Transgender George Fox student told he can’t live in male dorms

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jaycen A transgender student has filed a complaint against George Fox University after officials said he couldn’t live with other men on campus during the upcoming school year.

Jaycen, who goes by ‘Jayce,’ is currently a sophomore at the Christian college in Newberg. He has been undergoing a female-to-male transition over the past few years.

Next week, a judge will issue a court order affirming his gender, allowing him to change his gender on his driver’s license, birth certificate and with Social Security.

But when Jayce asked school officials in December if he could live with his male friends during the upcoming school year, George Fox denied his request.

Now, Jayce is fighting to live in male housing and has filed a formal complaint against the college, alleging discrimination on the basis of sex and gender in violation of Title IX.

“The university’s decision makes me feel rejected, misunderstood and punished for something I cannot change,” Jayce said. “It also makes me anxious and nervous about where I’ll be able to live next year, and the year after that.”

Jayce said the university is proposing a housing policy based on “biological birth sex,” which would mean if he wanted to live on campus, it would have to be with women.

I feel like I deserve to be treated better, so I am asserting my rights under Title IX,” he said. “I am a man. I deserve to be treated like any other man on campus.”

According to the complaint, George Fox University did “conditionally approve” Jayce to live off-campus with male students during a one-year exception.

The school also said the Jayce could live in a single room on campus, but according to the complaint, that option “would harm him psychologically and socially and make it impossible for him to receive a safe and quality educational experience at George Fox.”

Jayce’s mother, Janice, has started a petition, asking George Fox to stop denying her son’s on-campus housing request.

(From the petition: “Being a religiously-affiliated school does not mean having to be unwilling to hear Jayce’s story, see past preconceived notions of sex and gender and respect him for who God made him.”

“As Jayce’s mother, I am deeply concerned by George Fox University’s decision,” Janice said. “I want Jayce be safe and feel included in the campus community.”

The petition has more than 1,000 signatures so far.

In response to the petition, George Fox University issued a statement saying they were “disappointed in how the situation has escalated.”

(From the University’s statement: “Out of respect for the student’s wishes, university staff refers to the student using the masculine pronoun. At this time, the student has not legally changed genders. On many occasions, the student has expressed to Student Life staff that he has felt safe, listened to, supported and cared for at George Fox – by students, faculty and Student Life staff. He has acknowledged that this is why he has chosen to remain at the university.“)

George Fox strives to be a Christ-centered community and our residential facilities are single sex because of our theological commitment,” the response said. “The university has researched the student’s attorney’s legal claims and believes they are without merit, especially given the religious nature of the university.”

From Title IX:

Section 1681. Sex

(a) Prohibition against discrimination; exceptions. No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance, except that:

(3) Educational institutions of religious organizations with contrary religious tenets

this section shall not apply to any educational institution which is controlled by a religious organization if the application of this subsection would not be consistent with the religious tenets of such organization;


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0 responses to “Transgender George Fox student told he can’t live in male dorms

  1. I think the School has the right to decide whom it will accept into its rooms.They aren’t denying this person an education,but are sticking to the rules based on their Religious parameters regarding the cohabitation of different genders. When the student is physically a Male,they should treat him as a Male,but until that time,they’re right to not allow her to cohabit with Males on campus or in University housing…

  2. I guess I don’t see how someone can become a male when they are born female. How far do they take the surgeries? Do they remove the ovaries and uterus? And all parts associated with being a female? I’ve never looked into this because I believe those who are deceived into thinking they are something they are not are just that, deceived. Perhaps this person is just a plant on a Christian campus to achieve the plan of our adversary.

    • Yes, they remove all physical parts that they were born with.
      And it’s expensive. Even Chaz Bono hasn’t had the whole surgery done, still saving money although his mom could easily afford to give him the money to complete it.

    • “science” is flatly unable to create male or female organs and genitalia (to say nothing of the nerve connections and special purpose glands that are required), the only thing these people get is mutilated wads of plastic surgery that may vaguely resemble the organs in question, that’s the whole truth of the matter.

      • it’s all an illusion, she will never be able to father children and he will never be able to carry a baby, give birth or breastfeed. They are caught up living their lives based solely on themselves and genital mutilation. How can one truly find happiness and contentment living a life based on an illusion?

  3. It sounds to me that the University has been quite accomodating. She, on the other hand is being unreasonable. She has been given options which she has refused. She/he is “worried” about safety? Seriously? She still has female genitalia and wants to live in a male dorm. And what about the psychological and emotional “well being” of those she/he would live with? I get so sick of people with sexual identity problems whining about their rights and discrimination. What ever happened to using some common sense?

  4. I posted the link above to show everyone how far this transgender thing has gone already. This is the work of the enemy pure and simple and should not be tolerated in the least. All these so called “rights” and laws that support this behavior is the work of the enemy and is the destruction of society and of a life and body which was given to us by our Father. The only way to stop any aberrant behavior is 0 tolerance. Of course this school might be one of the best Christian schools in the country but it’s hands are tied and they will fall to compromise as is the case in this day and age especially when any Christian view is involved.

    I doubt if this person is a plant as Judy has suggested. It only stands to reason that these poor confused individuals, because of their growing numbers, will now begin the process of pushing for acceptance and the right for them to choose what gender they feel suited to. Hopefully they will not become militant as the sodomites have. Instinct tells me that the transgenders are much more confused and more pure of heart then the above mentioned. I would bet that there would always remain some amount of doubt in their mind about such a drastic decision and a true joyful life for them would for the most part be out of their grasp. Only the indwelling of the Holy Spirit can help these poor souls. The addition of a professional/family intervention would also prove helpful but only if God is kept in the equation. They are not so much different than a drug addict…….just a different type of infestation.

  5. George Fox founded the religious movement which became known as the Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as Quakers. Although it began as a Christ-centered sect, it evolved into a more inclusively-oriented body, perhaps best thought of now as spiritual seekers. I am a Friend by convincement since 1965, and I remain Christ-centered, however, as I strongly believe we all need a mentor, and He’s the best for me.

    I thought I was well-informed on most everything North American Friends are about, but this caught me by surprise. I’ll look into it today at Meeting for Worship and report back, as soon as I have something definitive. I must say the person depicted looks to be a male to me.

    As for genitalia, I understand that a few surgeons do complete transformations, but how anyone except millionaires can afford them is beyond me, as they run into the hundreds of thousands, and often mean going to Swiss clinics. Does anyone know more about this aspect? In any event, it appears that male to female conversions are more successful than female to male, as there are certain deficits that cannot as yet be corrected. But surely only a fraction of a percent of the world’s humans are so afflicted, so what are we looking at, a few hundred world-wide?

  6. Probably another plant. This is beyond ludicrous…it is oxymoronic. If she wants to feel normal then she should find Christ and accept him as her Lord and Savior. I don’t think going to a Christian college and demanding they change their rules according to her whims is very Christian. If she wants others to accept her as “he” then she should go to a liberal college…mostly all colleges out there are liberal….which shows that she is probably a plant.
    Just like a confused male will undergo castration surgery, penis to “vagina” surgery, get implants in his chest and take damaging fake hormones for the rest of his life to call himself a “woman”; she should have a hysterectomy, mastectomy, genital mutilation for the look of a “penis” (vagina to “penis”) and take the hormones to look more “male”. That way when she lives in a dorm room with men there is no concern of vaginal rape. I think it’s a shame her own mother is enabling her sick behavior. Personally, I think it’s a demonic sickness in the head and soul to deny how one was made by God…true blasphemy. Those that get out of the tranny lifestyle usually do so by finding Christ and embracing him.

    • MomofIV,

      After reading your post, I now think that this person IS in fact, a plant. Why on earth would a transgender want the hassle of trying to get into a Christian college? Plus, at a liberal college there would be many more confused and like minded people for him/her to associate with.

      This is truly spiritual in nature…..which goes without saying. But has anyone yet heard any plausible left wing explanation for this phenomenon, except the old “they were born that way”? Where is all the science behind this that the left get such pleasure from, by shoving it in our faces? Sodomy has always been prevalent but this is a whole new can of worms. None of this was going on when I was growing up except for Renee Richards. But now it seems that this has become quite common and getting more so as time goes by.

      • @swampygirl
        I think EVERYTHING that goes against Christ is deemed “acceptable” by the left. The devil is a usurper of God’s design for His children. I don’t think the left or even so-called “christians” who embrace/accept homosexuality as “natural” truly understand they are being used by the devil. Our world is being turned up-side down where once was right is now wrong and what feels good is right. There is no self-discipline, modesty, repentance….guilt. I don’t think one needs a lot of proof to live a life of lies based on pleasure. I think God created earth to weed out the souls who are completely for him to go reside with Him in heaven versus those that are not for him will go to hell. God has laid out His expectations and teachings in the bible. So, we have a life guide to follow for what is righteous. Even though there exists many versions of the bible that are kinder and gentler and more PC to today’s world, I don’t believe God has made many versions to His expectations for His children. I don’t think God has changed His mind and become illuminated to the idea that homosexuality is natural. Homosexuality is the antithesis to family because where a natural family between a man and woman will build up family (as well as society), by the very nature of homosexuality, it will tear it down. Here is a link to an article Henry Makow wrote about humanity being satanically possessed:
        I think communism plays a strong role in all of this as well. Here is a link to a blog where a good version of Paul Harvey’s ‘If I were the devil’ speech and communism’s 45 goals for America from 1963 which point by point has come to fruition today can be found:
        Remove Christ, remove parents, indoctrinate children through the school system and media and entertainment, establish psychiatry through the government as legitimate with powers to tear a family apart and rid an unwanted individual of any rights, vaccines,GMOs and glyphosate to affect health, drug and distract the masses with fluoride toxin in the water, opiates, sex, alcohol, psychiatric drugs, other pharmaceutical drugs, cool cell phones that will live your life for you, tv, desires to covet all sorts of goods, and NEVER FEEL SATISFIED BECAUSE WE ARE ALWAYS WANTING MORE, people will believe whatever they are told…. wIth Jesus, our souls are satisfied. Anything that removes us from having a close and growing relationship with Christ is the desired effect.. It’s an all out assault to break us down to prevent us from having our relationship with Jesus Christ. I pray true Americans see the light to this evil that has metastasized itself throughout every facet and corner of our country and branch of government I pray we wake up and take back what is rightfully ours…not just to save America, but to save the world..
        “America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”
        ― Alexis de Tocqueville

        • Thank you MomofIV for that very insightful critique about our life and times here in America today. And unfortunately for us…..true to the last word. There is very little left for us cherish anymore. But just the thought of His return is enough for me….praise God! 🙂

  7. I hope George Fox stands strong against this little bitch/bastard.

  8. Incredibly disappointed by this post. This girl is female from conception to natural death. It’s disgraceful that you have fallen to the world appeasing her decision to defy God and addressing her as male…

  9. Its not the responsibility of those around to change their attitudes regardless of there reasons.

    The person that makes the change regardless of what change it is has the full responsibility, liability and risk associated with that decision and does not have the right to FORCE anyone or any institution to change there way of behaving or practice to accommodate the change of an individual.

    This transgender had ample time to weight the pros and cons. To take another persons right to make a decision so as to accommodate in this case a very bizarre and radical change is simply WRONG!!

  10. Here we go again. The prob w/all this is….(just like trying to figure which PE locker room/bathroom a person who FEELS like they are another gender should use in a public school….) until the person who is experiencing the transgender feelings is, in fact, is physically trans-gendered by surgery, the BURDEN of figuring out how to be fair to/protect everyone all around….the individual AND the public….falls upon the institution or society on the whole. Ludicrous. How are they even to know someone’s private sexual expressions? How are they going to know WHERE the transgendering person feels most comfortable? I GUESS—-we’re going to have to include this now on college/job/etc applicatioins: ” Are you pursuing transgender identification???? ” “What are your expectations of this institution in that regard?” This is a case of science outdistancing social understanding, law, public accomodations, and so on. It’s NEVER going to be “right,” in the immediate future b/c we just don’t know what to do: IMHO….the transgender person should be more sensitive to this, knowing what HE/SHE has experienced in the past…..should understand the complete unpreparedness public institutions will bring to their situation. Again, IMHO….in an “ideal” world, the transgendering person would seek out/accept private accomodations (even DESIRE THEM) or honor their birth organs UNTIL such time as they are completely transgendered by surgery. But, probably makes things too easy….fair to “both sides,” cuts out the drama and the fuzzy math….so…..I don’t expect it will ever happen.

  11. She misunderstands, she is a she and will always be so, regardless of what hormones she takes, or how her flesh is cut and stuck back together. the only “hate” going on here, is that of her for herself, and her femaleness. She doesn’t understand that male and female are not so narrow as are typically understood (neither are they as “fluid” as the *sexual movements would try to brainwash people with either) She should stop working for the enemy, although given how the story is being played, it sounds as if she is being used as a pawn for the *sexual movements, specifically to target and cause harm to a Christian-oriented school, whether willingly or not, is the question. Finally she needs to realize that she is being played, and understand that the *sexual movements are a sub-sect of satanism, and any promises made are void from the time they are spoken, she would do well to give up the vainity she is pursuing, and turn back to Christ, whose promises are valid into eternity.

  12. KARMA!


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