Troops coming home…

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Twenty-five soldiers surprise their loved ones…
I never tire of watching these videos.  And I usually need a tissue by the time I’m done watching them 🙂

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  1. Thanks DCG, this put a smile on my face…

  2. May God bless them and protect them. I have two nephews on active duty in the Navy right now. I just returned from a Women’s Retreat with my church. Two of the women attending have sons in Afhganistan now. War is not abstract. It is the blood of our nation. It is the hearts of the families left behind. It is in the broken souls who are tragically injured physicallly and emotionally. It is the empty chair for those who will never return. Thank God these families were able to experience this joy.

  3. Sniff, sniff

  4. So sorry you had to experience that Terry 🙁 Thanks for your service!

  5. Thank you for your service,Terry. We weren’t married yet but my husband served for nineteen months in the Phillipines and seven months on a carrier off Vietnam, serving four years in total from 68-72. Many of his friends served in the Army, Air Force and Coast Guard. It was a tough time. I am so glad that the military men and women and their families are getting recognition for their service now.

  6. *sniff .. These Always leave me in tears of joy… Those little sons and daughters just bust into tears upon seeing their dad return and I am so moved… God love ’em!
    I am so proud of our troops, and am so glad that many are returning home, alive and well… God Bless them ALL and their families, as some will face more trials ahead…We should keep them in our prayers! 🙂

  7. Dude, thank you. Got similar at Kent State, hear you.

  8. Good stuff. 🙂 Really.

  9. Dennis H. Bennett

    Terry: When and where in Nam? I was at Long Binh 69-70m 24th Evac HospItal I was soooo glad to get home. Our first child was born 6 months after I was in country. There are many of us who know what it takes to serve-that’s what made these returning troops (video) so special for me. It gives a window for people to see what the Vietnam Vet missed upon return.
    We can thank George Bush for recognizing/promoting the honor with which we all served.


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