Tribute to the Low-Information Voter

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Jesus Was Shot by Lee Harvey Oswald in the 1300’s

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0 responses to “Tribute to the Low-Information Voter

  1. I’m speechless . . .

    • Me too! With voters like this, who needs vote fraud?

      • I’m horrified that these people can find their way to the voting booths, and on the right day :0
        I’ll tell you one thing though, this finally disproves the theory of evolution, what other evidence does anyone need?

  2. Or, Just to prove that some of the DUMBEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, are right here in the U.S…… And voting for Hussein/ sotero….

  3. Well, it is California and these people do vote.

  4. O.M.G.
    To quote our Dave: “We’re doomed.”

  5. Face plant…

  6. If I wasn’t a Christian and followed His Laws, I might consider euthanasia as a viable alternative…..

  7. Honestly, it’s NOT my age [70], but we really were better informed back then in GRADE school than these [likely] HS graduates! Terrible, it’s as bad as the Roman Empire circa 200 AD….

    • I’m the same age as you. I wonder if it’s because we were taught stuff like reading, writing, and thinking. i don’t think we had a class in PC. Is it a wonder so many college kids can’t even spell?

    • I noticed with my own daughter that standards of education were lower than in my day. She’s now a doctor but that doesn’t prove anything. In another generation we will be looked after by zombies.

  8. It’s really hard to believe in this. How can this be possible? Do they know who Jesus is? They have no idea what B.C. and A.D. stands for, do they? It is amazing!!!

  9. Dumber than a sack of sand.

  10. Dang. And you can’t fix stupid.

  11. Actually, I think we have now moved beyond doomed and are headed for screwed.
    These people shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a voting booth.

  12. Morons……even the older folks were idiots.

  13. Makes you wonder what they really value.. Or, what they really know..

  14. How can anyone be so stupid, and still have a functional nervous system, capable of regulating heart and lung functions? How do these morons even cross a busy street?

  15. If I didn’t here this with my own ears, I would never have believed it !How can anybody be so freaking stupid . I was L.M.A.O. through the whole video saying out-loud NO , NO , they can’t be this lame . But ,sad to say , they are that dumb .


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