Truckers demand Impeachment!


Did you know that Pres. Lucifer closed the World War II Memorial in D.C., although the memorial had been built with private (not government) funds?

Did you know, however, that illegals were allowed to demonstrate in the National Mall just a few feet away from the WWII Memorial, on Tuesday, Oct. 7 — notwithstanding the supposed government shutdown?

Illegals at National Mall

Here’s an update of the Truckers Ride For the Constitution movement:


These are the demands of

Our Constitutional demands are simple:  We want our legislators to follow the law.

Independent truckers are leading this convoy to deliver their Trucker demands in their left hand, but must importantly, the U.S. Constitution and non-negotiable demands in their right hand.  Here’s a few examples of what all Americans can get behind:

1)     The U.S.A. shall not support al-Qaeda.   Legislators such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham, et. al  have already betrayed the American people in this regard, and must immediately resign.

2)     The Debt-Ceiling shall not be raised. Period.

3)     NSA Surveillance and archiving of the entire world’s communications must cease & desist.

4)     The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 must be nullified, and the public must be made aware of the implications of repealing the Smith Mundt Act. (allows Pentagon to spend billions on fake news stories for propaganda within the USA)

5)     The I.R.S. must cease and desist their terror campaign upon political opponents on behalf of the Obama administration.

6)     Benghazi, Seal Team 6, Fast & Furious, Syria Chemical Weapons attack and Boston marathon bombing must be investigated and publicly exposed.

7)     Barack Obama must leave office voluntarily and immediately.

8)     9-11 forensic investigation filed in Dr. Judy Wood’s Qi Tam Case in the federal court system must be addressed and publicly disclosed.

9)    CIA Whistleblowers with knowledge that Osama Bin Laden was dead well before Obama claimed must be granted immunity for their whistle blowing testimony. (Osama Bin Laden was on the US payroll in 1999, and the CIA delivered a dialysis machine to his death bed.  We have audio testimony from a confidential whistleblower who will testify to these facts.)

10)  All legislators and government officials who have sworn an oath to defend and support the U.S. Constitution must do so.  Those who violate their oath shall be prosecuted immediately.  All legislators who signed the NDAA 2012 must vacate their office immediately.

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AKA John Galt
7 years ago

Reblogged this on U.S. Constitutional Free Press.

7 years ago

Power to the People, via courageous Truckers – God bless you guys and gals!

7 years ago

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[…] Dr. Eowyn is the Editor of Fellowship of the Minds. […]

7 years ago

Now if we can just get the rest of America to get on board we will have a GREAT government again. We have a GREAT COUNTRY, we need the government to follow suit! Semper Fi.

7 years ago

I applaude these brave trucker for standing up against tyranny by our government. Also to the brave veterans who above all odds who showed their true courage and took back the veterans memorial hich belongs to the citizens of this country. These memorials, these parks belong to the people of this country. Not the government! This potus has no idea of who he is fooling around with. He thinks inflicting pain on people will make people bow to him, but it only wakes up more and more people to his agendas.


[…] Truckers demand Impeachment! […]

7 years ago

“Dr. Eowyn:”
Why did you find it necessary to take this clip from the Russian Times? Couldn’t you find something American? It’s offensive for that reason.

7 years ago

AB, Our Gov’t controlled propaganda media is being censored. Sad but true. To get the truth, you have to look at outside meda. Example, Snowden, until the NY Times got involved only after the fact.

Alice Wolf
Alice Wolf
7 years ago

Another voice crying in the wilderness. We need to be in one place and in one accord and the Holy Ghost will lead us into all truth. The still small voice is sayng FEAR NOT……………LO I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS……
Sleep well truckers and others who are pressing towards the mark of the high calling whether they know it or not. We do have power and it lies in our tongues we just have to speak God’s will into the problem. HE IS BEAUTIFUL FOR SITUATIONS. Thy Kingdom come Lord.l…they will be done…