Truck carrying "Martial Law" signs seen in Missouri

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I had prepared a draft of this post back on October 27, 2012 — mere days before the all-important November 6 elections. But my source was adamant that FOTM shouldn’t publish it because it would “frighten” the American people. I very much disagreed with his stance (my reason is below in red), but acceded to his wish.
Now that even the Left are talking about the Obama regime instigating martial law (see TrailDust’s post “Warnings from the Left and the Right about Obama’s plans martial law), I see no reason why I should hold back this post. (Besides, I am no longer on speaking terms with the source because, once again, he wanted to withhold the truth about another matter from our readers.) Here is my post, as I had written it on Oct. 27 last year.
FOTM has an unspoken policy not to traffic in unsubstantiated rumors. But I decided to do this post because I believe the importance of the subject matter warrants countervening that policy.
The rumor is that some in the Obama regime are making preparations for martial law. If such a plan indeed is being hatched, exposure of the plan to public knowledge can act as a deterrent, much as sunlight has a salubrious disinfectant effect on toxic bacteria.
Here’s the rumor. A trusted friend of FOTM received this email from “Joe,” a former U.S. Marine. Here’s Joe’s email, dated Oct. 18, 2012:

Stopped at the new Mo rest area on IH44 this PM. There was a 18 wheeler loaded with big signs. On my way back from the whiz room, took a look at the signs about 8′ x 10′. I could not believe what I was reading:

Alas, Joe did not take a picture of the signs, probably because he didn’t have a camera handy.
So I went scouring the Internet searching for any report that others also have seen the signs. All I could find was an assertion that “Martial Law” signs were seen in Utah in June or July 2012.
The claim was made on the Drake Blog Radio Show of July 4, 2012. In the audio below, beginning at the 15:10 mark, Drake Bailey said that “a few days ago” a military truck wrecked in the woods in Utah. The people who came to help saw that the truck was packed with cargo that included signs that said “Bank Closed” and “Martial Law,” as well as “paperwork” that says the signs are to be “put out” in October, right before the election.

When we put these sightings of “Martial Law” signs in the context of the posts FOTM have done on military drills with Black Hawk helicopters over urban cities, the DHS arming itself to the teeth with armored vehicles, battle rifles, and hollow-point bullets, etc. (see below), speculations and rumors about an Obama martial law no longer seem so far-fetched.


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0 responses to “Truck carrying "Martial Law" signs seen in Missouri

  1. hey, you guys…”Please rebuke this in the Name of Jesus!”
    Super sign: blackout @ Mercedes Benz Stadium

  2. We all know the welcome hand of volunteer first responders. Growing up in America, we knew we could trust the local policemen and firemen. They were our neighbors. When violent storms or a black-out put our electricity out for a week, there was never a risk of society breaking down, no sense that this was anything to worry about; we didn’t loot one another, but helped each other.
    But now the thought of some group of young people, aged 17 to 25, sweeping in from out of state to “help” us doesn’t sound so good, particularly because their “help” is not needed among people with good character.
    I hate to say it, but this thing walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. Blue is a noble looking color, a great visual euphemism to hide wicked intent.
    Perhaps martial law was an imminent option on Zero’s table, to be implemented if late breaking poll numbers indicated an election defeat. If assurances were received of a successfully rigged election, then he would not have to unmask his agenda in such a risky manner. All those signs (and hollow point bullets) could wait for another day.
    Psalms 46 and 91 promise divine protection in times like these. They work for me, and will for you, also.

  3. [caption id="attachment_74352" align="alignnone" width="300"]A Costly Lunch A Costly Lunch[/caption]
    Nothing available to us for self defense holds a candle to our modern military weapons. If faced with helicopter gunships hunting American civilians, there’s not doubt who will win. However, I would remind us all of our earlier picture of a lion looking at a porcupine. The porcupine couldn’t win, but neither could the lion enjoy its lunch. An armed civilian looks like a porcupine to a well armed, blue shirted Obamabot.

  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this post about the king declaring martial law and the physical evidence to verify his intentions. Frankly, I would not put anything past the king; his disregard for our country and his desire to make radical secularism the religion of this country, putting forth his ideologies upon Americans by executive orders and mandates. We all know that he is capable of great evil, notwithstanding what he has already accomplished and his full support of infanticide by opposing the Born Alive Protection Act and his rampant support and agenda for abortion, including partial birth abortion, grisly and horrible procedures, the killing of babies, of children. The king doesn’t care about honoring the Constitution or the other branches of government; he could care less-it is all about his ideology.

  5. This IS rather frightening… not just because this was a post that was dated last year but a dream that I had looking out my dining room window. People were being loaded in the back of a garbage truck and some man in military outfit with a bullhorn was calling out to people to come out. People were mindless leaving their homes and getting into the garbage truck. I wonder now what happened when the garbage truck closed on its *garbage*? Would that be yet another way in which to get rid of the useless eaters? That is all I remember about the dream. It is over 2 years old.
    something wicked this way comes.

    • This kind of “understanding” must not be discounted but found noteworthy. Pray about it and ask God for wisdom and understanding. As for “someting wicked this way comes,” it has already arrived; it is called “in your face evil.”

  6. joandarc,
    thanks, bless you.

  7. It’s a law of the universe………darkness cannot survive where there is light.

  8. I love it when the sheep say Our govt wouldn’t do something so evil etc… When it is proven that in the 1930s the US Banking elites (JP Morgan, Rothschilds and Rockefellers) financed Hitler with many millions of $s to fund his war machine. Ford and General Motors in conjunction with Standard Oil and the German Industrial giant IG Farben, opened factories in Germany providing parts and weapons for this war machine of Hitlers. They even had the audacity to warn our Bomber Force of planes to not HIT THEIR Factories and although most industry in Germany was wiped out at wars end, the factories that had connections to US Business and banks only lost 15% of their factories.
    I Hope even the sheep can see just how corrupt bankers are; as even during the WW2 even Hitler didn’t touch Switzerland AND Hid all the Nazi gold and antiques/art they stole in those same banks that provided the Cash to fight the war, CORRUPT Murderers!!! They should ALL be dealt with in the only way that war criminals and traitors should be dealt with, PUBLIC Hangings.

  9. Just one of the many reasons why gun sales are ‘necessarily skyrocketing’ and there is not much ammo to be had across the country.

    • Are you serious??
      What the hell are you and your friends and I and my friends going to do with the popguns we (still) legally buy in the US against the USA’s MILITARY? Do you have any clue what type of weapons the USA has in its arsenal? What the hell does this have to do with gun sales and ammo disappearing?
      Only a fool would think he can outgun a warship with a BB gun.

      • [caption id="attachment_77394" align="alignnone" width="300"]quill_face A Very Expensive Lunch[/caption]
        You’re right KPRyan, the sophisticated weapons of our military are vastly superior to anything we could use in defense. The point is, they are a serious deterrent.

      • Thanks for the quote KPRyan.
        “Only a fool would think he can outgun a warship with a BB gun.”
        So very logical and true!!

      • Who says our military and law enforcement will be against the American people after all it is their families too. Look for UN soldiers to do his dirty work.


  11. So damn many distractions.
    Meanwhile Israel continues to pull America around by the gold ring they’ve placed in America’s nose.
    But why focus on that? Instead it’s better to worry about ‘Martial Law’ signs that apparently fell of a wrecked truck in Utah (of all places). Why pay attention to Israel’s bombing of Syria 48 or so hours ago? Better to focus on the evils of the jackass politicians in the US. But here’s the reality. NO ONE gains a position of power in the US unless first vetted (and proven to be controlable) by Israel.
    Don’t believe it? Take a real close look at the Hagel hearings of the past week. He had to basically swear allegience to Israel before being granted the right to follow Israel’s orders and bomb foreign (or maybe domestic) lands.
    All much to do about nothing…. in the grand scheme of things.

    • Make sure you remember it’s “All much to do about nothing” when martial law is declared and you are “detained” without charge or trial, a la the NDAA that both houses of Congress approved, the House Amendment of which was overruled, and signed into law by Obama.
      So good to know you’ll still have your Jew-hate to comfort you in your indefinite detention.

      • YES Dr. Eowyn you are correct that Congress ALSO signed the NDAA into being, THIS is WHY I don’t trust the 2 party system of politics! It is corrupt and they are ALL Really on the same side. The side of the bankers and big business of the world NOT the people who actually OWN the world, the sooner we truly realise this and start a system of protest and stop them keeping the people in chains, the better.
        Regarding this NDAA being signed too, Congress were given this 1,000 page document at 7am and had to Vote on it at 11am, as soon as I knew this fact, it was most obvious that it was all a scam. What sort of people paid to oversee something would sign off, such an important document without being given chance to read/appraise the consequences 1st? CORRUPT Ones!

  12. If anyone wants to know WHY Israel has so much power over the Western world countries of such great power that we could crush them without raising a sweat? A: it’s because the state of Israel was dreamed up and financed/controlled by the Richest family in the global banker world, The Rothschilds, even the so called Israel Star of David was NOT a jewish symbol, it was 1st noted in the Family Crest of the Rothschilds when they were money lenders to kings and govts to finance wars when they armed/financed BOTH Sides all the time, guaranteeing they were ALWAYS on the winning sides.
    Therefore, the USA/Europe/UK ARE Owned too by the Rothschilds, as THEIR Banking networks own the Federal Reserve and most major global banking corps that are in any way a major force. This allows them influence beyond their publicity because they are the kingmakers, and as long as OUR World is governed by these EVIL men we will never truly be FREE!!!!

    • Paul, here’s a Wikipedia page that lists uses of the star of David in synagogs dating back as far as the 3rd or 4th century AD.
      Wikipedia is not the most authoritative source, but it does indicate that the Rothschilds did not bring the star of David into usage among Jewish people.

      • Hi Trail, regarding the use of in the 3rd/4th century, at that time it was Not in use as a symbol of judaism it was a decorative and some say Kabalah Magcal symbol which is why many Orthodox jews today don’t recognise its use. This is what the same Wiki page states about its use;
        ” As a symbol of Judaism
        In the 17th century, the Shield of David as the hexagram began to represent the Jewish community generally, when the Jewish quarter of Vienna was formally distinguished from the rest of the city by a boundary stone having the hexagram on one side and the Christian cross on the other.”
        I don’t wish to argue with you over it, I was actually trying to point out that the Rothschilds with their supreme control over the global banking world have hijacked this symbol to align themselves with the Jewish race when they weren’t even Jews themselves.

      • Trail, I just re-read my post and I did say it was 1st noted ….when I meant to say it was 1st used by the Rothschilds to align themselves as Jews, to make them credible in some way that they obviously felt lacking. Maybe because Jews were especially renowned for their banking skills around that time.

  13. Do you all know the IMPRECATORY PSALMS? It would probably be best if we alert everyone we know to start praying them. Several of us have been in them for a good while. But first, one must be righteous before God, confessing any and all sin and repenting, and pleading for mercy. The psalms are 7, 35, 55, 58, 59, 69,79,109, 137,139,140. They invoke judgment or curses on one’s enemies. The purposes of David’s imprecatory psalms are 1, to demonstrate God’s just and righteous judgment toward the wicked (58:11), 2, to show the authority of God over the wicked (59:13) 3, to lead the wicked to seek the Lord (83:16), and 4, to cause the righteous to praise God (7:17). Therefore, out of zeal for God and abhorrence of sin, the psalmist calls on God to punish the wicked and to vindicate His righteousness. God is our only Hope.

  14. This is not the kind of signs that Jesus was talking about.
    These signs may be put up but they are not Godly and the bible says, No weapon formed against us shall prosper. So they can sign themselves into bankruptcy if they want but it’s still bonkers. We have to call it what it is, if it is quacking and it’s a duck, then it’s a CRAZY DUCK! Have we all gone nuts? Who paid for those signs, that’s my first thought, and who was nutty enough to paint them? These people belong in an asylum.
    We cannot go along and get along with lunatics, can we?
    We can choose what kind of future we want and these signs are certainly not part of any kind of future that I believe in. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, and the object of that faith is God Almighty, so now that we got this far, let’s have faith in the God who gave us the ability to choose blessing or cursing, and also “choose life!” That’s just fine by me. Get the gong out, and let’s gong these ungodly signs out. I love the gong show..


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