Trump-accuser George Stephanopoulos’ wife appeared on TV topless

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Three days ago, our DCG posted about ABC anchor, chief political correspondent and “Good Morning America” host George Stephanopoulos accusing President Trump of “consistently, every single time” taking the side of the man in sexual misconduct allegations.

This is the same Stephanopoulos who was the campaign adviser, senior presidential adviser, and White House director of communications of Bill Clinton, rapist and sexual assaulter.

Bill Clinton ogles women, with his fly unzipped

This is the same Stephanopoulos whose 50-year-old wife, actress-comedian Ali Wentworth, went on national TV stripped to her waist, with just pasties covering her nipples.

Frankly, if I were George Stephanopoulos, I wouldn’t talk so loudly about sexual misconduct, given the cringe-worthy public behavior of my wife.

Stephanopoulos and Wentworth’s two daughters must be so proud.

By the way, George, you’re wrong. President Trump took the side of women in sexual misconduct cases. Their names are Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, and Kathleen Willey!


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19 responses to “Trump-accuser George Stephanopoulos’ wife appeared on TV topless

  1. Yeah, classy.

    I ain’t got no time for these HYPOCRITICAL actresses. Until ONE of them stands up and believes (publicly) Juanita, Paula, Kathleen or Karen Monahan, screw ’em. Bunch of partisan hacks.

    I’m also waiting for them to publicly shame Les Moonves. Notice how Hollyweird has been awfully, awfully quiet about him.

  2. Facts never get in the way of their statements, do they? Odd that, given his employment history, he would forget those very real accusers of his former boss.

    Watching these guys is like watching some privileged club of miscreants glibly bragging about what they can get away with and still have the temerity to lecture others.

  3. Fidget Georgie Porgie did do us a great favor when he interviewed Obama, and Obama revealed his “Muslim Faith”

  4. And these same people believing all against Kavanaugh are silent about Ellison. Where there is plenty of proof. Hypocrites. This has nothing to do with protecting women, but delaying the vote. Kavanaugh doesn’t want to kill babies and the left can’t have him around. They even accuse the man of reversing Roe V Wade, when the SC doesn’t make the laws, only interprets it.
    She is a tool for their victory, nothing else.

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  6. This is the Left for you: They claim they’re on the side of the victim, yet they cannot see their double-standards to save their lives. Bill Clinton was and still is given a pass for his crimes, yet crucify Kavanaugh they will. This is because they want to run the show and have their unnatural ideology of materialism and sexual release reign forever.
    And they cannot see they are the Puritans they railed against 50 years ago. Yes, the Left is authoritarian, and they will have bad women reign over them. And we must keep in mind that demographics is destiny: These are the bleating wails of a dying civilization. A new and authoritarian civilization of TERROR is coming: It is called ISLAM, and it has the demographics on its side.

  7. They’ve told so many lies that they can’t keep up with what they lied about. I really believe that they either believe themselves or they think everybody else is so stupid that they won’t notice. Deny, delay, deceive, dinagrate, destroy. It’s all they know and they think that that is what everybody believes.
    Truly, Liberisim is a mental disorder.

    • Rush Limbaugh has been on the Dr Rossitter’s Liberalism is a mental illness and the party is made up of people with psychological disorders, like “Dr” Ford

  8. Why did she bother?

  9. And now that entire blog that found the Holton-Arms yearbook has been “removed”. The censors are showing their fascist face for everyone to see.
    Q told us it would happen:
    “TWITTER has been given the green light to blanket censor all content deemed to threaten their SURVIVAL [election].
    GOOG – FB will follow.
    Welcome to the POLICE STATE.

  10. CogitoErgoSumantra

    I have to feel sorry for George Stephanopoulos…
    Nearly as bad as what Janet Jackson forced us to look at.
    I actually hadn’t seen Ali in over a decade… used to think she was a bit funny, ditsy, in a silly kind of way… the kind of woman you’d expect George NOT to choose as a wife.
    Here are my requirements, for the record:
    1. Godly
    2. Intelligent
    3. Independent
    4. Hard working
    5. Respectable/moderate (sorry, Ali)
    6. Decent looking
    7. Hopefully over 5’6″… so I don’t have to bend down too far for a kiss!
    But if she’s quite petite, I suppose I could just carry her around with me.

    Funny how a morning without Senate JCom hearings can lighten the mood.


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