Trump 2020 Campaign releases a devastating video of Dem frontrunner Joe Biden

In the latest National NBC/WSJ poll, taken on Sept. 13-16, of 506 Democrat primary voters, Joe Biden continues to lead:

Biden 31% (+5 from July)
Warren 25% (+6)
Sanders 14% (+1)
Buttigieg 7% (even)
Harris 5% (-8)
Yang 4% (+2)
Klobuchar 2% (+1)
Booker 2% (+1)

Trump 2020 campaign’s Trump War Room just released this devastating — and hilarious — video on Biden, the Demonrat frontrunner.

Townhall‘s Guy Benson writes:

If there’s any doubt about which 2020 Democrat Team Trump is working overtime to prevent from becoming their general election opponent, doubt no more.  The Trump campaign’s various social media feeds have been relentlessly negative about Biden for months — while criticizing others in the field, of course — and now the re-election crew has produced a truly brutal compilation of the former Vice President’s various gaffes and brain fog moments over the course of the still-young primary campaign.  Everyone is aware of Biden’s propensity to botch lines, ramble incoherently, and bungle facts; indeed, this flaw has barely fazed Democratic voters.  But watching so many of them in a single reel, interspersed with negative media analysis and fellow Democrats questioning his fundamental fitness as a candidate, is still an arresting experience

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Hahahahaha, ohhhh, my ribs hurt!!! Pancho Beto didn’t make the cut? Hahahahaha Hahahaha!!!


He’s a mess…

Captain America
Captain America

I hope it is Joe. He’s the one on that stage with the least potential, and least desire, to destroy America. I also heard he is about to name his playmate, I mean running mate after she is born.


Going from the democrats’ recent performance (?),They’ll probably choose Biden as their man. He could BARELY handle being Obama’s #2 man-if he becomes the Liberal Candidate,he might as well just go on a LOOOOOOONG European vacation–about 5 years worth ought to do it. Maybe by then he’ll have forgotten where came from……


This is the best the demonrats can do? Hope he’s the pick. It’ll be fun watching him debate President Trump.