the Elder actually leave a “dead man’s switch” or make it impossible for any of his successors to escape a globalist plan? But: Tomorrow is another day.

  22. Kevin J Lankford

    If Trump has truly caved and has no real plan or intent to full fill his promises; there will be no one else. No one will ever be able to inspire hope in the minds of the true U.S. Citizens,….again. Our borders will be left with no real deterrence and we will be flooded with illegal caravan after illegal caravan full of criminal parasites. All of whom the scum like pelosi and schumer (and the fake opposition ‘rinos’) will give voting rights.

    The only influence and representation left to the true U.S. Citizens will have to be taken to the streets, to meet “evil” head on.

  23. “I feel your pain” & can commiserate with the post & great comments.

    Trump is sounding too much like the Boy Who Cried Wolf, always saying he will do this or that, then Zilch. Flip-Flopping is Not Acceptable. His word MUST count or it means nothing ever again. Constant delaying is BS.

    I did not read/see it myself, but I heard that Christopher Wray, still head of FBI(?), literally cussed out POTUS for causing FBI employees much hardship due to their not getting paid. If true, Trump caved to the same corrupt FBI that lies & fights against him every day! #FireTheEntireFBI > Both Problems Solved.

    POTUS claims he did not concede:

    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump 13h
    I wish people would read or listen to my words on the Border Wall. This was in no way a concession. It was taking care of millions of people who were getting badly hurt by the Shutdown with the understanding that in 21 days, if no deal is done, it’s off to the races!

    Yeah, sure. And what excuse will he use in 21 days to still not do anything?

    By “millions” I’m guessing he means the family members of Fed employees because, supposedly, there are only 800,000 of them, not even 1-million.

  24. If Trump is in (((their))) pocket, why the treason conspiracy to stop him from being elected, and take him out? There has been disappointments but there has also been victories. Trump has done more to expose the lying Bolshevik MSM (Ministry of Truth from 1984) & their DemocRat puppets than anyone.

    “Collusion against Trump” timeline

  25. My oh my! It’s not possible the majority of you hung POTUS out to dry! Please don’t read me wrong, I feel by doubting him you caved in to Nancy PeeLousy. The federal employees not getting paid have put him in a tight corner -the rats are cashing in on it. I’ve learned to be patient and February 15 is just around the corner, meanwhile I’ll continue to feed my patience, and wait. THE WALL, THE CAGE, THE BARRIERS IS A GO. Please don feel I’m a fanatic, I’m just an old woman.

    • @Alma,
      We are on the same page my friend.

      I still believe the environmental angle to the wall, would be the perfect foil, to expose the Bolshevik/DemocRats mentally ill Libs. Use their own globull warming/climate change (((carbon tax))) fear mongering psych-ops against them.

  26. You people kill me. Have any of you ever negotiated anything ?
    Trump might have to fast-track this to the Supreme Court but this is a slam-dunk that he can build the wall.
    And he will.
    Quit bitchin’ and acting like children !

    • Why the need to resort to insults? I’m counting on you to apologise to those you call “bitchin’ children” when, come February 15, Trump doesn’t deliver on his promise.

      • Beth doesn’t understand the wall could have been built using money from the military budget. He has plenary powers he hasn’t used. The Trump progeny are all married to Jews. Wake up!

  27. I have a feeling President Trump did this to throw the shutdown onus square on Pelosi and Schumer. He is going to “negotiate in good faith” with them for the 3 weeks leading up to February 15th. When they still refuse to talk he will declare an emergency of national security to get the wall ball rolling. The man has tried to keep every promise he made and has for the most part. I will vote for him again in 2020 and do it proudly.

    • Here’s the problem with that:

      __Potus ALREADY “put the onus on Pelosi/Schumer for the Shutdown.”

      __Potus ALREADY attempted to “negotiate in good faith” with them. Foregoing vacation time he instead sat in the Oval Office throughout the holidays tweeting out to the world, “I’m HERE! waiting for Dems to come negotiate!”

      How much more “good faith begging & waiting” should he need to do? & should we have to endure? Not picking on you, just saying. 😉

      I saw a Bill Mitchell tweet from this morning saying that Potus does NOT need the Dems’ nor Repubs’ approval. All he has to do is declare a National Security issue to take the funds from other depts. & get it/Wall done.

      Fine. But why the hay did he not do that in Jan. 2017? Or a year later in Jan. 2018? He’s wasted two years trying to do things THEIR way. Just Stop! (I say to him, not you) & take the bull by the horns already. (I’ve read that Obummer declared National Security/Emergencies 13 times while he was President & nobody blinked.)

    • Wrong again watertender. He promised to drain the swamp and brought the waterhose with him. Please tell me how hiring Bolton, Haley, Abrams and now Barr is draining the swamp?

  28. Trump is going to have to pull a rabbit out of the hat in February. Hopefully there is more to this than meets the eye. Perhaps he is just trying to buy himself a little time for what he has planned. National emergency? Maybe, and have the military build the wall. Get more dirt on the Dems to knock them down? Maybe. Military tribunal? Maybe. I hope he’s got something up his sleeve, otherwise he may be finished. Maybe.

  29. In other crappy news I just heard on the Ted & Austin Broer (1-hour M-F) radio show from yesterday 1/25/19:

    __A “Fast Track DNA” law was passed & Potus did NOT veto it. That law says that every person arrested for anything, even before being charged or convicted of any crime, automatically gets their DNA taken at time of arrest & entered into whatever DNA Database they already have.

    __The USDA made a new “Labeling Rule” that food companies do not have to list certain ingredients such as HFCS, GMOs, etc.

    __Arizonians Beware: A new law proposed by Dems will remove (if ever passed) the “personal choice” exemption re vaccines. The “religious & medical” exemptions would still apply except not for schools.

    Next I’m going to listen to the Broers’ 1/24/19 show because its description includes: “5G Safety Regulations Repealed by Trump.” Sigh!

    (Broers were 100% Trump & voted for him but increasingly became fed up in recents weeks/months re his giving $10 mil to Mexico after the last “border crisis,” choosing Deep State Barr as AG choice, etc. etc.)

    • Thank you for mentioning Ted & Austin Broer. They’re on Hagmann & Hagmann every other Friday, generally, and both are walking encyclopedias of history and proper health and nutrition.
      I have not yet bought any of their supplements because of my budget but I do look forward to trying their “Purple Sticks.”

  30. Dems: we won’t negotiate until the government re-opens

    Trump: we’ll open the government for 3 weeks to negotiate (just like the Dems requested). Solution must include funding for the wall or I’ll either declare an emergency or shut down the government again. Regardless the wall will be built.

    Hmm: I interpreted the speech as putting the Dems on the spot. If in 3 weeks we don’t start seeing the wall being built, then I would agree that yes, Trump caved. Until then, stop sounding like CNN.

  31. The Democrats certainly behave like Trump caved.

    In a press conference following Trump’s announcement that he would sign a short-term continuing resolution to fund the federal government through mid-February, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer scolded and mocked the President of the United States as if he’s a child (Daily Wire):

    “The American people do not like it when you throw a wrench into the lives of government workers over an unrelated political dispute. Working people throughout America empathized with the federal workers and were aghast at what the president was doing to them. Hopefully, now the president has learned his lesson.”

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  33. “And the Democrats certainly behave like Trump caved.”
    Of COURSE they do-the Dems are fighting for their lives.
    What I saw was damage control. Go ahead and pay the workers. Give the Dems 3 weeks to get their shit together and do something-just ONE thing right. He KNOWS they won’t-he knew it before he offered to re-open the Government for 3 weeks. But America HEARD him give the the Government’s people their pay,and give the Dems an ultimatum: Have a plan he can support when 3 weeks have gone by INCLUDING THE 5.7B for the wall, or the National Emergency,Army Corps of Engineers go to work on the wall the next day. Once that call is made-INSTANT LOSS for the Dems. Hey-even many of the DEMOCRATS are pissed about the Pelosi/Schumer power play at America’s expense. While they may not vote for Trump in the 2020 election,a LOT of ’em will at least vote Independent or Libertarian JUST to keep from voting Liberal.
    It saddens me greatly to hear so many of you come unglued over this. Trump DIDN’T CAVE. He did what he had to do to get some people paid. Now,if by the 15th the Dems refuse to give him wall funding (5.7 Billion if I remember right),and I’m SURE they’ll refuse,They even FURTHER show what fluff they’re made of,they give us the wall and we can watch them kiss their asses good bye.
    Keep carrying good thoughts,PRAY for our President,his family and his Administration,and,after all the GOOD our President has done,support him and don’t throw him under the bus. Think seriously what the alternative would be…..

    • Good advice, truck. President Trump and America are in my prayers, every morning.
      But I must disagree with you on this: Pointing out he may have caved isn’t “throwing him under the bus”. My #1 commitment is to the truth, because God is truth.

  34. Building the wall (and issuing a Immigration Moratorium) to stop the immigration invasion is the most environmental thing congress/President can do. Environmental 101: Human population growth is the #1 factor FOR ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION. Human population growth in the US (and all other Western countries) is driven exclusively by immigration. More people (immigrants) more pollution, more of those evil Globull Warming/Climate Change Green House Gases, less open spaces/wildlife habitat=less wildlife, and more ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION!


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