U.S. military's confidence in Obama plummets to 25%

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Military Times conducted a poll last November and found that only 1 in 4 members of the United States Armed Forces has confidence in their Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama.
You’d think this is important news.
But did you hear/read about it? No? Join the club because I only just discovered this, from an e-mail I received from my dear friend Bill O.
Elaine Donnelly reports for Big Peace, Nov. 15, 2011, that the 2011 Military Times Poll of active-duty subscribers found that confidence in the overall job performance of Obama has plummeted from 70% to 25%. Here’s the graph:

A main reason for slumping morale is weariness with the war in Afghanistan, which is now America’s longest war. Approval of Obama’s handling of Afghanistan has slipped from 47% to 26%.
The Times further noted, “Slightly less than half of readers said the U.S. is ‘very likely’ or ’somewhat likely’ to succeed in Afghanistan.”  Support is even lower among troops who have deployed in the Afghan war’s Operation Enduring Freedom−significantly less than the 75% level just four year ago in 2007.
Military Times polls in previous years have generally found evidence of fairly high morale.  But in 2011, several indicators showed a hard turn downward.  For example, the percentage of active-duty troops who would recommend a military career to others was 76%, but that number is 9 points lower than it was only one year ago.  (Army Times editorial, Sept. 19, 2011)
No doubt, our troops in Afghanistan also appreciate the fact that, while they daily risk their lives in that hellhole, their Commander In Chief however finds taking pictures with them to be onerous.

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0 responses to “U.S. military's confidence in Obama plummets to 25%

  1. Can you blame them? Skippy cares only about one thing – himself.

  2. Whatever the supposed mission in Afganistan is, the opium and poppy production has skyrocketed, and the stocks of it, however it’s stocked, are reputedly enough for years to come. The sales have been said to be laundered through the international banking systems and have kept it afloat, yippee!!!! And millions of Russians and Iranians amonst others have become addicted to heroin or other opiates, on the black market not the pharmaceutical regular market, I guess that’s being supplied too. So our troops have been used and abused by the major drug pushers. It must be very lucrative because to get military supplies and equipment etc, is extremely tortuous and requires vast bribes to various warlords etc and trucking moguls en route, and thousands upon thousands of trucks carrying US supplies etc have pouff!!!!! disappeared. Vast sums of money is being spent on promoting wars yet the soldiers pay and their retirement pensions and their medical needs being met are paltry, if not downright lousy.
    How sad is that. Percentages are interesting but now what? Guys will chain themselves to the WH railings for gay rights in the military, but to get rid of the worst Commander in Chief in human history, who’s just about to have us all blown up by launching World War Three, nary a peep. ORly Taitz is the laughing stock of the MSM and the suits that are being entertained regarding Obama’s legitimacy as president are barely remarked upon. An election is brewing and he is still throwing his weight around all over the place. If the military won’t stand up for it’s rights, and the DOJ is not being dismantled because of treachery, especially over Fast And Furious, another Drug related menace, what are we to think? There must be a lot of sniffing and snorting going on around the Capital on the Hill.

  3. where? who? how the 25%-our Military are very intelligent. this is just like the polls you see on the commie media,I think soros buys all of them out. Should be negative 25

  4. He is after all “the Man of Peace” not the “man of War”. The other leg has the bells on it!

  5. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for this revealing post! The last part of your post says it all to me, that Obama found taking pictures with U.S. troups “onerous” and he did not like that activity. Absolutely unbelievable! This shows that he has no comprehension of their sacrifices, nor does he have empathy, typical of a narcissist who thinks he is a messiah! God help us!


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