Transgender Man Claims He Was Booted From Men’s Locker Room At Staten Island Pool

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CBS New York: A transgender man is suing the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, claiming he was kicked out of a men’s locker room at a public pool on Staten Island.

Bryan John Ellicott, who works for the city’s Office of Emergency Management, filed the lawsuit Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The 24-year-old claims that on July 21, 2013 three parks department workers violated his civil rights and discriminated against him based on his gender when he visited the Joseph H. Lyons Pool.

Ellicott claims the workers kicked him out of the men’s locker room. “They made an assumption and I didn’t give them any documentation they didn’t ask for,” Ellicott said. “They gave me the option of going to the women’s locker room or leaving and I just left. I picked up my stuff and left.”

Ellicott, who has been living openly as a male since 2012, is currently transitioning from female to male, but has yet to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

“Like hundreds of other New Yorkers that day, I was just trying get some relief from the sweltering heat and enjoy an afternoon at the pool,” Bryan said. “Instead, I was singled out by pool staff because I am transgender. They harassed and humiliated me. No one deserves to be treated that way, but it’s an all-too-common experience for transgender people like me when we use restrooms and locker rooms.”

Ellicott chose his male name in honor of his father, a 9/11 first responder.

The lawsuit notes that Ellicott’s doctor recognizes him as male, and his sex is also listed as male on his New York State driver’s license.

“A lot of my friends have taken a long time to get to understand how this goes and how I’ve become the way I am now and that I just want to be treated like everyone else and hang out with them without worrying about being discriminated,” Ellicott said.

Michael Silverman, of the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, told 1010 WINS they are asking the New York courts to rule for the first time ever that transgender people are protected by the Human Rights Law when using restrooms or locker rooms that match their sex.

“Incidents like this one severely restrict the ability of transgender people to fully participate in society,” Silverman stated. “Being able to use a restroom without harassment and discrimination is essential to being able to do things like work or use public places. This lawsuit sends a strong message: everyone should have equal access to public facilities. Transgender people cannot be treated as less than full citizens and be denied the use of restrooms and locker rooms just because of who they are.”

Ellicott claims he has not used public pools since the incident and also tries to avoid using public restrooms.

A spokesperson for the city’s Law Department said, “We will review the lawsuit when we are served.”


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0 responses to “Transgender Man Claims He Was Booted From Men’s Locker Room At Staten Island Pool

  1. ” Just because of who they are ” !……What are they by the way ?…………………..CONFUSED ?

  2. Living a lie! How horrible would it be to discover your whole life was a lie?!

    • Their life isn’t a lie; it’s believing they are something contrary to how God made them, that is the lie. satan is known as the great deceiver for a reason.

  3. So let me get this straight (no pun intended), because his driver’s license says he’s male, and his doctor recognized he is male, then he is male. That is some superb liberal logic there. And I love mentioning that he is choosing his name after his father, a 9/11 responder. That adds to the victim profile–we should feel extra sorry for him and give *shim* a huge settlement because ordinary folks could not identify what he believes his gender to be.
    The reason why the transgender suicide rate is 400 percent over that of the regular population is because they enter this process feeling that they don’t fit in–and the process does nothing to change that and only makes it worse. And now this drama becomes part of the court system.

  4. Out on a limb here… but now that we are being forced to think about “transgender” people’s “needs”, along with all the other confused people…In the interim of these people’s transitioning from one sex to another, that they should use the public restroom that matches their “current anatomy”, until such time that they receive the “equipment” that matches the flavor gender that they are aspiring to. In other words, this “woman-man” should continue to use the ladies room, until male equipment is installed. And, in the interest of respect for other people’s sensibilities (I told y’all I am out on a limb here…) that they should skip placing themselves in situations that risk hurting their delicate feelings.
    If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

  5. There is no such thing as “gender transition” in the human world, she is a she and will always be a she, no matter how much she complains and cries and throws fits, science is not God and cannot change a person’s gender, Sadly, such is the hate she has for herself that she is willing to throw away the entire life God gave her to pursue vainity and sexual perversion, she is willing to let fools and idiots tear her body apart and make it into some mutilated mockery that could never hope to be a male. Someone needs to talk to her quickly, before she does any damage that will be irreversible, and as such have the rest of her life stolen from her by the devil. She will not gain happiness that way, and if she does kill herself form being unsatisfied with the “transition” then that angle will be kept silent and they will say “oh she was bullied and persecuted because of her choice” and other similar absolute banal filth to exploit her after death. Such is the absolute evil that the trans and *sexual movements are spawned from. I would request folks say a prayer for her, that she realize the correct path before she makes the worst mistake of her life.

    • people have sex changes (basically castration) they can’t reproduce…people choose homosexual lifestyle, they can’t reproduce…people choose birth control so they can’t reproduce…people have sex like wild animals and get all kinds of incurable diseases and infections that sterilize their reproductive organs, hence, they can’t reproduce…people get HIV from sex and IV drug use and it seroconverts to AIDS, they can’t reproduce…because they’re dead.
      Doesn’t seem to me to be that great of a lifestyle if the end result is unable to reproduce and death, unless, of course, that’s the plan all along.

  6. So I see into the very near future where every public venue will have to have 3 types of restroom/locker rooms. Male female and the undecided.

  7. Totally agree with using the restroom that matches “current anatomy”. If it “looks like a duck”, what are people to think?

  8. Just add a third bathroom and put a sign on the door that says “Its.”


  9. Many years ago, Tony Randall said to Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show: “Marilyn Monroe was a female impersonator.” I believe he was commenting on how the world tends to confuse the trappings of gender with the real thing.

    The above transgender story made me think about that, and about how self-mutilation — tattooing, piercing, plastic surgery, gender “reassignment” are all becoming common, verging on mainstream…even force-fed.

    I thought — with genuine compassion for those suffering identity issues — that it might be better to be confused in a whole, healthy body, than even more confused with a permanently altered, mutilated, malfunctioning neither-fish-nor-fowl body…condemned to “otherness,” condemned to be a permanent outcast.

    And then I remembered that self-mutilation is the act of making one’s internal pain outwardly visible, which makes a lot of sense.

    The world and our identities in it, as men and women, citizens, family members, professionals/employees are changing faster than we can adapt. We are all in pain and are acting out as a society. Maybe we will reach some sort of equilibrium without national or global catastrophe. (I think we will.) (Look what Russia survived.)

    But the sanctuary of God’s love is still the one unchanging thing all of us can rely on, and we can turn to Him and His word, which is unchanging yet miraculously alive to every question we bring to it.

  10. Whine, whine, whine! I’m getting so tired of these whiners who make their silly choices and then blast the world because they don’t get their “due”. Get a real life, whiner!

  11. she/he or what ever chose it’s name in honor of it’s father? That is definitely an indication of confusion; to assume the father would be honored.


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